Sunday, December 26, 2010


Thanks again for the WONDERFUL phone call! That made my Christmas. No present could match the gift of hearing all of your voices!.. Everyone sounds great! Ryan, I still can't believe he's 5'8, and has a manly voice! I'm still buzzing out over it. Ha I'm bummed out actually, because I want my little Ry back lol!

Christmas was great here in New Zealand! We opened our presents and boy if I'm not the most spoiled missionary then I don't know who is lol! I love EVERYTHING! My family really made my Christmas! We had a huge dinner as well with some members! And the Temple Lights topped of the night! And another great gift from God. Yesterday President Worthen (Stake President from Tauranga) was in town and he called up and he and his family came and visited me last night! And I was able to give them a Christmas gift! It was great! Because I spent last Christmas with the Worthens so it was nice to have them around again! We had a good week, filled with the Christmas lights and just busy work that needed to get done. BUT...... Hamilton broke the ZONE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Zone Best hasnt' been broken for ages, we are talking like almost two years! So we all worked really hard and had many miracles and God blessed us to baptize 21! Breaking the zone best of 17! Great way to end the year out! Going from Gisborne, breaking the zone best twice, baptizing many people. And not to boast, I only boast in my God, but just to show you how blessed I've been. I've been part of 17 different baptisms the last three months! So right now I'm accomplishing my goal and President Porter's goal of baptizing weekly! So thank Heavenly Father for the success that I'm having! Right now our area needs some work. We are really focusing on only people that can progress quickly. Being a Zone Leader in a huge zone we don't have much time to work with those that will take ages to progress, so we've decided we can only find and teach those that are truely of 'thine elect'! It will take lots of faith, obedience and miracles but I know the Lord will bless us with this because he already has been!

This past week I got to catch up with lots of the people I used to know from other ward I've served in! Got to see Simi and Amanda. And pretty much the rest of the Swanson ward! That was a great blessing. As well as people from Tauranga. I don't know if you remember Mare from Greerton. But he got baptized and President Worthen told me last night that he is going to be serving his mission in June!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for that! Right now we have one person set for January 16! There is a little branch in Kawhia. And we have been having many miracles. We are teaching this guy named Bryon, his records are lost and we are going to re-baptize him. There is a Samoan family that we are teaching and they are great! I'm really looking forward to teaching them more! As well as this 80-something year old lady that is choice! So we are praying because they are probably our most progressing investigators right now!

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey sorry I'm late, been moving in some new missionaries today, and have been absolutely busy out of my mind!

SO THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got transferred to Hamilton! And you'll never guess who my new companion is lol!! I'm back with Elder Sessions! Can you believe it! When President Porter told me I just cracked up!
The Hamilton Zone is bigger than it's ever been! There's 13 companionships! Quite a few sister missionaries as well. And Whaanga is also serving now in Hamilton as well! So I get to see him and talk to him all the time!
I also get to work at the Temple! Right now we are doing the Temple Lights! It's wonderful and absolutley beautiful! I'm really enjoying it! We do it every night from 8:30-10:30 and we get to sleep in til 7:30 because we don't get home until late. Last night we didn't get home until around midnight. But it's all good, the Lord's work goes on!
I love my new area! It's really good! It's going to take some work! It seems President Porter always puts me in an area to build it up! But with the Lord's help it will be done!

Great miracle yesterday. I got to go with a different missionary to one of our branches called Kawhia and had some amazing miracles there! It was a beautiful hours drive out to this little tiny town outside of H-town! But we found 8 potentials there! There was a Samoan family of 5, there first time to church! And this week we get to go visit them! Really excited about that! Just hoping and praying that all goes will with them! But this little branch that hasn't been worked in years, and we went out there and had some great miracles! So we are hoping that it can turn into a Gold mine for us!

Mia, back in Gisborne got baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday! I missed it, but all went well! And she is doing great! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of her conversion!
I let Gisborne with one person, and there are several that should be set in the coming weeks! Sad to go, but the Lord needs me in a different part of His vineyard!

Saturday I was out contacting some potentials, when I got this feeling to knock this house, I wasn't going to, but I knew I would feel like a dog if I didn't knock it. So I did. This person was on the phone, but said that they would have to call the person back (which doesn't happen). She just happens to be from Boulder, Colorado. She just flew in because of her mom. She had surgery. But she lives by a Mark Smith whose the Stake President in Boulder. And when she was sick he gave her a blessing and it worked. And now she wants us to go give her mother a blessing as well. There are no coincidences. So if you look up a Mark Smith and facebook him you can tell him that your son ran into her and is hoping to start teaching her this week! I'm sure that will make him happy!

But we are having many miracles in Hamilton!

We had our Mission Christmas Party on Friday! It was great! Lots of fun!

There are many things happening, but there just isn't much time!

I still get to call you on my Christmas. So can't wait to hear from you!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This week was arguably the best week of my mission!!! We had miracles left, right, and center! We were supposed to baptize 4 people but we ended up baptizing 5!! MIRACLE! Taught 28 lessons (23 member present lessons/new teaching record in Gisborne), had a wedding and then the baptism on Saturday! Crazy busy and LOVIN' IT!

It was Friday and we were driving down the road and I was thinking how nice it would be to baptize the whole Apineru Family, when I got this thought (from the Holy Ghost John 14:26) to find out if Sister Apineru had her records sent over from Samoa. So we called up the mission office and had them do a check for us. And guess what?!!? Her records were lost. And on paper, though she was baptized in Samoa, she had no record. So the miracle happened! We told her that night that the only way to complete the record was to have her get baptized with her family! And she agreed!!!! So we baptized the WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on my knees thanking my Father in Heaven for this wonderful miracle! One of my goals was to baptize a WHOLE family! And God blessed me with my Christmas present. I was able to baptize two of the daugthers! They are just wonderful! It's a family of 7! They are very strong. And have great potential to progress very much in the church! We filled up the chapel as well for the baptism! Great attendance! The Spirit was so strong! I was just happy to be a part of that miracle!
Yesterday we got to confirm all 5 of them! It was so wonderful! I just wish you could've been here to witness such an amazing miracle with this family!

On Thursday we had Andrias' and Aimee's wedding! (They were the people that moved from our ward to Gisborne 3rd ward) So we got to go to their wedding! It was wonderful! Then on Saturday, the newly wedded Hillman's and their cousin Georgia got baptized!!!! Once again another miracle! I count them as people we baptized because we were there from the beginning to the finish, so in a sense we had 8 baptisms!!!!!! It was huge! God is a God of miracles!!!

Yesterday, Raymond, came us to us and said that his flight to Austrailia got pushed up a couple weeks and that he's leaving for Austrailia on Wednesday. I couldn't believe it, because he's set for this Saturday. So we were freaking out, but he is now going to get baptized tomorrow!!!! Really excited about that, another miracle!

This Saturday Mia is going to be baptized! Can't wait for that! And she is going to get married hopefully next month as well, and her partner is also preparing himself to be baptized!!!!!

Another cool experience... That Tongan girl that I told you about, well we started teaching her this week. It's interesting, she can't really speak english or understand it. But I have a testimony of the Gift of Tongues. You don't always have to speak in a different language to have the gift. I received it in a sense of understanding. As we explained the Plan Of Salvation, we then had her uncle translate and tell her. He then told us what he explained to her and told her about her brother who died when he was 8. And that he is in the Spirit world. I then felt very prompted to ask her how she felt? She said that she understood and it makes sense. But I said, "Niva, how did you feel as Brother Latu was explaining about your brother?" She said she felt good, and just had a good feeling. I then helped her recognize that it was the Spirit telling her that her brother is ok, and what we have shared with her is TRUE! And she sure understand that! She's making great progress.

Then on top of all these amazing miracles and blessings, we BROKE THE ZONE BEST! We are now at 12 Baptized and 3 set! When President Porter sent me to Gisborne, he said to turn Gisborne into a South Auckland (which is the highest baptizing zone in the mission) at first I thought, "WOW. That's going to take lots of work for a place that doesn't baptize." But as I've learned to rely more on the Lord and exercise greater faith in my Savior I have witnessed something that no one that could be done! At this time, we have more baptized than some of the city zones, which is unheard of. And we have the highest rate of baptisms per companionship in the mission. I don't take any credit for the work and miracles that have taken place. I'm just happy to be here. Happy to be used as an instrument in God's hands. I'm thankful for my mission! I love it with all my heart! I know that God lives, that this is HIS work! Last Christmas I didn't baptize. And I said to myself that I wouldn't let that happen this month! I've worked as hard as I possibly can (lost 3 pounds this month, lol) to make this month the best month of my mission. To give my God a Christmas present, and bring as many of His children back to Him. This is my testimony in His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Also we have Transfers this week. I have no idea if I'm staying or leaving. I guess I'll find out on Wednesday. Whether I stay or go I know that I'll be where ever God needs me.


Elder Belnap

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a great week! Full of miracles and lots of hard work paid off! Monday was crazy! We had a lesson with the Samoan family, the Apineru's, and the two oldest girls were having some serious doubts about getting baptized. There were really worried that they would mess up after being baptized. They are a bit caught up in the world right now. So we are helping them. But luckily Elder Collett did a fantastic job addressing their real concern! And they are all set to get baptized this weekend, all 4 of them!

