Monday, December 14, 2009

Message from Elder Belnap: My P-day was great!! I love P-day! So what we did, we went shoppin got my sheets and all that, got our food, and we did some service for Fale!! I love her!! She's so good to us!! We put up her Christams lights with the other elders, Sorensen and Subermanian! It was fun!! I was on Sorensen's back and we put up all the lights around the outside of the house!! It was a blast!!

Ok, are you ready for some AMAZING spiritual and miracle experiences! Buckle up! haha!
There are these little kids, I call them the Boys. There's a whole bunch of them. But there are mainly these three. James, Taiten and Salem. They are so keen!! They just take in everything we tell them and want to know more!! I taught my first lesson to them, the Plan of Salvation. We get together a couple times a week and sit in their front yard and teach them, and answer their questions. So last time we were over, their parents came out and we haven't talked to the parents before so we were worried they would tell us to leave. But the mom comes over and says she loves how we come over and teach them. In fact she was a member and has been baptized!! We are really focused on getting them baptized!! I told them about the 2000 stripling warriors and they lit up!! One thing about Maoris, they are huge haha! But they have their own gods. And they are all about wars and fighting. They are very passionate about that. And when I told them that story they were amazed. They wan to be just like them! Back to the story, so we were talking about everything made of God. And he said "who made farts? If God made them then that's bad and you said only God made good things." lol! He's like "they are so annoying!!" I just started cracking up! lol! But they are coming along great!

Another! So Tuesday, the day was about over and Elder Magleby (my companion) was like "do you have someone that we should see?" I said "we need to see Melissa and Chris." Now the ironic part of this story, I told Magleby that we are not biking back up Courtney again. It's a tough hill. I compare it to a mini pass. And he said, "well if you want to see them then we'll have to bike Courtney again." I paused, then I said, "well we need to see them so let's do it." (Because it's not my work, it's God's and if He wants me to bike Courtney again, then I'll do it.) So we get there and Melissa is sick. And she is a HUGE skeptic. But we went in and talked to her, and I knew that we were going to be giving her a blessing. So as we were talking Magleby said "would you like to try something?" And immediately she said NO! But we kept talking to her and we said "just close your eyes." She said "I have no faith." We said, "Don't worry, we have your back, and after this your going to gain some faith." So Magleby started to do the annointing and I was like, "What? I'm giving the blessing!" So I gave my first blessing!! It was amazing!! And I asked how she felt after and she said, "Relaxed, calm and felt good!" Well guess what? We went back and visited her, she's better!! What now? lol! God is blessing her!! So I had my first real successful prompting and my first blessing!! it was all a miracle!! We are gunning to get them baptized!! Melissa is playing the game!! lol! She'll make it though!

This Saturday, Paea is getting baptized!! I love her, she is amazing!! Can't wait!! And next week, Latoya is getting baptized!! She is amazing!! When she gets baptized, she will be one of my stories I get to tell!! She is sooooo keen!! She is trying really hard to quit smoking and drinking!! It's going to take lots of prayer and faith. She said as she was reading the Book of Mormon that she started to cry! And then she said, "It's just so true, isn't it?" We said, "Oh yes Latoya, it is!!" She's amazing!! Can't wait for her!!

I'm eating like a cow!! No joke!! The biking is a killer!! My legs are getting big though!! lol! But I just can't stop eating!! I eat so much!! I've never eaten that much before. I feel fat I'm eating so much. I think I could keep up with Chase in an eating contest and I know for a fact when I get back, no one in the ward will be able to keep up with me lol! These people eat like crazy and they sure make those missionaries eat. When we go teach a lesson to a native or islander, they give us food and feed us!! It's great!! I eat lots of PB&J!! I love it!! It's never tasted so good!!

The sun is killer!! I'm roasting!! I'm going to be coming back Maori haha! I'm so tan!! I'm going to be black by the end of the summer!! lol!

Magleby had a bad bike problem. Had a big flat. And we couldn't find a hole to patch it up! We spent hours working on it! And it just so happens that we were a good 45 minute walk away from the flat. And a ways from a store to buy a tube! It was a long day! But we got it fixed!

I'm really starting to love the people! They are so nice! They aren't that mean at all! They are fun! I just need to keep loving them with all my heart!

Big goal! So Magleby comes in and says, "We are going to baptize 20 people next month!" I thought he was joking because that's unheard of in this mission in one month!! But he was serious! So we are set on preparing ourselves to be worth of baptizing 20 people next month. And the think is we can do it! Our companion scripture for the month is Matthew 19:26: In God anything is possible! It's going to take mighty faith, obedience, and prayer to make this miracle happen. But if it be God's will, then it'll happen!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Zealand Auckland Mission (Packages and boxes)
7A Auburn Street
Takapuna, North Shore City 0622
New Zealand

New Zealand Auckland Mission (Letters and padded envelopes)
P.O. Box 33-840
Takapuna, North Shore City 0740
New Zealand

Today, Michael is on his way to New Zealand!!! He leaves Salt Lake City at 4:05 P.M. to Los Angeles. Then he will leave from Los Angeles at 7:30 P.M. to Aukland, New Zealand. He will arrive in Aukland, New Zealand at 7:05 A.M.!!! He is very excited!!! The family is waiting by the phone as we speak for his phone call. Updates will be posted soon!!! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

First Letter today!!!!! Elder Belnap is doing great!!! His companion is Elder Tyler Kitchen of American Fork, UT. They seem to have known each other for years, he's just a great first companion. He is in a district of 10 Elders, working hard. His good friend Elder Shane Reeves is in his district. He sees Elder Braken Nipko all the time, who is also going to New Zealand. He loves the MTC and is working hard. He will be leaving for New Zealand on November 30th! Elders from Hawaii are going to teach him the Haka! He is doing GREAT!!! Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Enters MTC

Michael Enters MTC 11/11/2009 at 12:45p.m. Family drove off in tears.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Set Apart

Michael was set apart tonight by Pres. Taggart.