Monday, May 31, 2010


Fafatelava (Hello in Samoan)!!!!

You just won't believe the week we had!!!! It was filled with the most amazing miracles and it just goes to show me that this is God's Work and we are just His servents!!

All of our appointments fell through on Friday afternoon so we decided to go see a convert, and what was weird about this, is we hadn't planned to go see her, we had already passed her house and we would have to go back down this hill, again. So I just crossed the road, I'm sure my companion was wondering what the flip I was doing lol! But anyway... We go up to the door and knocked, and immediatly the door opens. And there is this lady standing there, I have no idea who she is, I've never met her. But she invites us right in. And we sit down and start talking to her and she starts to get a little teary-eyed and says, "I just prayed to God and asked Him to send someone to help me and just when I finished, you knocked on the door!" I was like, "What the flip!!" That's amazing! A miracle! I was blown away. And she was going through a really rough time. And she tells us her crazy situation and we were able to help. And just before we leave she says, "When will you be back?" And we said, "Tomorrow morning." Ha she called us at 9 to make sure we were still coming at 10 lol!.. We get to her house and she tells us that she slept with the restoration pamphlet that we left her. I was like, wow! She really was having a rough time... Then we had a lesson on prayer and how scripture study can help answer our questions. And no joke, 4 hours later when we were having lunch she calls and says "Elder Belnap! I am getting help from EVERYWHERE (she has been 6 months without any help) and I can already see the blessings come into my life! I will be at church no matter what, nothing will stop me!!" Once again I was BLOWN away!.. And yesterday she came to church! And enjoyed it! And once again asked when we will be back. And she already has some awesome fellowship, one of the members took her home!! It was an incredible miracle! I've always wanted to be a part of something like that. Where someone prays and then you knock on the door right after they pray! I just couldn't thank Heavenly Father enough for giving me and my companion this wonderful miracle!

The other most amazing miracle!... So remember when I told you that we knocked this miracle street and pretty much everyone we talked to said to come back!... Well we went back to go see this one guy named Jazz. When we met him, he said he didn't have much time, but to come back on Thursday at 10, and he says, "I have something I want to talk to you about." So I was like, man, he probably just wants to bash us (that's not what I should've been thinking! Shame on me, anyway...) We go back, and he invites us in. And he just starts talking to me about everything. It just so happens, that him and his family have just left the Samoan church and are looking for another church to attend. And 3 days before we knocked on the door, his wife was talking to him about going to the Mormon church! I couldn't believe this again! Another amazing miracle! And he told us that if he likes what our church teaches that him and his family will be baptized in the Mormon church!!!! And we are going back tomorrow to teach him and his family! So excited! And guess what else!!?!?! It's a family of SIX!!!!!!!!!! And 5 are of the age of baptism!!!!!!!! Get this, their ages are 10,9, and 8! And then the baby!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I don't know why Heavenly Father has blessed us with such amazing miracles, but we are constantly on our knees giving thanks to Him!!!!

In the matter of 2 days! The 2 goals of my mission that I've always wanted to happen. Have someone pray then we knock on the door, and find a family were given to me! Now I'm not boasting or talking to soon because there is a lot of that needs to be done in order for them to enter into the waters of batism! But I am so thankful!!!!!

So I thought that I would share these wonderful miracles with you! It goes to show that there ARE people out there that are searching for the gospel and that Heavenly Father is preparing His children for the gospel. Just 2 weeks ago, I doubted this. But now I have a testimony that He truly is preparing people to His the gospel! So remember that there are people that need this wonderful gospel in their life! And they are just waiting for YOU to open your mouth and be that mouthpiece or instrument in Gods hands to bring them into HIS fold!!!! That is my testimony!

Man it is getting COLD!!! Brrrrrr.... But we are doing our best to stay warm! The weather is like our fall. Really cold. It gets down to around the 30's-40's and sometimes colder. But usually in there. But that's not the bad part. The bad part is that it rains 2-5 times a day! Then you get cold!!!! That's the bad part! But we go on! "Sacrifice brings forth blessings!!!!!"