Tuesday was crazy, were had District Meeting in Nuhaka (where the church first began in New Zealand) then came back and went crazy to teach as many lessons as we could before we had to catch our flight up to Auckland. Well Mia, whose set for the 18th, went through a rough patch were her grandpa was filling her with heaps of doubts. So once again we had to address her concern. And we were really worried about losing her! But we caught the plane, I wasn't in a good mood because of that, but when we landed we got a text and she said that she apoligizes for what happened. She realized what had happened. And for that I am so grateful! That's one thing that I ALWAYS tell my investigators: that Satan will do all he can to make sure that you don't get baptized. And we tell them to watch our for these things, but UNLESS they recognize it (like Mia did) they fall off. It just upsets me that we tell them and then it happens, and they start to doubt. It's like having a little kid and you tell them not to touch the stove because it'll burn them, then they do it, and you think, "Boy you are dumb... I told you that would happen." It just makes me upset. But just like Ether 12:6 says, "first comes the trial THEN a witness..." So we have been a little stressed about that, but I knew this would happen. If God is going to bless us with so many baptisms and miracles, then there has to be OPPOSITION!!! (not that I am a fan of that), but it's the way it goes.
Another miracle with Mia was that her partner Tony, hasn't been in support of her at all, in fact they live with her dad and he hates churchies and won't let us come by. Well we all have been praying that their hearts would be softened and to our surprise, Mia called and told us that her partner wants to learn and that we her dad said it would be ok if we came to her dad's house! And Tony came to church yesterday and we committed him to be baptized! MIRACLE!

Right now we have a total of 15 people set to be baptized!!!! That would be another new Zone Best!!!! Very excited about that! In fact, we had more sets than one of the biggest zones in Auckland.... Good for us, but not for them....... Heavenly Father is just pouring out the blessings in abundance right now!!!

We flew back to Gisborne Thursday night and you won't believe it. I accidently locked the keys in the car... Hence, God works in mysterious ways.... So you just have to imagine with me. It's 8:45 at night, at this po-dump airport. I'm sure my dad knows what I'm talking about when I say that. It's an airport where you walk, drop off your bags, NO security, and get on the plane. It's RUGGED LOL!! That's it. So it's in the middle of nowhere. And the airport is closed, and remember Gisborne, everything shuts down at 5 p.m. anyway. So there's no way that we can get a locksmith unless we want to pay a couple 100 bucks... What happened was this. I was putting the luggage in the car, well as they were handing me stuff I wasn't paying attention because I was talking. Elder Beckstead handed me the keys and I just kept doing what I was doing and put them in the car and closed the trunk. Then as I'm walking to the car I said "Hey Elder Beckstead, wanna throw me the keys?" He's like, "I gave them to you. "No you didn't." Then we were all like, "CRAP!!!!" Long story short, I called up a member who's good at fixing/breaking into things lol! And we broke into the car.... But the miracle... One of the workers at the airport was on her way out and said, "Do you have a problem?" Well Elder Tham and Elder Collett were busy with her and while they were talking they got on the subject of religion. And tonight we are hoping to see her. Wow, God is truely Mysterious!!!!


Elder Belnap

P.S. Hope you're enjoying the snow!

Monday, November 29, 2010

MIRACLES!!!!!!! 6 SET!!!!


So I just have to tell you...... I'm still buzzing out about the BYU game!!!! How in the WORLD DO WE LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Lord is going to have to continue to chasten me when it comes to refs lol!!!! But still!!!!!!!!!!!! REFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be half way around the world but I still bleed blue!!!!!!

Anyway.... Back to the spiritual side of things!

We had many AMAZING MIRACLES where the Lord continued to bless us like none other! We were blessed to set 6 people for baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Zone is flourishing! As a Zone, we have 14 people set! That is more than some of the city zones baptize! So people can't say that Gisborne (which people think, "you can't baptize") can't baptize!! I am really loving Gisborne! The people are still "different" but I love them! I am really enjoying my mission right now.

We set the only Samoan family in our area lol (everyone is either Maori, Pakieha (pok-ke-a, white people), or Tongan) But we got the only Samoans! I LOVE that family so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the Apineru Aiga (family). I have been praying that God would help us and bless us with the opportunity to set them for baptism! And He did, Saturday we set them!!! A while back, Elder Sessions and I were out tracting, and we had knocked on their door, but the daughter didn't seem too keen on having us come back. But a week later, we got a referral from a member to go see this family! And ever since we've been teaching them! There is Sister Apineru (a member) Oleeta 19, Vali 18, Lea 14, AJ 9, Nea 7, and Nico 4. Just a beautiful family!
We had heard that they didn't really like our ward and wanted to go to the third ward because they knew some people over there! So I was freaking out because I love that family and I didn't want to lose more of our investigators to the other Elders. So I felt like asking a Tongan Family fellowship them. Well everyone thought it was a bad idea. Even the Bishop, his remark when I told him that we were going to get the Latu's to fellowship the Apineru's, "Have you ever seen the Samoans and Tongans play rugby? It's nasty." I was blown away! I was like it doesn't matter whether you're white, black, brown, Japanese, American, or Spanish. We are all God's children, and we Love everyone regardless. If we have a problem with that, then we are not being true followers of Christ. So I went ahead with it anyway. Elder Collett baked some brownies and we gave it to the Latu's to give to them. And guess what?! Sister Latu and her niece (not a member but she pretty much is a member, just not baptized) hasn't missed church in a year! lol! Missionaries have never taught her, they all thought she was baptized, so we're going to start teaching her (another miracle)! We went over and stayed over there for 2 hours just talking! And on Sunday they sat with the Latu's and the Apineru kids all went with Latu's kids to class and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! They are set for the December 11!!!! LUCKY 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia is also re-set for either the 11th or the 18th. She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and she gave everything up straightway. It's been like 6 days since she's done anything!!! We taught her chastity, and she told her partner that they need to get married. He said "no", so she said "see ya later." She is so determined to keep all the commandments of God!!!!! She is A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love teaching her! She calls us her older brothers lol, and we call her our older sister, she's 26 lol!

And can you handle one more miracle?!!! Hope so! We got a call on Friday that someone from Auckland is moving down here and set for baptism! Well a couple of weeks ago, Elder Magleby baptized some Hoopers and said that they have family in Gisborne and to keep an eye out for them. So we've been looking around, seeing if we can find them. Well guess what? This kid is the Hoopers' kid and he moved in with his Grandparents! So as I'm talking to the Grandparents I was like, "Do you know anything about the church?" And they go on about Elder Magleby and the Hoopers and I was freaking out! Anyway, his name is Raymond (17) he came down on Saturday and he walked to church yesterday!!!! And he's KEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set for the 18th! I talked to Magbleby last night and he was so happy that we found that family and set Raymond for baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many miracles, I don't know why God is blessing us so much!

Then we also got another blessing, the Elders are so busy with Kaiti that they don't have time to cover Mangapapa, so we got permission from President Porter and we are now covering it! And that area is pumping!!!!!!!!! We starting working in it this last week and WOW!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KEEP PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AROHA (a-doe-ha, LOVE)

Elder Belnap


Sunday, November 21, 2010


Kia Ora!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!! Man I'm missing "basting" the turkey! lol! And I'm missing that apple pie, hmmm... But I did enjoy those pumpkin cookies, they were gone in a couple days lol!

We had a really good experience this week. We were planning on setting the Samoan family, but during the lesson I just couldn't set them. And I had the feeling that we should go back the next day and talk to the mom about baptizing her children. So the next day we go see her. And she pulls up just after we pull in, good timing huh! She starts telling us how happy she is that we come and visit her. And then she starts crying and she tells us that she wants her children to be baptized!!!! How cool is that! So when they get back from Hastings' were going to talk about them getting baptized! Next month we are planning on baptizing five!! It's going to take a lot of work and faith but it can happen!

We talked to someone yesterday and they want us to baptize their son! So that's another good miracle!

We had some rough things happen this week. We found three new investigators that are really keen. And we were planning on setting them, just really good. But this week the moved to the other ward! Man I was pretty upset just because we are having a hard time getting keen investigators, and so when they moved we not only lost some of our baptism propects but we also lost some of our few investigators. But the Lord provided, the next day we found two new investigators.

I love Gisborne. It's got it hard parts, but I learn and grow from them.

The zone is really struggling this month. We've only baptized two this month. And we are projected to get only three. Next month looks really good! We are looking at breaking the Zone Best again! And our goal for the zone is 14!! So we really need your prayers!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello Family!!!

We had a GREAT week! We had a full on week as well!

First off, we flew up to Auckland for a Zone Leader Training! That was really fun! It was different being on a plane! I was about to tell President if he keeps putting me on a plane he's going to make me homesick lol!!! The training was really fun! Learned a lot! Then we flew back on Wednesday night! Then Thursday I was not feeling good at all! I slept til 4 pm then had to get up to go to our lessons... I'm fine now, I just think I caught a little something. But all good!

Friday, we had the Alovili family baptism!!!! That was GREAT!!! Heaps of people there! Super super stressful though. The baptism was SUPPOSED to start at 5:30, but didn't get started til 6:15! And the brother that was supposed to baptize the children couldn't make it!!! Find out probably one minute before they get baptized. And the wife threw some clothes to some other Tongan at the baptism to baptize the kids! Talk about crazy and stressful!!!! But they got baptized. Which is all that matters! Then I got to confirm all three of the kids on Sunday! That was wonderful!

We had tradeoff and luckily I was in a different area and we had a great day. Well my companion went to a Tongan wedding for lunch and apparently one of the 20 pigs (no joke) was cooked properly and everyone got food poisoning that ate it. And it just so happens that it was my companion and another missionary. So he had a long time where he was more on the toilet than he slept, he even missed the confirmations because he was on the toilet, poor guy. Then we made the 8 hour trip to Auckland!! With two people that have food poisioning LOL!!!! Have you heard of anything crazier!!!!!

We just got back from Auckland a couple of hours ago. We had a Mission Conference with Elder Hinckley! It was powerful! Really wonderful! We as a mission have been really blessed. The general authorities talked about how this mission is on fire! And how this mission has improved so much! That this mission is one of the few that is having so much rapid success! Elder Hinckley described this mission as a "on the go" mission! So it makes you feel good to have such wonderful compliments from a General Authority.

