Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello in Samoan! It means Hello Mom and Dad, it's a courtesy to address the parents first instead of family, just for your information.

We had a pretty good week! Full of ups and disappointments! But that's the way the mission goes.....

I had a tradeoff again in the Samoan program. It was pretty fun! And it was my first time to drive in New Zealand! On the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! