Monday, May 31, 2010


Fafatelava (Hello in Samoan)!!!!

You just won't believe the week we had!!!! It was filled with the most amazing miracles and it just goes to show me that this is God's Work and we are just His servents!!

All of our appointments fell through on Friday afternoon so we decided to go see a convert, and what was weird about this, is we hadn't planned to go see her, we had already passed her house and we would have to go back down this hill, again. So I just crossed the road, I'm sure my companion was wondering what the flip I was doing lol! But anyway... We go up to the door and knocked, and immediatly the door opens. And there is this lady standing there, I have no idea who she is, I've never met her. But she invites us right in. And we sit down and start talking to her and she starts to get a little teary-eyed and says, "I just prayed to God and asked Him to send someone to help me and just when I finished, you knocked on the door!" I was like, "What the flip!!" That's amazing! A miracle! I was blown away. And she was going through a really rough time. And she tells us her crazy situation and we were able to help. And just before we leave she says, "When will you be back?" And we said, "Tomorrow morning." Ha she called us at 9 to make sure we were still coming at 10 lol!.. We get to her house and she tells us that she slept with the restoration pamphlet that we left her. I was like, wow! She really was having a rough time... Then we had a lesson on prayer and how scripture study can help answer our questions. And no joke, 4 hours later when we were having lunch she calls and says "Elder Belnap! I am getting help from EVERYWHERE (she has been 6 months without any help) and I can already see the blessings come into my life! I will be at church no matter what, nothing will stop me!!" Once again I was BLOWN away!.. And yesterday she came to church! And enjoyed it! And once again asked when we will be back. And she already has some awesome fellowship, one of the members took her home!! It was an incredible miracle! I've always wanted to be a part of something like that. Where someone prays and then you knock on the door right after they pray! I just couldn't thank Heavenly Father enough for giving me and my companion this wonderful miracle!

The other most amazing miracle!... So remember when I told you that we knocked this miracle street and pretty much everyone we talked to said to come back!... Well we went back to go see this one guy named Jazz. When we met him, he said he didn't have much time, but to come back on Thursday at 10, and he says, "I have something I want to talk to you about." So I was like, man, he probably just wants to bash us (that's not what I should've been thinking! Shame on me, anyway...) We go back, and he invites us in. And he just starts talking to me about everything. It just so happens, that him and his family have just left the Samoan church and are looking for another church to attend. And 3 days before we knocked on the door, his wife was talking to him about going to the Mormon church! I couldn't believe this again! Another amazing miracle! And he told us that if he likes what our church teaches that him and his family will be baptized in the Mormon church!!!! And we are going back tomorrow to teach him and his family! So excited! And guess what else!!?!?! It's a family of SIX!!!!!!!!!! And 5 are of the age of baptism!!!!!!!! Get this, their ages are 10,9, and 8! And then the baby!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I don't know why Heavenly Father has blessed us with such amazing miracles, but we are constantly on our knees giving thanks to Him!!!!

In the matter of 2 days! The 2 goals of my mission that I've always wanted to happen. Have someone pray then we knock on the door, and find a family were given to me! Now I'm not boasting or talking to soon because there is a lot of that needs to be done in order for them to enter into the waters of batism! But I am so thankful!!!!!

So I thought that I would share these wonderful miracles with you! It goes to show that there ARE people out there that are searching for the gospel and that Heavenly Father is preparing His children for the gospel. Just 2 weeks ago, I doubted this. But now I have a testimony that He truly is preparing people to His the gospel! So remember that there are people that need this wonderful gospel in their life! And they are just waiting for YOU to open your mouth and be that mouthpiece or instrument in Gods hands to bring them into HIS fold!!!! That is my testimony!

Man it is getting COLD!!! Brrrrrr.... But we are doing our best to stay warm! The weather is like our fall. Really cold. It gets down to around the 30's-40's and sometimes colder. But usually in there. But that's not the bad part. The bad part is that it rains 2-5 times a day! Then you get cold!!!! That's the bad part! But we go on! "Sacrifice brings forth blessings!!!!!"

All is well!!!

Elder Belnap

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