We found some really choice people this week as well where Heavenly Father placed us right in the perfect spot at the perfect timing for us to meet certain people! Always a blessing!

I'm really tired and we have a packed night tonight as well as tradeoffs so it's a bit short of email!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Monday, November 8, 2010


Kia Ora!!!

Just when everything was going Great, and I was getting comfortable...........I got a phone call Tuesday night from President.
He said, "You're doing great! So look, I'm taking Elder Sessions from you and I'm making you Senior companion over the Gisborne Zone. And you will be training a new Zone Leader. And he's never had any leadership experience. I'm sending down Elder Collett." Elder Collett is the TALLEST missionary in the mission. So I have offically served with the 2 tallest, Checketts and Collett. He's only got 3 months left. President pretty much said that I'll stay down here for one more transfer then he'll move me. I tell ya, Heavenly Father NEVER stops challenging you.
Once you get comfortable he gives you another assignment.
When I got the call, I was/am super nervous. There's a lot on the line here in Gisborne. And President put me in charge. I love a challenge, but man, this is different. It's like when I first became Senior companion. That's the same feeling that I had. But this time even though I am really stressed/nervous etc... I have learned to rely on the Lord more. That everything will be ok. As long as I do my best, work hard, be obedient, God will provide!!!!! So when I get stressed I just think of God, and He always calms me down.

So that's the big news. No one else got transferred. President said he wants to have another big month so he didn't make any changes to the zone! NO PRESSURE LOL!!!

And now I am also the designated driver. FUN!

We had some great miracles!

So on Thursday I got to sleep over in Tauranga with Magleby! And we went on Tradeoffs with him. It was just like good old times. Just the two of us. We definitely have a special bond. And we went hard for 2 1/2 hours and had some serious miracles!!!!!! We worked right up to 9.
And as we talked to this person, they weren't interested. We walked out of the gate. and just as we walked out, there were these 2 people they were right there. We talked to them. This kid was KEEN!!!! We set him for baptism as we walked back to our flat!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!! And Magleby and I found a family!!!! I tell ya, if we served together again we'd tear it up!!

And I got to visit Jess Mackie. The first person that I baptized! She and her family are doing great. And yesterday at church, I saw someone poke there head in at sacrament meeting and I looked and I couldn't believe it. It was the Ormsbee's from Otumoeti ward in Tauranga. They were just down here for a drive and decided to pop in. I gave her Husband a blessing while he was in the hospital. He's doing great! Tender mercy from Heavenly Father. I can't wait to go back and visit everyone from Tauranga.

Saturday we had miracles! The first 2 lessons that we had, we committed people to be baptized!!! INSANE!!!! This one girl, her name is Mia! We had a lesson with one of our recent converts and she decided to come. And she is KEEN!!!!! She came to church yesterday.
Just a really prepared person! The last like 5 or 6 people that I've baptized I've set on the 1st lesson. It's not me, God preparing people for us to baptize. I have a strong testimony that when we work hard, rely on the Lord, and QUALIFY - He blesses!

We also found a Samoan family!! We are really hoping for December for them to be baptized!!!! We have Damion, Rachel, and Niomi getting baptized this Saturday! The Zone has 6 people set!!

Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane and flying up to Auckland for Zone Council! That'll be fun! Elder Hinckley (the son of the Prophet) is coming to the mission. And we are account to him for answering to a call of a Prophet and DOUBLING our baptisms!!! How cool is that! So big things are happening!

Things are good! Another new companion to get used to. 9 Transfers and 8 companions. Crazy! Not really heard of. But I'll do whatever God wants!

LOVE YA HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Fully Invested....In my mission!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had an AMAZING WEEK! Full of miracles, hard work, and lots of prayers!

In order for us to break the Zone Best we needed all 4 of the zone's people set to go through. I interviewed 3 of the 4! And it was wonderful. We had an interview miracle. On Thrusday, Elder Sessions was on tradeoff and was teaching Tama (was one of the 4) and anyway, he decided that he didn't want his interview and wasn't going to be baptized. We continued to pray for him. The next morning we got a phone call from Elder Beckstead and he told us that Tama wanted his interview and wanted to be baptized. He were worried for the fact that we didn't know if he was worthy enough to be baptized this week. And after an intense interview, it lasted probably 2 1/2 hours when they usually go 30 min. But I really needed to find out if he was worthy and willing to keep all of the commandments. At first I didn't think he would pass, but as the interview continued then I could see that there was a possibility that he could be baptized the next day. At the end of it, I told him that I needed to go and have a prayer. As I prayed I got a confirmation from God that it was ok to pass him to be baptized. It was a MIRACLE!!! Even the other missionaries couldn't believe he passed. But then again, it's between him and the Lord, and the Lord saw fit. His baptism was wonderful! He was crying so hard because he was so happy! What joy it brought to me.
Ashlie, our investigator, got baptized with the other 3 people! She was so happy! She was full of the Spirit! Her and her husband are working on going to the temple! We are excited that we get to help them with their journey! Then one of the girls in that got baptized in the other ward asked me to confirm her, so all 4 of the confirmations got done in one ward. It was amazing! And it feels so good to be a part of something so great! To know that I (as well as the rest of the zone) was used as intruments in God's Hands to bring to pass something so great!!!! We have been on our knees giving God thanks for all of the miracles!!!! Thank you for all your prayers, I know they were heard!

Well my Mother will be glad to know that we did a service project, and we did Gardening! I thought that I'd never have to do that again. The Lord said, "Think again!" lol! So we did Zarah's (Whaanga's cousin) garden. We are softening her heart!

On Wednesday we were on our way back to town, when all of the sudden Elder Sessions yells out "That car just rolled!" Sure enough, the car that just past us going the opposite direction had rolled. We turned around and went to go help this person. We were the first on the site, and I thought that we were going to have to go all out and help save this person. When to our surprise, he walked away from the accident with nothing more than a strained back, a broken tooth or two, and some cuts on his head. A miracle that he walked away! And an interesting thing, that was the second rolled car in 5 days! Pretty Crazy!

This past week was also the bussiest week that I've had so far in Gisborne! We were busy out of our minds this week! And I like it that way!

Had a crazy experience this week. I was on tradeoff and this guy came out of nowhere. has this power walk going on, he looks a little crazy. Dressed in black. Doesn't say a word. I don't know what he's going to do, so I'm thinking to myself, "Does he want the left hook or the right hook?" lol! Anyway he comes right up to me, and tries to grab my pen, but I smack his hand. Then the Spirit was like, "Just let him take it." So I did. He put his details in my planner and said to come see him. I look back at the day, and I know that God put us right there at that exact second to see that man. We went by to visit him and we will go back to visit him. He's an inactive member, going through a rough time. So we'll see what happens.
We have Transfers this week!!!!! Crazy, the fastest transfer! Sessions and I are getting along great! And I love him! Great Missionary!

LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a great week! We worked hard and stayed really busy and were blessed!

Right now the Gisborne Zone is on pace to break the Zone Best, "if" everyone gets baptized this weekend! We have a total of four people set for this upcoming weekend and three of four have a smoking problem! So we are working hard on helping them with their problems! Lots of prayer! So please pray for them to overcome this trial in their life so they can be baptized!!! Ashlie, our investigator, is going to be baptized this weekend! She is really strong-willed and has a strong testimony of the gospel. If this month goes as planned, the mission will baptize over 200 people! Something that has never been done before in the mission! So we are all working really hard!

I had dinner at Whaanga's aunt's (The Gilberts) this weekend. Man she asked what I wanted, so I told her an American Breakfast!!!! Haha New Zealanders don't know what that is, so I told her and they made me the meanest breakfast!!!! It brought back many memories! I think I got home sick lol!!!! Can't wait for that meal when I get home!

We set two kids this week, Damion and Rachel! They are keen, and really like church! We set them for the 13 of November! So we are really excited about that!

While we were at Gilberts, these two kids were swearing at us as soon as we got out of the car. We didn't do anything, just kept walking. After we cross the street, we hear this bang. I look back and yell at the kid, "What's your problem?" So we go check out the car, and at the time I didn't see anything. When we came back I checked the car again, and sure enough, the kid had dented the car. It made me really mad! They dented the car for no reason. But it made me be patient with those people. I had to control my anger.

We had a conference call this morning with President Porter. And I can't say anything right now, but there are BIG PLANS in store for this mission! I can't believe what is expected to happen! I'm really excited for this mission and to end this year strong. I'm just blessed to be here right now!

Things are good in Sunny Gisborne!
LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Monday, October 18, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a great week, full of miracles!

We set this 27 year old girl for baptism at the end of this month!!!
It was a serious miracle! We have been fasting and praying that we would be able to baptize someone else this month! And we got blessed with her. She had family get baptized last week, and she has been coming to church and wants to be baptized! So we had our first lesson with her and set her for baptism!!! God is a God of miracles! We are praying hard for her and hopefully she will be baptized on the 30th!
If everyone that is set gets baptized this month we will have broken the Zone Best and get 10 baptisms!!! So a lot is on the line here in Gisborne! But as long as we qaulify the Lord will bless us with people to baptize!

Another miracle... We were able to get 20 lessons this week (which is somewhat hard to get in Gissie) and found 12 new investigators!

Wednesday and Thursday it rained ALL DAY!!! It never stopped, and it POURED! We were literally wet all day, even though we were in a car! I was just thanking Heavenly Father for the car, lol!!!

