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Man I've had a CRAZY week! So transfers happened! And I got a new companion! His name is Elder Keyes! From South Africa! He's the man! He's really cool! He definitely has got an accent lol! But get this, he came out just a couple of weeks after me! So technically we came out in the same intake. But he had visa problems which delayed his mission. And guess what!!! I am now SENIOR companion! And it's crazy! Talk about STRESS! Being senior companion is much work.

So I'll tell you why I'm stressing! I when I found out I was going Sr. my stomach dropped and my heart was pounding! Nervous! Because now you are really accountable for your area. And most of the success comes by the Sr. companion. And I've only been out 6 months! That's crazy! And Keyes has only been out just under 6 months. So you have two missionaries, that have only been out 6 months, that know nothing, that are now in charge of the 2nd highest baptizing ward in the mission!!!! I just found out this week that the Swanson Ward is the 2nd highest baptizing ward in all of the Auckland mission, and President Porter has put me in charge of it! I feel like Bronco Mendenhall taking over a powerhouse football team with no experience!!!!

Yesterday I got on my knees and started a fast and have been praying hard out to the Lord that he will help me with my weaknesses and getting out of my comfort zone, and being able to talk to people. And I have already felt the Lord helping me with that! But it has been stressful, no doubt about that. Because the pressure is there. And being such a young missionary with such a big responsibility has made me grow up so much quicker. And I've had to rely more on the Lord and the Spirit so much more. And it has just gone to show me even more, that this is His work, and I am nothing, simply nothing but an instrument in His hands.....So pray for me LOL!

This week I've got to spend most of my time with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Davidson. And I have learned so much from him. We took Komene and Checketts to the mission home so they can go home! That was pretty fun to see what happens (in 18 months lol)! But this week was one of the best weeks of my mission life!....

When I was with Davidson we set someone for baptism in his area! That was a miracle and a half. Long story, but basically they have to get married so she can get baptized. But if they get married, their kids get taken from them. So they can't get baptized because we would be asking them to break the law. But the next day, she went and talked to her case worker. And they dropped her case! So now she can get married and baptized!... Just goes to show that when we follow the Lord and His commandments that he WILL ALWAYS provide a way!!!

After a lesson we went and saw Chris! And set him for baptism! It was the most amazing lesson! We talked about why he hasn't been baptized yet. And it was because he didn't have a strong enough testimony and he didn't know for sure that the Book of Mormon was true. So I bore testimony that I went through the same thing, but when I asked the Lord if it was true, I got an answer right away. And I said, "Why don't we ask right now, get on our knees and ask God if it's true because I know that you will get an answer." So we did! And he said the most sincere prayer! And he said, "God I want to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and if it is, then I will get baptized!!!" I was like, "WHAT!!!" And after he said that he felt good, happy! And so we set him for baptism!!!!

And more miracles! Yesterday we went to contact a referal. But as we were biking I got this impression to knock on this house. So we went and knocked on that house. They wanted us to come back. And I was like Elder, let's just knock some houses down this street. So we knocked. And almost every door we knocked they asked us to come back! Something like 8 of the 12 doors! I couldn't believe it! This whole street! Mill Way Street is now called "Miracle Street", lol!!! And the best thing about it, all of them were FAMILIES!!!!! I couldn't be happier! The Lord is BLESSING us!!!!!!

The weather is getting cold and very rainy! Not fun! But we go on!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


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