All is well!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, May 23, 2010



Man I've had a CRAZY week! So transfers happened! And I got a new companion! His name is Elder Keyes! From South Africa! He's the man! He's really cool! He definitely has got an accent lol! But get this, he came out just a couple of weeks after me! So technically we came out in the same intake. But he had visa problems which delayed his mission. And guess what!!! I am now SENIOR companion! And it's crazy! Talk about STRESS! Being senior companion is much work.

So I'll tell you why I'm stressing! I when I found out I was going Sr. my stomach dropped and my heart was pounding! Nervous! Because now you are really accountable for your area. And most of the success comes by the Sr. companion. And I've only been out 6 months! That's crazy! And Keyes has only been out just under 6 months. So you have two missionaries, that have only been out 6 months, that know nothing, that are now in charge of the 2nd highest baptizing ward in the mission!!!! I just found out this week that the Swanson Ward is the 2nd highest baptizing ward in all of the Auckland mission, and President Porter has put me in charge of it! I feel like Bronco Mendenhall taking over a powerhouse football team with no experience!!!!

Yesterday I got on my knees and started a fast and have been praying hard out to the Lord that he will help me with my weaknesses and getting out of my comfort zone, and being able to talk to people. And I have already felt the Lord helping me with that! But it has been stressful, no doubt about that. Because the pressure is there. And being such a young missionary with such a big responsibility has made me grow up so much quicker. And I've had to rely more on the Lord and the Spirit so much more. And it has just gone to show me even more, that this is His work, and I am nothing, simply nothing but an instrument in His hands.....So pray for me LOL!

This week I've got to spend most of my time with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Davidson. And I have learned so much from him. We took Komene and Checketts to the mission home so they can go home! That was pretty fun to see what happens (in 18 months lol)! But this week was one of the best weeks of my mission life!....

When I was with Davidson we set someone for baptism in his area! That was a miracle and a half. Long story, but basically they have to get married so she can get baptized. But if they get married, their kids get taken from them. So they can't get baptized because we would be asking them to break the law. But the next day, she went and talked to her case worker. And they dropped her case! So now she can get married and baptized!... Just goes to show that when we follow the Lord and His commandments that he WILL ALWAYS provide a way!!!

After a lesson we went and saw Chris! And set him for baptism! It was the most amazing lesson! We talked about why he hasn't been baptized yet. And it was because he didn't have a strong enough testimony and he didn't know for sure that the Book of Mormon was true. So I bore testimony that I went through the same thing, but when I asked the Lord if it was true, I got an answer right away. And I said, "Why don't we ask right now, get on our knees and ask God if it's true because I know that you will get an answer." So we did! And he said the most sincere prayer! And he said, "God I want to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and if it is, then I will get baptized!!!" I was like, "WHAT!!!" And after he said that he felt good, happy! And so we set him for baptism!!!!

And more miracles! Yesterday we went to contact a referal. But as we were biking I got this impression to knock on this house. So we went and knocked on that house. They wanted us to come back. And I was like Elder, let's just knock some houses down this street. So we knocked. And almost every door we knocked they asked us to come back! Something like 8 of the 12 doors! I couldn't believe it! This whole street! Mill Way Street is now called "Miracle Street", lol!!! And the best thing about it, all of them were FAMILIES!!!!! I couldn't be happier! The Lord is BLESSING us!!!!!!

The weather is getting cold and very rainy! Not fun! But we go on!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Kia Ora from The NZ!!
Man things are getting cold here in NZ, just cuz it rains!!!! And then EVERYTHING gets soaked and it takes like a day or two to dry!

Last night we got robbed! I couldn't believe it! Luckily none of my stuff got stolen. But both of Komene's Ukalaila's (mini guitars), his wallet, and CDs got stolen. It was just a quick job. We didn't lock the door, so they just walked right in and took the stuff sitting on the table. So that was a real bummer, especially because he leaves tomorrow for home. But I'm just glad that none of my stuff was taken. But it's a little scary to think that someone stole from you. But life goes on....