On Wednesday, I was on a trade-off with a greenie missionary from Orem. And we had tracted this one area, and didn't really find anything, but as we were headed back to the car, I had this distinct feeling that we needed to keep tracting, so that's exactly what we did. We walked all the way back to the car, and I just couldn't unlock the door, so I said, "I just feel like there is someone that we need to see." So we kept walking in the pouring rain. I walked straight to a house and knocked on the door. And you'll never guess who answered.... Well, as we were talking she seemed standoff-ish at first. Then I just started talking about her family and asked where she was from. Well, she is from where Elder Whaanga is! And guess what?! It's his cousin. She isn't a member, but as I was talking to her she softened up and let us go by and teach her. And we taught her, and she is doing good! How crazy, we never would've been able to teach her if I wasn't companions with Whaanga!

Things are good! Gisborne is a different place, the people are just different! But I do love it!


Elder Belnap

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a really great week!!! And today is also my 11 month mark!! Crazy how fast time is flying by! I'm really loving and enjoying my mission!

We were blessed with many great miracles. We found a boy on monday that is really keen and excited to learn more about Christ and knows that he needs to be baptized!! Then Tuesday after District Meeting we left for Auckland for our Zone Council and Leadership Training! To look around the room and be sitting with so many great missionaries was just awesome! There is great leadership here in NZAM! Thursday we had our Leadership Training! Saw my boy Elder Whaanga! He's doing great! And he was able to baptize Mystique and Brother George baptized Reyna! So he's doing really well! It was good just to catch up with him! I learned so much from the training on how I can become a better missionary and become a better leader in this mission!

Big news for the mission, almost every zone is expected to break the zone best! And it looks like we'll be able to baptize over 200 souls this month which is phenomenal!!! Very excited about that!

I got to stay with Elder Magleby back in Tauranga on Thursday. We had some time so I got to go see Fale!!! She's doing great! She has a calling in the primary now, and is going to be going to the temple soon!! So it was great news to hear that from her!!!! Then I got to catch up with Magleby. Magleby is doing great in his area!

MIRACLE TIME!!!!!!! We had just got back from our long 3 1/2 day trip. And we had a potential at 274, so we go there and there is NO house at 274! Couldn't believe it! So we decided to go tract. The 1st house that we knock on a lady came to the door, at first she was not interested at all! So I asked her about her family and we just started to talk. Next thing you know she asks so what happens if she doesn't keep all the commandments. I told her that's why Christ came. To take upon our sins, and He taught us that we need to repent, be baptized, and received the Holy Ghost. The next thing she says is, "Can you come in?" I was in shock, I just talked to her about baptism and she invites us in!!! MIRACLE!! And it's a family of NINE!!!!!!!! WHAT!! WHAT!!! I couldn't believe it! The family listened as we taught. But this lady said, "If I didn't feel the Spirit I wouldn't have let you in." We don't even know this lady, but she told us some very personal things. Right then I realized that this is a real person with real needs/concerns. We helped her and addressed her needs and she felt comforted. But we are going back to teach her and her family this week! PRAY for them that they may progress to be baptized!!! And that would be the biggest miracle!!!!!!!!!

Then on Saturday, I was on a mini tradeoff and we were on our way back to church to watch conference. And I decided that the next person I see that I'm going to go talk to them. As I say that, I look up and I see two girls on this deck. We go and talk to them and one happens to be a less active from Wellington, but the other lady is married to a member. And she was recently talking with her partner about going back to church. And that she wants to go to the Mormon church. She invited us to teach her and her kids!! And the best part, she is moving...but we are helping her move into "our" area!!!! I am amazed at how my Heavenly Father blesses us with these amazing people to be baptized! It goes to show me that it doesn't matter where you serve, as long as you qualify, God will bless you with people to baptize!

General Conference was "Da Bomb"! I really enjoyed it, especially the talk on pride! Very humbling. As they were speaking I couldn't help but think of all of you! As Elder Holland spoke I was thinking of my mother and father the whole time and all the sacrifices that they have made for me. I just really related that talk to them! And the talk that Elder Lawrence gave reminded me just of my mother. And all the times that she didn't let me go to things because she had a "feeling". I thank her for looking over all of my spiritual being. I know I wasn't always the sweetest or understood when she said that, but I am grateful today for what both she and my father did for me to keep me spiritually safe when I wasn't understanding the "why". And that man spoke about the Aaronic Priesthood, I never understood what that meant. I would encourage my younger brother and all young men to read that talk again and ask their father what power you hold in the Aaronic Priesthood! They have great power, they need to exercise it in worthiness and faith! And they and their families with be forever blessed! I want to thank my father for the times when he made me go see the people I didn't know when I did fast offerings. Not only was he helping me prepare for a mission but also helping me fulfill my priesthood responsibility. When Elder Holland spoke, I remembered all the times that Dave Wadman helped me in Young Men's and all the memories he helped me have.

I also had my interview with President. He said why he made me a young Zone Leader. He said that I'd probably be Zone Leader for the rest of my mission. One thing that he talked much about is that he doesn't want this mission to fall after I left. And he feels that I'll be a big part of the transition so he wants to train me young. He said he didn't know if I'll be Assistant President or anything, but he has high expectations for me. But he said a lot of things to me that really made me think. I'm grateful for President Porter. I just hope that I can be all he wants me to be! Love Him tons!


Elder Belnap

It's raining in Gisborne! Crazy! LOVE YA....FULLY INVESTED!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adrian's Baptism!! - October 3, 2010

Kia Ora!

We had a pretty solid week! We had Adrian Lynch's baptism on Saturday! It was wonderful to have a baptism in a branch of 9 people! The Spirit was strong. Though it was a small branch, it was one of the best Spiritual baptisms I've been to! Really enjoyed it! And we stayed over night at the President's home up in Tolaga Bay and had the confirmation! I thought it would be weird to have testimony meeting with just 10-12 people, but it was wonderful. Everyone bore testimony and the Spirit was strong. It goes to show that you don't have to have a big ward to have a powerful testimony meeting. We (North Fork Ward) is blessed to have so many people in it with testimonies. And there should never be a silent moment in the chapel for us to have the opportunity to bare our testimonies! So I encourage all of you to bare your testimony in sacrament!

My Birthday was fun! We were up in Tolaga Bay on Wednesday, so we slept over again at Pres. Hindmarsh's home. And this lovely old couple were wonderful. Sis. Hindmarsh got up early and made me a cake and a good breakfast. Then the branch came over and sang happy birthday! Then we went more up the coast and had an activity with the Tokomaru Bay branch. It was really good. They sang as well, and there is this family called the Tehei (ta-hay) family. They have a son serving in Sydney. And he just had his birthday. So he had all his girls sing me a song. And the father was getting all emotional. He said I was like proxy for his son. But I used them as proxy as well, for you guys singing to me! It was wonderful!

Also on my birthday, I tried this food called 'kena'. It's a sea urchin. Yuck!!! It's the tongues of the urchin!! It's nasty! Lost my appetite after that lol! I took pics!

The area for me is rough. The people are really different. I've had to change the way I talk to people. I'm used to getting tons of potentials, investigators, and lessons. And down here, well, we didn't get it. It's a lot tougher. It doesn't mean it can't be done. Everyone down here drinks and smokes weed. No joke! It's ridiculous, most teens do it as well. And there is a huge teen pregnancy rate! It's nuts! It's just going to take a lot of hard work! Lots of prayer! For me it's been hard down here in Gisborne. My companion is a really good missionary. He's a hard worker. This area is beautiful, but is really trying my faith. I need prayers for strength and faith. It's been hard for me to go and talk to people. You have to really go out of your way to talk to people. It's harder than the city that's for sure. I'd compare this area to Huntsville/Valley. It's nice/beautiful, and just more people, like 20,000 or something like that.

We were supposed to fly up the Auckland tomorrow. But we are picking up a different car so now we are driving 8 hours up to Auckland. But I get to stay with Elder Magleby back in Tauranga on Thursday!!! So that will be great, don't know if I told you but he's Zone Leader up there!!!!!!!! So this week I'll be at my 1st Zone Council, and we have a leadership training this week as well. President just threw me right into this Zone Leader stuff. I'm learning on the fly. I've already done my 1st couple baptism interviews. In fact I just finished 2 baptism interviews before I came to e-mail..... We accomplished a NEW ZONE BEST!!!!!! Every companionship reached a 100 PBTW!!! That's never been done before in Gisborne! So we are happy about that! And tomorrow is my 1st district/zone training!

THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS!!!!!!! KEEP PRAYING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


Sunday, September 26, 2010

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG NEWS here in New Zealand!!!!!!!! I am now ZONE LEADER in GISBORNE (gisbone) and we got DOUBLE SHIFTED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received a phone call from President Porter before my alarm even went off! Pres. Porter asked me if I am worthy before the Lord and then said that he is giving me a "special assignment" and sending me to Gisborne. And making me a Zone Leader! I was completely humbled, stoked, and in shock when I received the call! He told me that I would be a Zone Leader with also a brand new Zone Leader, Elder Perry Sessions from Mesa, Arizona. He was a District Leader for a long time, been out a year and four months. And told me that he is stacking Gisborne and wants to turn it into a South Auckland, which is the ring of fire in our mission. It was a big shock. Don't know what he was thinking, sending two inexperienced missionaries to be Zone Leaders in the hardest place to baptize. Gisborne has always been a very hard place to baptize. But he said that he wants us to set the Zone Best and turn into a baptizing Zone! He went on to tell me more about why he sent me to Gissie. He said that this is where I'll have to rely soley on the Lord to provide. He said that if you look at a lot of my Assistant Presidents, they have served in Gisborne at a young age. He really talked it up. That this is where the top of his missionaries go. I just woke up, and he put all of this on me! Telling me about Gisborne was enough, let alone telling me this is where he test his missionaries to see if they can become Assistant Presidents and such! So overall, very excited!!!!!!! But very humbled!

