Sunday, December 26, 2010


Thanks again for the WONDERFUL phone call! That made my Christmas. No present could match the gift of hearing all of your voices!.. Everyone sounds great! Ryan, I still can't believe he's 5'8, and has a manly voice! I'm still buzzing out over it. Ha I'm bummed out actually, because I want my little Ry back lol!

Christmas was great here in New Zealand! We opened our presents and boy if I'm not the most spoiled missionary then I don't know who is lol! I love EVERYTHING! My family really made my Christmas! We had a huge dinner as well with some members! And the Temple Lights topped of the night! And another great gift from God. Yesterday President Worthen (Stake President from Tauranga) was in town and he called up and he and his family came and visited me last night! And I was able to give them a Christmas gift! It was great! Because I spent last Christmas with the Worthens so it was nice to have them around again! We had a good week, filled with the Christmas lights and just busy work that needed to get done. BUT...... Hamilton broke the ZONE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Zone Best hasnt' been broken for ages, we are talking like almost two years! So we all worked really hard and had many miracles and God blessed us to baptize 21! Breaking the zone best of 17! Great way to end the year out! Going from Gisborne, breaking the zone best twice, baptizing many people. And not to boast, I only boast in my God, but just to show you how blessed I've been. I've been part of 17 different baptisms the last three months! So right now I'm accomplishing my goal and President Porter's goal of baptizing weekly! So thank Heavenly Father for the success that I'm having! Right now our area needs some work. We are really focusing on only people that can progress quickly. Being a Zone Leader in a huge zone we don't have much time to work with those that will take ages to progress, so we've decided we can only find and teach those that are truely of 'thine elect'! It will take lots of faith, obedience and miracles but I know the Lord will bless us with this because he already has been!

This past week I got to catch up with lots of the people I used to know from other ward I've served in! Got to see Simi and Amanda. And pretty much the rest of the Swanson ward! That was a great blessing. As well as people from Tauranga. I don't know if you remember Mare from Greerton. But he got baptized and President Worthen told me last night that he is going to be serving his mission in June!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for that! Right now we have one person set for January 16! There is a little branch in Kawhia. And we have been having many miracles. We are teaching this guy named Bryon, his records are lost and we are going to re-baptize him. There is a Samoan family that we are teaching and they are great! I'm really looking forward to teaching them more! As well as this 80-something year old lady that is choice! So we are praying because they are probably our most progressing investigators right now!

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey sorry I'm late, been moving in some new missionaries today, and have been absolutely busy out of my mind!

SO THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got transferred to Hamilton! And you'll never guess who my new companion is lol!! I'm back with Elder Sessions! Can you believe it! When President Porter told me I just cracked up!
The Hamilton Zone is bigger than it's ever been! There's 13 companionships! Quite a few sister missionaries as well. And Whaanga is also serving now in Hamilton as well! So I get to see him and talk to him all the time!
I also get to work at the Temple! Right now we are doing the Temple Lights! It's wonderful and absolutley beautiful! I'm really enjoying it! We do it every night from 8:30-10:30 and we get to sleep in til 7:30 because we don't get home until late. Last night we didn't get home until around midnight. But it's all good, the Lord's work goes on!
I love my new area! It's really good! It's going to take some work! It seems President Porter always puts me in an area to build it up! But with the Lord's help it will be done!

Great miracle yesterday. I got to go with a different missionary to one of our branches called Kawhia and had some amazing miracles there! It was a beautiful hours drive out to this little tiny town outside of H-town! But we found 8 potentials there! There was a Samoan family of 5, there first time to church! And this week we get to go visit them! Really excited about that! Just hoping and praying that all goes will with them! But this little branch that hasn't been worked in years, and we went out there and had some great miracles! So we are hoping that it can turn into a Gold mine for us!

Mia, back in Gisborne got baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday! I missed it, but all went well! And she is doing great! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of her conversion!
I let Gisborne with one person, and there are several that should be set in the coming weeks! Sad to go, but the Lord needs me in a different part of His vineyard!