We found this AWESOME new investigator named "Kharma"!!! She was a referal, she ordered a Book of Mormon and anyway we've been teaching her, and come to find out her brother is a recent convert and really strong in the church. So he's been helping out a lot. The only problem is him and is wife are in another ward!! But yesterday they brought Kharma to church! She's got two little kids. She's really nice and you can just tell that she wants something more in her life. What better than the gospel! So we are getting really excited about her... Hopefully we can set her for baptism soon!!!

Our boy Chris came with us last night to a big missionary fire side! It was great! I introduced him to tons of missionaries and other investigators! He has a testimony, but he says he wants a "strong testimony" before he gets baptized. His wife is a member, but less active. We call her the desperate house wife, lol! She's the pretty lady, who looks and says all the right things, while trying to live a Mormon life... if that makes sense. And we have another invesitgator who is coming along quite well. But she has some serious problems she has to overcome yet. So she is a while away from baptism. We are trying to find people! Right now, we only have like 8 investigators. That's not good. I know all areas are different but my last area was booming. And this area is solid, but we've sort of hit a dry spell. So I'm hoping and praying to find or even set someone for baptism SOON!!!

Transfers are on Thursday. And Komene leaves for the office tomorrow. So me and the Zone leader get to be together for a couple of days, because his companion is going home too. So it'll be fun to be with a ZL and learn from him. And on Thursday I'll get a new companion. Can't wait to see who it is?! But this transfer has gone by soo fast. I've only got 18 more months, which isn't that long. So I'm trying to stay focused and work hard. With this transfer coming up, I'll only have 12 more transfers and that'll be it. Which is quite crazy! But this week will be an interesting week! So we'll see what happens!!!!

Keep SMILING!!!! :)

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sam's Baptism!!

Hey Everyone!!!!

We had such a Crazy week!!!! It was a week filled with ups and downs! But we pushed on and persevered.

Sam got baptized on Friday and Sister Porter came to her baptism! It was great to have her come and speak. I spoke on Repentance and Baptism. It was wonderful. I used my story on breaking my nose as an analogy for Repentance on being healed lol! As a missionary you can turn everything into an analogy lol! And yesterday President Porter came to our church to see Sam get confirmed! That was awesome to have the Mrs. Pres. in attendance. I was shocked when he pulled up. It was a good thing, we were doing what we were supposed to be doing lol! But that was definitely the highlight of the week!!!

Like I said last week, we needed to find new people to teach. And we worked hard and the Lord gave us 9 New Investigators. We were so happy to find new people to teach! I'm very thankful because we really needed to find new people to teach. And most of these people are keen! So we are very excited about that and we are pushing to keep up the momentum!

We had quite a few people bash us pretty hard this week! But I was able to stand and tell them how I felt. I left them with my testimony. I have definitely improved from the last time I got bashed really hard. But this time I felt calm and relaxed. It didn't matter what they said to me, I knew they were wrong. And I told them where they were wrong. Especially this one guy was bashing hard on Joseph Smith, and how he doesn't matter to Christianity. And I told him straight up that Joseph Smith is Important for all Christianity!! And I told him I'm sorry he can't see the truth and the light, but I know what we are doing is right. And it was funny. He just stopped and looked at me. And we biked off.

I was at a BBQ because a member was moving. And this lady sat next to me. And I could tell she was with the group of people that were there that were drinking. But I could tell she wasn't drinking. And she introduced herself to me and kept eating. Then she turned to me and said, "Have you ever met one of your converts that was breaking the word of wisdom?" I said, "No..." She said how would you feel if they were? And I told her, "Sad." And explained that it's because I LOVE them and I only want whats best for them. and come to find out, she was a convert a year ago. And so we talked. and it was an incredible experience for both of us. Because she has definitely gone off track, but you can tell she wants to come back. I told her I would write her and help her with anything she needs. And the crazy thing, she doesn't even live in my area. She lives in South Auckland. But I know that I was supposed to talk to her.

The week was filled with Miracles and Trials. But I know if we push on the Lord will bless us.

My nose is doing fine. It looks really good. Not too bruised. My hand is almost completely healed...The power of the Priesthood.