Monday, November 29, 2010

MIRACLES!!!!!!! 6 SET!!!!


So I just have to tell you...... I'm still buzzing out about the BYU game!!!! How in the WORLD DO WE LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Lord is going to have to continue to chasten me when it comes to refs lol!!!! But still!!!!!!!!!!!! REFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be half way around the world but I still bleed blue!!!!!!

Anyway.... Back to the spiritual side of things!

We had many AMAZING MIRACLES where the Lord continued to bless us like none other! We were blessed to set 6 people for baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Zone is flourishing! As a Zone, we have 14 people set! That is more than some of the city zones baptize! So people can't say that Gisborne (which people think, "you can't baptize") can't baptize!! I am really loving Gisborne! The people are still "different" but I love them! I am really enjoying my mission right now.

We set the only Samoan family in our area lol (everyone is either Maori, Pakieha (pok-ke-a, white people), or Tongan) But we got the only Samoans! I LOVE that family so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the Apineru Aiga (family). I have been praying that God would help us and bless us with the opportunity to set them for baptism! And He did, Saturday we set them!!! A while back, Elder Sessions and I were out tracting, and we had knocked on their door, but the daughter didn't seem too keen on having us come back. But a week later, we got a referral from a member to go see this family! And ever since we've been teaching them! There is Sister Apineru (a member) Oleeta 19, Vali 18, Lea 14, AJ 9, Nea 7, and Nico 4. Just a beautiful family!
We had heard that they didn't really like our ward and wanted to go to the third ward because they knew some people over there! So I was freaking out because I love that family and I didn't want to lose more of our investigators to the other Elders. So I felt like asking a Tongan Family fellowship them. Well everyone thought it was a bad idea. Even the Bishop, his remark when I told him that we were going to get the Latu's to fellowship the Apineru's, "Have you ever seen the Samoans and Tongans play rugby? It's nasty." I was blown away! I was like it doesn't matter whether you're white, black, brown, Japanese, American, or Spanish. We are all God's children, and we Love everyone regardless. If we have a problem with that, then we are not being true followers of Christ. So I went ahead with it anyway. Elder Collett baked some brownies and we gave it to the Latu's to give to them. And guess what?! Sister Latu and her niece (not a member but she pretty much is a member, just not baptized) hasn't missed church in a year! lol! Missionaries have never taught her, they all thought she was baptized, so we're going to start teaching her (another miracle)! We went over and stayed over there for 2 hours just talking! And on Sunday they sat with the Latu's and the Apineru kids all went with Latu's kids to class and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! They are set for the December 11!!!! LUCKY 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia is also re-set for either the 11th or the 18th. She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and she gave everything up straightway. It's been like 6 days since she's done anything!!! We taught her chastity, and she told her partner that they need to get married. He said "no", so she said "see ya later." She is so determined to keep all the commandments of God!!!!! She is A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love teaching her! She calls us her older brothers lol, and we call her our older sister, she's 26 lol!

And can you handle one more miracle?!!! Hope so! We got a call on Friday that someone from Auckland is moving down here and set for baptism! Well a couple of weeks ago, Elder Magleby baptized some Hoopers and said that they have family in Gisborne and to keep an eye out for them. So we've been looking around, seeing if we can find them. Well guess what? This kid is the Hoopers' kid and he moved in with his Grandparents! So as I'm talking to the Grandparents I was like, "Do you know anything about the church?" And they go on about Elder Magleby and the Hoopers and I was freaking out! Anyway, his name is Raymond (17) he came down on Saturday and he walked to church yesterday!!!! And he's KEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set for the 18th! I talked to Magbleby last night and he was so happy that we found that family and set Raymond for baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many miracles, I don't know why God is blessing us so much!

Then we also got another blessing, the Elders are so busy with Kaiti that they don't have time to cover Mangapapa, so we got permission from President Porter and we are now covering it! And that area is pumping!!!!!!!!! We starting working in it this last week and WOW!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KEEP PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AROHA (a-doe-ha, LOVE)

Elder Belnap


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