Saturday I was out contacting some potentials, when I got this feeling to knock this house, I wasn't going to, but I knew I would feel like a dog if I didn't knock it. So I did. This person was on the phone, but said that they would have to call the person back (which doesn't happen). She just happens to be from Boulder, Colorado. She just flew in because of her mom. She had surgery. But she lives by a Mark Smith whose the Stake President in Boulder. And when she was sick he gave her a blessing and it worked. And now she wants us to go give her mother a blessing as well. There are no coincidences. So if you look up a Mark Smith and facebook him you can tell him that your son ran into her and is hoping to start teaching her this week! I'm sure that will make him happy!

But we are having many miracles in Hamilton!

We had our Mission Christmas Party on Friday! It was great! Lots of fun!

There are many things happening, but there just isn't much time!

I still get to call you on my Christmas. So can't wait to hear from you!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This week was arguably the best week of my mission!!! We had miracles left, right, and center! We were supposed to baptize 4 people but we ended up baptizing 5!! MIRACLE! Taught 28 lessons (23 member present lessons/new teaching record in Gisborne), had a wedding and then the baptism on Saturday! Crazy busy and LOVIN' IT!

It was Friday and we were driving down the road and I was thinking how nice it would be to baptize the whole Apineru Family, when I got this thought (from the Holy Ghost John 14:26) to find out if Sister Apineru had her records sent over from Samoa. So we called up the mission office and had them do a check for us. And guess what?!!? Her records were lost. And on paper, though she was baptized in Samoa, she had no record. So the miracle happened! We told her that night that the only way to complete the record was to have her get baptized with her family! And she agreed!!!! So we baptized the WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on my knees thanking my Father in Heaven for this wonderful miracle! One of my goals was to baptize a WHOLE family! And God blessed me with my Christmas present. I was able to baptize two of the daugthers! They are just wonderful! It's a family of 7! They are very strong. And have great potential to progress very much in the church! We filled up the chapel as well for the baptism! Great attendance! The Spirit was so strong! I was just happy to be a part of that miracle!
Yesterday we got to confirm all 5 of them! It was so wonderful! I just wish you could've been here to witness such an amazing miracle with this family!

On Thursday we had Andrias' and Aimee's wedding! (They were the people that moved from our ward to Gisborne 3rd ward) So we got to go to their wedding! It was wonderful! Then on Saturday, the newly wedded Hillman's and their cousin Georgia got baptized!!!! Once again another miracle! I count them as people we baptized because we were there from the beginning to the finish, so in a sense we had 8 baptisms!!!!!! It was huge! God is a God of miracles!!!

Yesterday, Raymond, came us to us and said that his flight to Austrailia got pushed up a couple weeks and that he's leaving for Austrailia on Wednesday. I couldn't believe it, because he's set for this Saturday. So we were freaking out, but he is now going to get baptized tomorrow!!!! Really excited about that, another miracle!

This Saturday Mia is going to be baptized! Can't wait for that! And she is going to get married hopefully next month as well, and her partner is also preparing himself to be baptized!!!!!

Another cool experience... That Tongan girl that I told you about, well we started teaching her this week. It's interesting, she can't really speak english or understand it. But I have a testimony of the Gift of Tongues. You don't always have to speak in a different language to have the gift. I received it in a sense of understanding. As we explained the Plan Of Salvation, we then had her uncle translate and tell her. He then told us what he explained to her and told her about her brother who died when he was 8. And that he is in the Spirit world. I then felt very prompted to ask her how she felt? She said that she understood and it makes sense. But I said, "Niva, how did you feel as Brother Latu was explaining about your brother?" She said she felt good, and just had a good feeling. I then helped her recognize that it was the Spirit telling her that her brother is ok, and what we have shared with her is TRUE! And she sure understand that! She's making great progress.

Then on top of all these amazing miracles and blessings, we BROKE THE ZONE BEST! We are now at 12 Baptized and 3 set! When President Porter sent me to Gisborne, he said to turn Gisborne into a South Auckland (which is the highest baptizing zone in the mission) at first I thought, "WOW. That's going to take lots of work for a place that doesn't baptize." But as I've learned to rely more on the Lord and exercise greater faith in my Savior I have witnessed something that no one that could be done! At this time, we have more baptized than some of the city zones, which is unheard of. And we have the highest rate of baptisms per companionship in the mission. I don't take any credit for the work and miracles that have taken place. I'm just happy to be here. Happy to be used as an instrument in God's hands. I'm thankful for my mission! I love it with all my heart! I know that God lives, that this is HIS work! Last Christmas I didn't baptize. And I said to myself that I wouldn't let that happen this month! I've worked as hard as I possibly can (lost 3 pounds this month, lol) to make this month the best month of my mission. To give my God a Christmas present, and bring as many of His children back to Him. This is my testimony in His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Also we have Transfers this week. I have no idea if I'm staying or leaving. I guess I'll find out on Wednesday. Whether I stay or go I know that I'll be where ever God needs me.