When I was telling our Zone Leaders they couldn't believe it. And to be honest, if it hadn't happened to me then I wouldn't believe it either! Because to be a Zone Leader in this mission you have to be GREAT! And every Zone Leader has been District Leader and has also trained. But I'm the only Zone Leader who hasn't done either. And me and another guy that came out with me, we are the two youngest Zone Leaders in the mission. I still don't know why or how this even happened. I don't feel deserving of it. But the Lord qualifies those he calls. I know that much! My boy Whaanga is now TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am stoked for him!!!!!!!!!! He's training a guy from Samoa! And he's stoked. Very proud of him! And I left with four people set for baptism!!!!!!! Rayna got baptized on Saturday!!!!!

MORE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! Our boy ELDER SHANE REEVES!!!!!!!!!!! is now the Assitant President in the Oakland/San Francisco Mission! He's such a humble guy, he hasn't even told me, he emailed me today to say that he is sending me a letter. I found out from another friend in Oakland! Been out 10 months and Assistant President!!!!!!! Crazy!!!! He is the man!!!!!!!! Elder Bracken Nipko is now a District Leader!!!!!! And Elder Kitchen is back from Niue and training a guy from Tonga!!!!! So a lot of BIG things happening!

My 2nd day here in Gissie I got food poisoning and was out for the day! NO good! I am sick of being sick! NO fun! I'm doing much better now though.

I have to tell you about church! We cover four branches and a ward. And we have a baptism in one of our branches that is 40 min away, a Tongan boy, 17 named Adrian! We went to church up there and there was 16 people total, including us! lol! There is pretty much 3 families! So it's different. But the Spirit is still the same, doesn't matter where you go! We have tons of work, and I have a great companion! We work really well together! I miss Whaanga, but Sessions is the man! Gisborne is the first place in the world where the sun rises! I'm in the wamp wamps, big time country! Lots of Maoris! I cover all of the East Coast! Go check this place out! Go look up Gissie on google earth! Check it out! I love it! We drove most of the coast, and it's beautiful. So go give it a look!

Things are good, I took Birthday pictures so when I send pictures you can check it out!

WE NEED TO BAPTIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YOU ALL TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MISS YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


Set another!! (Sept. 19)

Kia Ora!

This week was the funnest week yet! Whaanga and I had a blast!!! I don't know what made it so fun, but we just made everything fun and it turned out to be a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

We were looking for someone that we could set this week. And sure enough one of our recent converts, Patrisha came through! She was talking to her cousin, and her cousin is keen! She wanted to know everything! So the next day she had us over and we taught her! Her name is Rahapa! She aks all the right questions! In fact when I was starting the lesson I asked her what she wanted to know, and she gave the perfect answer. "How do I become a Mormon?" That was music to my ears! The Restoration lesson went great and at the end, she wanted to be baptized!! She is set for Oct. 23!!!! A major miracle for us!

We had to push the baptism for Reyna and Mystique to this upcoming weekend because of family and stuff. We were supposed to have the baptism for Mystique on Saturday but something came up, I was supposed to baptize her, but with transfers coming up this week I'll probably miss their baptisms! But that's ok, as long as they get baptized!!! We have 4 set to be baptized right now!!!! And they all are really solid!!! We are being super blessed!

The power went out on Friday, and we haven't had hot water since lol! So the past couple mornings I had to heat hot water up lol!! I miss having a nice shower! Oh well, you can't have it all! The weather was crazy this past weekend. We had a storm the size of Aussie come through, lasted Friday to Sunday. When we went to work Saturday morning, there were trees and fences knocked over! It was crazy! The wind was insane and when it rained it poured!!!! Luckily we had tons of lessons for the weekend!

Transfers is this week, and it looks like I'll probably be getting transferred. But that's all right, another adventure and more souls to save! It's crazy that this transfer will be my year mark transfer! And the next transfer is Christmas! It's going by so fast! I can't believe it!

Our boy Simi came out with us the whole day Wednesday! Man, he's going to be the bomb missionary when he goes out! And every night Whaanga and I before we go to bed have been playing basketball. We have this little basketball hoop and basketball, and have games every night lol! It's too much fun! And Simi's sister made us this huge amazing cake!!!! So good! Almost as good as yours Mom!



Sunday, September 12, 2010


Kia Ora!!!

Hi everyone! Things are good here in Ranui! Quick update on the earthqauke. You probably already know, but... they are waiting for a 9.1 earthquake to happen in the south island. Insane! I can't believe it, neither can the rest of New Zealand. It's pretty drastic. They are flying people up here to Auckland. Anyone that has money or is just freaked out has been trying to make it up to Auckland... The earthqauke was really bad and they are still experiencing more aftershocks. It's really crazy, I haven't felt a thing. And it's not really a big deal to anyone up here in Auckland.

We had a really good/crazy week. We set this girl named Mystique for baptism this Saturday!!!! We set her on the first lesson!! She was really prepared! Heavenly Father has seriously blessed us. Whaanga and I have been fasting and praying that we would be led to those people that we could baptize this month. And as you have heard we had no one set at the beginning of the month, but since then we have set two for baptism!!! And they've been set on the 1st lesson! MIRACLE!!!!! It really builds my testimony that this is God's work and when we qualify, He blesses us tenfold! I am really blown away with the amount of love Heavenly Father has for me and my companion. He always comes through. We have had a hard time getting 20 lessons the past couple of weeks because we dropped tons of investigators, but somehow at the end of the week when we total our numbers, we always get the mission stardard of excellence. Very blessed.

This Saturday we will have 2 baptisms! Mystique, and the Georges cousin, Rayna! Super Excited!!!!!!

I had another Tradeoff in the Samoan ward. Man, it seems like I've been in the Samoan ward every week lol! But now I'm offical, I've got my New Zealand driver's license!

Things are going Great!!!!
I Love my companion! He's the bomb! The funniest guy you'll meet!!!!
LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

P.S. 14 more months! CRAZY!!!!

FULLY INVESTED..... no longer in BYwho after that embarrassing loss................

Monday, September 6, 2010



We had a GREAT WEEK!!!! It started off with us going to the Temple!! That was a wonderful experience. Just to be worthy to enter into the House of the Lord is a good feeling of comfort! And in the Temple I had another really good experience.... with the #11 lol! The person I went through the temple for was baptized on August 11! How cool is that? In the Temple I was able to account for my Temple Covenants, and that was a good thing for me to have an accounting for the Lord. Over the past 4 months (over the winter season) we as a mission have really been trying to live up to our covenants. And as a result we have been seriously blessed as a Mission! When I went through I was able to learn so much! And it was a great experience for me and my companion!

After the Temple we had our Zone Conference!!! I love Zone Conference; it's too bad that we only have it every other transfer now, but it's all good. This is going to sound really dumb. But the 1st Presidency has come out with new material to teach the missionaries. It's not what we teach the investigators, it's material to teach the missionaries how to become better. And the first part is teaching the Doctrine of Christ in EVERY lesson. And the Doctrince is: the Atonement, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Enduring. Well, that's what we should be teaching anyway in every lesson. And to an extent I do. But after we had Zone Conference, it just clicked with me on how I am supposed to teach!!! And so the very next day, our very 1st lesson. We set a person named Wiki! And she came to church on Sunday!! Then a couple of days later we set another person on the 1st lesson!! And she is SOLID!!! She came to church on Sunday as well!!! We started off the month with no one set!!! And I was really worried, stressing out that we had no one set for the month. And we had just dropped tons of our investigators! And we weren't really teaching anyone consistently and I was worried. I just prayed my guts out to my Heavenly Father that we would be able to qualify to baptize mulitple souls this month! And Heavenly Father has provided in a BIG way! Blessing us with two people!!! And the one, her name is Rayna! She just flew over here like 13 days ago, and is living with one of my favorite families!! The George's! I don't know if I've told you about them! But I just love the George's, and they have been trying to find someone for us to baptize, then, their cousin came to live with them and isn't a member! We are stoked! And it goes to show that Heavenly Father does provide. And that he does PREPARE people for us to baptized as Rayna was very prepared to be able to set her for baptism on the 1st lesson!!!

This week we had a Sunny Day, the Whole Day, YEAH!!! LOL!

And I should be getting my New Zealand license this week!!!

Things are good!!! The ward is doing well!!!! And the work is GREAT!!!


Elder Belnap


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Patrisha's Baptism!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Hope all is well back home! And your enjoying the Sun!!!

We had an Awesome Week!!! Super stressful, but at the end of the day the Lord provides and all went well!!!
Patrisha's baptism was wonderful! Everything went great! I got to baptize her! Which is always fun and exciting to be the one to baptize! She is such a strong member! She loves the gospel and is very faithful! I wish more members had the same kind of faith that she has! Their goal as a family is to get sealed in the temple!!! So hopefully we can help get them to that point and be sealed for all time and Eternity! Elder Whaanga confirmed her, and that too was wonderful!

We put on an AMAZING fireside last night. We had some really good conversion stories; me and Elder Whaanga, and the ward mission leader spoke. And in the middle of it we watched Reflections of Christ, and had some wonderful musical numbers!! The Spirit was so strong! And we had good attendance! Gail came and really enjoyed it! Not going to lie, I had an amazing talk. The talk that I prepared, I didn't give. I was directed by the Spirit to talk on something different. I can't remember what exactly I said, but all I know is it was powerful. Any time you speak with the Spirit, He gives you power and authority! We got three referrals from the fireside. And hopefully this will spark the ward to do more missionary work!

Here in the Henderson/Harbour Zone we accomplished something that this mission has never done before! We set a New Mission best, the zone baptized 30 people last month!!!!! How amazing! And our District was able to baptize 19 of those! That is another Mission Best for a district!!! We were so blessed and have been on our knees giving much thanks to the Lord for blessing us with so much success. Now I need your prayers for us to baptize multiple souls for September. Right now we don't have anyone set for September, But i know that the Lord will provide if we qaulify, it's going to take a lot of work! but with your prayers we will be blessed!!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!!

Funny story.... Elder Whaanga likes to bunny hope (jump) on his bike. Well, on tradeoff last week I let him use my bike, and I got to drive because I covered my ward and all the Samoan wards for two days because all the leaders had a big meeting. Anyway, Elder Whaanga was going down this hill jumping, getting big air, and then he goes to jump again and while he's in the air the front tire came off!!! LOL!!! He bailed, but the funny thing is the bike landed back on the tire, but at a weird angle so it threw him, lol! He's all good! When he told me, I couldn't stop laughing though!

LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap (Michael)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a Great Week! We had 3 kids get baptized and we had Patricia's wedding!

Saturday the Ah Chee kids (Chandler, Alex, Nathan) got baptized! I got to baptize the youngest, Nathan! He's the man! Such a nice kid! Reminds me of Ryan! And then on Sunday I got to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It was wonderful to see their whole family at church and to see the kids enjoy their baptism and enjoy church is a good feeling! Because they were worried about getting baptized and everything, but now they really enjoy it!

On Friday, Patricia and her Husband Mono got married in the courthouse! And Elder Whaanga and I were the witnesses! It was wonderful! They didn't have anything for their wedding, not even rings, so I took them out to eat for their wedding present from the Elders! And this Saturday Patricia and her son Potal'i is getting baptized! So I am very excited about that!

I swear New Zealand is worse than Seattle! It has rained everyday for the past 3 weeks!!! I am ready for SUMMER!! Only a couple more weeks!

This week we were blessed to have many miracles and to stay busy!

We had 4 people at church!!!

And Big News in our Zone! As a Zone, we broke the Zone BEST!!! And we still have one more baptizing weekend left! So we are really excited! The district that I'm in is the highest baptizing district in the mission! And our zone so far has baptized 24, the previous record was 22! So it feels great to be a part of something big like this! Very excited about that! Our district alone is projected to save 20 souls for the month of August! There are 3 districts in the Henderson/Harbour Zone! So we are very happy with the success and have been on our knees giving lots of thanks for so much success!!!

Now Elder Whaanga and I are focusing on September! We are hoping to have another big month, if we qualify for it!!!

Thanks for all your wonderful faithful prayers!
I am very grateful for all you do for me!!!!
You are always in my prayers!!!!
LOVE YA HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Staying in Ranui!


We got transfer calls and I'm staying here in the Swanson Ward for another 6 weeks! So I'll be here for a total of six months in this area! That's 1/4 of my mission in one area lol! It's a good thing I like this area! And I'm staying with Whaanga as well! So he's the first companion that I'll have for more than 1 transfer!

Things are going good in this area! We have the Ah Chee kids gettting baptized this Saturday!!! So we are really excited about that! And I think that Whaanga and I are going to baptize them! So that'll be really fun! The little girl, Alex, she reminds me so much of Rachael! She's a little doll!

This Friday, Patricia, is getting married!!!! And next Saturday she is getting baptized with her 8 year old son, Potal'e! So this week is going to be packed full and we are really excited about that! And Whaanga and I are going to baptize them as well! So I was glad that I get to stay and finish out what I had already started!

September looks like it has some really good potential to be another really good month for us as well!! So we need to work hard and qualify for more miracles and we'll have another great month!

We taught 27 lessons again this week! Heavenly Father was blessing us! This week was an Emotional Roller Coaster! We had days where we taught 7 and 8 lessons in one day, and days where we taught 1! I have never had such a roller coaster week before! With the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows! But the end result was great!

We ran into an investigator that we hadn't seen in a long time. And she tells us that she wants to get her boys baptized! So that was a miracle for us this week!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kia Ora!

Hey family! We had an AWESOME week! We saw many miracles. The whole week it rained, EVERYDAY! But regardless, we went out and worked! Monday was rough,we went to the doctors, and we had bad colds, so the doctors gave us some antibiotics and now we are feeling great. But we couldn't even go work on Monday. But the Lord still blessed us!

Thank you for your prayers! We had 9 people at Church!!!!! Isn't that great news! It's because of your prayers and faith that we had so many people there! Many miracles!

We set 4 people for baptism as well! We found a family named the Ah Chees, they are a part member family. And we set the children for baptism! Chandler 14, Alex 11, and Nathan 9!!! they are getting baptized on the 21!!!!!

And this wonderful lady named Patricia, we found her a few weeks ago. Her story is just like Corrin. She had been taught in the past but didn't get baptized because of her partner. But now, she is determined to get baptized! She is getting married on the 18 and baptized on the 28!!!!! A huge miracle! Another person that many missionaries had taught, but now is HER TIME to get baptized!!!!!!!!!! And her 8 year old son is getting baptized with her. And her sister just moved in with her, and she is KEEN! She came to church as well, and we are hoping to set her for baptism as well! Maybe today!!!! So wish us luck! We are being very blessed!!!!

Gail came to church as well! She is doing ok! I called her yesterday before church, and this is how the conversation went. "Hi Gail, you coming to church?" "Do I have to?" "YES!" "Boy, that was bold." "Going to church is a commandment." "Well I already went to church today." "Did you go to mass?" "Yes." "Well, that's good you went to mass, but now you need to come to God's church!" And she sighs, "Arggg." "We could argue all day about this." "FINE. I'll come to church, bye!" lol!! How funny is that?! And she enjoyed it! Man I hope she gets baptized!!!!!

We had a really good week! Things are going great! Thanks you all so much for your prayers!!! We are being very blessed!!!!!

Transfers is this week!!!!! So pray for me! lol!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

:) Smile!

Monday, August 2, 2010

WE'RE SICK!!!!! :(


Hope all is well back home!

So this week has pretty much sucked! Whaanga got sick on Tuesday! Like really sick with the flu/cold. But he trudged through it and we still made it to all of our set appointments. Then Friday, I got sick. So that was no good. And over the weekend I just got worse. And today at 4 me and Whaanga are going to the clinic to get some medicines. We just have the cold. Bad sore throats. President told me 1/3 of the mission is down sick. But we still have been working. Saturday we went and worked hard out til we just couldn't go anymore.

On Tuesday, at District Meeting, I gave a training on the Spirit in Conversion, pg. 92 Preach My Gospel. And I'm not going to lie, I did a dang good job. I love doing trainings. That's where we as missionaries get together and give trainings on the work. I just think of it as getting up in a DECA competition and teaching the gospel.

We had INTERVIEWS with President on Friday! It was soo good! I love Pres. Porter! We talked about Rainbow Gardens and about Huntsville lol! And how when he was younger he spranged his wrist on the tramp at Rainbow Gardens lol! But we had a good chat. Then we talked more about the mission. And he was just so pleased with me. I don't know how many times he said he was so happy with what I've done, the progress I've made, and how proud he was of me. He talked to me a lot about being a leader. And what makes a great leader, whether in business or as a missionary. And he said, which makes sense, the difference between a bad leader, a good leader, and a Great leader, is 2 or 3 strengths. So he told me to focus on my strengths. He said that my reputation with him is Great! He said, "Elder Belnap, do you want to know what your reputation is with me?!" He said, "It's a good one. Your a man of integrity. You have a contagious excitement and enthusiasm about the work that rubs off. Other missionaries explain it to me as contagious. You are faithful, obedient, willing to do the work. And I am very proud of you and especially how you have progressed."
He told me why I'm with Elder Whaanga. And he said, "Elder Belnap, yourcompanion just really loves you. He thanked me for helping him out. And i had no idea what I was doing, I was just being me. But Whaanga has progressed a lot with me, he's a great missionary. And I can tell that he loves the work.
Even though we were sick this week, we still had 22 lesson, which i think leads the district. And we found 9 New Investigators!!! A great week!

We have transfers next week, on Thursday!! It's coming up! I love this area, but i honestly feel like i'm moving, that it's time for me to move on, and start a new adventure. So we'll see what happens. From what Pres. Porter was hinting at, it looks like i might be called to be a District leader in another area, but we'll see what happens. So keep praying for me!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!
THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Monday, July 26, 2010

Set 3 People For Baptism!!

Hey Everyone!!!!!

We had a solid week! We taught like crazy! And we set 3 people for baptism!

We had a lesson with these 2 kids (Buck 12, Charles 13) and we had a really good lesson on baptism and we set them for August! We are really excited!

Then we had another investigator named Grant, 18. And on our list, we ranked him about number 19 on our list. So we were a ways down. But then we had a good lesson with him about baptism and we set him for the end of August! It goes to show, that all of these people are God's children and they all need to be saved, no matter where they are at on the list!

We have been really working hard on getting one of our investigators named Nove to come to church. He's the most sincere/spiritual guy. He knows without a doubt what we've taught is true. But he has been having a hard time committing to church. We set him for baptism a while back. But then he told us how he's having a hard time committing. So on Saturday we had a lesson with one of our really good fellowshippers named Simi Taumololo. He's the man, Simi comes out with us pretty much every day. And he's getting ready to go on a mission. But he's the best, he's 23 and he's really like my best friend... Anyway, he came to the lesson, and Elder Whaanga and I poured out all of our hearts and souls into this lesson, sharing personal experiences, bearing bold testimonies, promising blessings etc... and still no progress. Because in Tuvalu it's a man's heart, not the will or committment. But Simi just jumped right in, and he said in the most incredible way, where the Spirit was clearing putting the words into Simi's mouth, that it's not about our committment, it's about our love for Christ, and that's what makes us go to church (basically that in a nut shell.) It was a really good lesson!