Elder Belnap

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a great week! Full of miracles and lots of hard work paid off! Monday was crazy! We had a lesson with the Samoan family, the Apineru's, and the two oldest girls were having some serious doubts about getting baptized. There were really worried that they would mess up after being baptized. They are a bit caught up in the world right now. So we are helping them. But luckily Elder Collett did a fantastic job addressing their real concern! And they are all set to get baptized this weekend, all 4 of them!

Tuesday was crazy, were had District Meeting in Nuhaka (where the church first began in New Zealand) then came back and went crazy to teach as many lessons as we could before we had to catch our flight up to Auckland. Well Mia, whose set for the 18th, went through a rough patch were her grandpa was filling her with heaps of doubts. So once again we had to address her concern. And we were really worried about losing her! But we caught the plane, I wasn't in a good mood because of that, but when we landed we got a text and she said that she apoligizes for what happened. She realized what had happened. And for that I am so grateful! That's one thing that I ALWAYS tell my investigators: that Satan will do all he can to make sure that you don't get baptized. And we tell them to watch our for these things, but UNLESS they recognize it (like Mia did) they fall off. It just upsets me that we tell them and then it happens, and they start to doubt. It's like having a little kid and you tell them not to touch the stove because it'll burn them, then they do it, and you think, "Boy you are dumb... I told you that would happen." It just makes me upset. But just like Ether 12:6 says, "first comes the trial THEN a witness..." So we have been a little stressed about that, but I knew this would happen. If God is going to bless us with so many baptisms and miracles, then there has to be OPPOSITION!!! (not that I am a fan of that), but it's the way it goes.
Another miracle with Mia was that her partner Tony, hasn't been in support of her at all, in fact they live with her dad and he hates churchies and won't let us come by. Well we all have been praying that their hearts would be softened and to our surprise, Mia called and told us that her partner wants to learn and that we her dad said it would be ok if we came to her dad's house! And Tony came to church yesterday and we committed him to be baptized! MIRACLE!

Right now we have a total of 15 people set to be baptized!!!! That would be another new Zone Best!!!! Very excited about that! In fact, we had more sets than one of the biggest zones in Auckland.... Good for us, but not for them....... Heavenly Father is just pouring out the blessings in abundance right now!!!

We flew back to Gisborne Thursday night and you won't believe it. I accidently locked the keys in the car... Hence, God works in mysterious ways.... So you just have to imagine with me. It's 8:45 at night, at this po-dump airport. I'm sure my dad knows what I'm talking about when I say that. It's an airport where you walk, drop off your bags, NO security, and get on the plane. It's RUGGED LOL!! That's it. So it's in the middle of nowhere. And the airport is closed, and remember Gisborne, everything shuts down at 5 p.m. anyway. So there's no way that we can get a locksmith unless we want to pay a couple 100 bucks... What happened was this. I was putting the luggage in the car, well as they were handing me stuff I wasn't paying attention because I was talking. Elder Beckstead handed me the keys and I just kept doing what I was doing and put them in the car and closed the trunk. Then as I'm walking to the car I said "Hey Elder Beckstead, wanna throw me the keys?" He's like, "I gave them to you. "No you didn't." Then we were all like, "CRAP!!!!" Long story short, I called up a member who's good at fixing/breaking into things lol! And we broke into the car.... But the miracle... One of the workers at the airport was on her way out and said, "Do you have a problem?" Well Elder Tham and Elder Collett were busy with her and while they were talking they got on the subject of religion. And tonight we are hoping to see her. Wow, God is truely Mysterious!!!!


Elder Belnap

P.S. Hope you're enjoying the snow!