We had another really good lesson with Gail. I felt the Spirit so strongly in that lesson. Like pretty much every word that I said, was put in my mouth by the Spirit. I don't really know what I said, but the Spirit was so strong in that lesson. You could say I totally broke down the Catholic church. Telling her that everything she believes in is wrong, and in the scriptures, it talks about that being a sin etc... But I did it in a way where the Spirit completely guided. And at the end of the lesson, she was like, "Wow." And I asked her if she knew that this is God's church. And she said YES!! I was like, "Boy ya!" The Spirit is the man! But we still are having a hard time getting her baptized. She's like 90% of the way there! I just know that she will get baptized soon! It hurts so bad that I can feel it!

This Sunday was killer for us. We had no one at church!! I couldn't believe it! After such an amazing week, then no one showed up! I was and am still shocked. But this week we are going to go hard out and make sure we get everyone at church. Please pray that our investigators will come to church!

This week we have interviews with President Porter! Can't wait for that!

Thanks for all of your Prayers!!!!
They are truely heard and answered by our Heavenly Father!!!!
I know that this work is His and when we live the commandments, we will Prosper in the Land, and that is my testimony!

Love Always,

Elder Belnap

P.S. :) smile

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Corrin's Baptism!!

HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

We had an AWESOME week! Corrin Got BAPTIZED!!! It was wonderful! You wouldn't believe everything that she has been through to get baptized, but it finally happened! Remember last week I told you how a miracle happened and she kicked out her partner? That was one of the biggest miracles!!! Well this week we've been working really hard to make sure that everything goes through! We had her baptismal interview on Wednesday. The only day that President Porter could interview her was at our Zone Conference because he was so full on. And so I had to organize a ride for her to get to the chapel. So I was thinking who was the most reliable lady in the ward.... And no doubt, the new relief society President!!! Just called this last Sunday! So I rang her and she was down for it. Well you won't believe what happened! Corrin comes during our lunch break. And next thing I know she is telling us how there was this person in the car that was telling her to really look into the church, this is a big step in your life, the church will change you, we're a cult, and all this stuff! It was crazy! And I couldn't believe it! So we had to calm her down and help her regain her confidence! Then we had a prayer and President Porter called her in... Come to find out, the Relieft Society President brought her sister with her, who is inactive, and no longer believes in the church. And Sister Iosia went in the chapel and left Corrin for, no joke, 5 mintues. And during that time, Satan, using her sister, was trying his hardest to bring Corrin down. And luckily she has a strong testimony and passed her interview! I just couldn't believe it. It went to show me how much Satan is in the detail just as much as we are!

Then Corrin asked me to baptize her! So Saturday moring at 10 o'clock, we went down into the nice warm water. And she had her BIG smiling face, and then Corrin Melva Philipp got baptized! It was wonderful! She has waited a long time for this, 1 1/2 years! And Elder Whaanga and myself were privileged to baptize her! Yesterday, Elder Whaanga gave her the Holy Ghost! And this lady's life has forever changed! I wish I had enough time to tell you all the crazy things that she has been through in her life. But she went from her life being literally turned upside down to a member of God's church we she has truly found that she IS a daughter of God!

We had a really good Zone Conference! The Brethren from Salt Lake have changed some things worldwide for missionaries. We no longer have interviews with President and Zone Conferences every transfer, they have changed it to every other transfer. And have made some other changes that will allow the Miss President to be more hands on, in working with the missionaries!

We took Gail (the Catholic) with us and she thoroughly enjoyed it! She is so close to being baptized, I can feel it! She's come such a long way! So we are praying our guts out for her!

I saw Elder Nipko last night at the fireside, he's doing great! He's just loving it! He's up in the city too, another part of it!

New Zealand is opening up the NEW MTC next month! And they've asked the missionaries to help with it! So we are hoping that we get to go help, we'll see what happens! But it's a once in a life time opportunity!

Things are good!!!!!!!!!!!
The area is doing really well!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello Whanau (family)

We had a GREAT WEEK!!! Heavenly Father was pouring out the blessings for us!!! We hadn't seen Corrin in like a week and a half. I've been so upset with her because she didn't get baptized, but I knew that it wasn't God's time, yet... All of our lessons were falling through and we were talking to tons of people, but then I was like, "I am sick of talking to people. I want to go teach a lesson, because that's what I got called to do." lol! So I was like, "Corrin! We'll go see her." And when we were walking over to her house I said, "We'll probably just read a chapter with her and make sure that she comes to church." We get in, and I asked how her week had been. And she tells us all about her crazy week! How she kicked out her partner!!! And I was like, "WHAT!!!!!!!" So I asked her to turn off the TV and the music and stuff and start over lol! And sure enough, I did hear her right! Because it was her partner that was holding her back from getting baptized! But now with him gone, she is going to get baptized THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the biggest miracles!!!!! So I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your prayers, they were and are being answered!

I got a special invitation to go to the Leadership Training last Thursday! I was like, "WHAT!" The Zone leaders told me that President wanted to give me a special invite and to attend. This meeting is only for the Leaders of the Mission, District Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Assisstants to President. And as I found out, for future leaders... So I was excited to be a part of it. And because there is a big turnover at this upcoming transfer President wanted his future leaders to attend the meeting. And guess what, Elder Keyes was there as well! Along with Magleby! It was really good. This mission is doing some AMAZING things and the Lord is blessing us like none other! Remember when President Hinckley said that we can DOUBLE our baptisms?! Well I believe he said that in 07 or 08? So President Porter put on the slide show the numbers for that year. And you won't believe it! But we are on track to DOUBLE, yes, I said DOUBLE the baptisms that they had during the 07-08 year! I remember when everyone thought that was impossible, but all things are possible with the Lord's hand in the work! We baptized 156 souls last month, and we have roughly around 180+ set for this month! The goal for the mission, and from the President Monson is for EVERY COMPANIONSHIP TO BAPTIZE MULTIPLE SOULS A MONTH! And were are getting around 72% of the companionship doing that! I am so blessed to be a part of this mission. This mission is growing so fast! And I am lucky to say that I am in the New Zealand Aukland Mission! So continue to pray for our mission, that we can fulfill what the Prophets have said! Pray that the Lord will continue to prepare people for the missionaries to teach and baptize! I know that as you pray for us, that the Lord will see the effort of His children around the world praying for us here in New Zealand and we WILL be blessed for it!... At the end of the conference President was talking to Keyes and I and said that we are his future leaders! Man my stomach dropped! It's really exciting, but it's so much work. And lots of responsibility. But if the Lord calls me to a leadership position then that's what I'll do. And I serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.... So pray for me lol!

I got in a stupid bike accident. I hit a tree stump and crashed and I bruised up my left wrist. It was a bit swollen but I think I really sprained it. Because I can move it slightly, so I think it'll be okay, Whaanga gave me a blessing, so I will be fine.

We taught 27 lessons which is the most I've taught in this area, and we found 11 new investigators, we almost reached my record lol! Like I said the Lord blessed us so much!

We had another cool experience where we were teaching this Tuvaluan and I didn't know if he even understood what we were teaching or if he liked what we were teaching (we taught the restoration) but at the end we asked him if he would pray about the Book of Mormon, and he said yes. So we knelt down and he said a prayer, and he said it in his Tuvaluan language. And afterwards I asked him how he felt. He said, "I know the book is true." I said, "The Book of Mormon?" And he said yes, and I knew he knew it, because both Whaanga and I felt the Spirit as he was praying! It was such a cool experience! In a different language the Spirit is still the same, it was awesome to be a part of that!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

P.S. Smile :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Comp!!

Kia Ora Whanau (family)

Hey everyone!

Big News on the block.....Keyes got transferred and I got a new companion! His name is Elder Kevin Whaanga (funga) he's from New Zealand, from the bottom of the North Island. He's full Maori. He's a really cool guy. Hard worker, so that's a great thing! Well President lied about keeping me and Keyes together for another transfer LOL! He went to the area right next to me. Which is funny, so I'll still see him all the time which is cool! In fact he went Senior companion! He's the man, and he was definitely ready to go Senior..... I don't know what it is with me getting a new companion every transfer. I guess I scare off my companions or something lol! Or we get along too good LOL! And I got another companion from another country. Only 2 legit American companions. But I don't mind having foregien companions. So That's the big news!!!

I'm doing great! We had a stellar week! We set 5 people for baptism! And we set a family of 4 all for the 24th of this month! They'll be a handful, but we'll get them there! A LOT OF PRAYER!

There is this one investigator named Gail. She's from South Africa and we've been teaching her for quite some time. She has read the whole Book of Mormon!!! She's a stanch Catholic, like for 62 years of her life all she's known is her religion. And it's hard for her to go to another church. But I know that she has felt the Spirit and that's why she still has us over. We invited her to be baptized, but she said that she wants to come to our church first and see what it's like! And yesterday she came to church!!!! And she stayed the whole 3 hours! We are seeing her tomorrow and hopefully we can set her!!! At least that's the plan! She's awesome! And she asks all the right questions! Just a really fun investigator to teach because she knows her Bible and she really tests us! So it's pretty fun!

The weather isn't that great. It's the middle of Winter! I just need to make it through this month and I'll be fine, because then we'll be heading into Spring! Can't wait for August and September!! It's really windy and rainy, but I know that the Lord will bless us for going out and working in it!

Last Monday I gave my first hair cut to Keyes! And I have to say it wasn't that bad lol!

On Tuesday I wasn't feeling that great. I felt really sick to my stomach, so I laid down for a bit and then I had Keyes give me a blessing and we went to work. And I feel much better now! I have a very strong testimony of the Power of the Priesthood!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello in Samoan! It means Hello Mom and Dad, it's a courtesy to address the parents first instead of family, just for your information.

We had a pretty good week! Full of ups and disappointments! But that's the way the mission goes.....

I had a tradeoff again in the Samoan program. It was pretty fun! And it was my first time to drive in New Zealand! On the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! Hahaha it's so different! It was nice to be back in a car again (for a day)... And because the Samoan Elders cover the whole Zone we went all over the place. But everything is totoally different driving in New Zealand. Even the traffic laws and stuff. Ha I was praying the whole time for safety! We had some really cool miracles in the Samoan area. Got to have some Coco Samoa, really good! Pure coco bean, just like hot chocolate. It was fun, learned some Samoan.
Our week was good. We taught 25 lessons and found 8 New investigators!! Which is GREAT! So that was our highlights!

I got a letter from Elder Chad Fowers!!!! it's about time, it must take like two months to get a letter from Paraguay! Chad is doing good! He's still Chad lol! Which is good! He's just in a missionary form lol! He's doing good!!

We taught this guy named Gordon. He been aetheist all of his life, 47 years! And he said that he felt like something was missing in his life. So we taught him the Plan of Salvation. And when we taught about the Celestial kingdom and how you can be with your family together forever he said, "That sounds good to me!" And throughout the whole lesson he was asking all the right questions! Like I didn't know what to do lol! Because we practice for situations like that, with questions and such. But it never happens like that in a real life situation. So when he was asking all those questions I couldn't believe it lol!

We are teaching this family, and we were asking them to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and when I got to Charles (13) he said that he wasn't going to pray. And he was adiment about it! I was like, "Why aren't you going to pray?" And he says, "Because I already know that's it's true, and I dont' need to pray!" I asked, "Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?" He says, "Yes!" This kid is keen, and the rest of the family is doing well too! So we are really excited about them!

We are teaching a few Tuvaluan families. And there is this one family, they are so sweet! All the kids, there are like 10+ people staying at this house. Six of them sat in the lesson only two of them are above the age of eight, but it was so cute to see the whole family listening! It was really fun! And then they sang this really cool Tuvaluan church song to us! We are getting excited about them! They are thinking about getting baptized!!!

I should've kept learning Spanish! We ran into this lady that is from Spain, and she speaks Spanish!!! And her english isn't that good. But we went back to go see her because she is very patient with us, she wants to learn! So we ordered Spanish materials. And when we went back to her house, I tried my best to speak in Spanish. But I was praying for the gift of never came.....I was even at the door, and I looked up and said while she was standing at the door, "I really need the gift of tongues!" But I didn't have enough faith because I didn't get it lol! But I'm trying to remember all my Spanish! But it's the Spirit that does the testifying, not me! Her name is Daisy!

We are helping some less actives come back to church. They have a serious smoking addiction, so we made a plan for them to quit, and then I gave both of them a blessing! It was a very powerful blessing, where I know the words I spoke were of the Spirit!

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Investigators!!

Talofa (Hello in Samoan & Tuvaluan)

The area is really heating up! We are being blessed so much. I'm constantly on my knees giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for blessing us! I went through a really rough patch where we had 5 people set for baptism in one week to 1. Where we had people move out of our area, one might get deported, another is thinking of dropping us, and another is waiting for his in-laws to come from the states for his baptism. And it was really hard on me. Because I felt like we were doing everything we could to help them and I felt like we were qualifying for baptisms. But then we had this happen. And Corrin was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but because her partner won't move out she can't get baptized. So we are praying for a miracle.... But just when we lost all of these investigators and things were looking down and I was stressing like none other, Heavenly Father blessed us with some amazing people this week!!! And not just a few, but 13 New Investigators!!! That's unheard of! And most of them are very keen! That's the most that I've ever gotten in one week. We have found over 30 new people in this transfer, which is well over double what we found all of last transfer and we still have another week before transfers! So we are doing everything we can in being obedient and diligent, and being humble, recognizing God's hand in everything so we can continue to qualify for "miracles".....

We have found heaps of Tuvaluan! Ha have you ever heard of the Island of Tuvalu?!??! Because I didn't even know it excisted til I came up to the city! But these people are wonderful. It's like the 'Other Side of Heaven'. We sit on their mats that they weave, and we teach them. And it's very similar to that movie because they believe that your saved if you believe in God, so once you get the point across that this IS GOD'S CHURCH, then it becomes easier for them to accept the church!

We found a Tuvaluan name Malae (Ma-lie) I would compare him to the guy on the 'Other Side of Heaven'; the guy that dies, (ha I know that sounds bad) but his characteristics. He's the most humble, nicest guy I've ever met. He took us to church yesterday! And we just found him last Sunday! He was wearing an Italian jersey and his son was wearing a U.S. soccer jersey. So I went and talked to him about soccer and who he's supporting and such, and then I asked if we could come around and share this message with him. And we are going back tonight to teach him as well! I'm soo excited for him!

We had interviews with President on Friday. It was really good. We talked about the area and such. ha President gave me a scare. He strongly believes that every companionship can baptize multiple souls monthly. I believe this as well, and because we haven't baptized this month I know President wondering why we haven't and what's going on, so he asked. I told him everything, and he says, "So you want me to believe that your working hard?!" In the tone of, "I don't believe that your working hard", and I reply shakely, "Yes." He says, "Yes, Elder Belnap, I do believe you are working very hard, and things like this happen." And we talked all about it. And he says, "I think I'm going to leave you here for another transfer so you can report to me next month and tell me that you had a huge month and that you can bapize lots of souls." And I told him that's what I wanted to hear, because I want to show him that I (not me, but the Lord, using me as a instrument) can baptize. And he asked about Keyes, and how we get along. I told him we are a great companionship and he is great for me. Now usually when you get along well with a companion, he transfers one of you. So I expected him to hint towards moving him or something, but he said, "Well I think I'll keep you guys together for another transfer. I still need to consult with the Lord, but if things go as planned then you will stay together!!!" So I was stoked to hear about that!!!.........Then he was talking to me about my progression and "why" he put me as senior companion. He said he gave me a leadership position early in my mission because he said I'm showing all the right signs of being a leader in this mission. And he wants to see how I handle things at a early age in my mission. And to continue to improve/progess. So in a way that's a really cool thing. Because people always talk about "Oh I want to be Zone Leader or District Leader" or whatever. But honestly, it's a "big" responsibility. Now I'm not saying that I'll be any of those positions, but those are the leadership positions in this mission. And so I need to continue to progress and I will do whatever the Lord wants Elder Belnap to do!!

Haha funny story.... So yesterday we were walking over to Malae's house because he lives soo close to our flat so he can give us a ride to church. Well on the corner of our street. There is this insane dog that barks his head off everytime we bike/walk pass this guys house. Well yesterday as we walk pass and cross the street, I hear this guy yelling and cussing, saying every swear word in the book and just going Irrate!!! So I look back just to see what's going on, and this guy was looking over his fence yelling at us and just going off on us calling us dirty names I don't know how many times. So I turn around and say to him, "What?" And he says how we did something to his dog. I said, "We didn't do anything to your dog. We are going on our way to church." And he's going off so I said, "Have a good day sir." And we leave. And we go to an investigator's house right around the corner. Well this jerk, bikes after us. And as we are talking to our people. He hops off his bike and goes irrate at us. And he gets all up in my face. But I wasn't worried or scared one bit. Ha I was actually a little on edge. Because I didn't back down one bit. I just stood right back in his face and asked what his problem was. And he goes off about his dog and how we make fun of his dog, and da da da. He says, "Practice what you preach" and all this crap. Then Alan, our investigator, steps in between us. Then he gets all up in Alan's face. And so I told him, "We do practice what we teach. And I'm sorry, but we didn't do anything to your dog." And as he starts biking away, he looks back and he says, "Oh you think it's funny now, I see that smile on your face." And I told him, "Yeah, I'm smiling because we didn't do anything wrong. And your making a scene all about nothing." Then he says he's going to call the cops and going to call our "chief" who's in charge of us lol! (what he doesn't know is that the Stake President is very high up in the police core, and one of the top officers in West Auckland and is our good friend and a member as well lol). I told him to call the cops and to get them over here! Because we didn't do anything wrong. But he bikes off going irrate. It was stupid. People will do anything to get at the missionaries even when we do ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong! Satan is always looking for ways to break us down. But we have to stay strong!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kia Ora!!

This week was a solid week! We taught heaps of lessons! 25!!! Which is the most I've taught since I've been up in the city! So I'm really stoked about that! And since the weather isn't the best, Heavenly Father has been blessing us with lessons as long as we do our part and stay diligent and obedient! So for that I'm very greatful!

I hit my 7 MONTH MARK!!! YAY!!!!!!!! It's pretty exciting! And we have interviews this week!!

We have Corrin set for this Saturday. But her flipping ex-partner won't leave the house, so she can't get baptized until he leaves! And it's heartbreaking! She's been through so much and she has finally qualified to be baptized living all the commandments, but he's keeping her from it. So we had a fast and have been praying hard out for her, hoping for a miracle!!! I know that it WILL happen; Keyes, me, and her feel good about it! Were just waiting now.

We talked to this lady on the street and we asked if she would be interested in the gospel and she said no. But it was like she was prophsying to us and she said, "If you go through that alley way, and you come out, you will see a brown brick house, with white on the side, and a girl named Pua will be there, and she will be interested." So it was like, "Sweet." So we went and guess what? She was right! Pua is keen! We still have some good people! And are finding new people all the time!

I love you ALL TONS!!! Remember "SACRIFICE BRINGS FORTH BLESSINGS" (that's what I say every time it rains)!

LOVE YA!!!!!

Elder Belnap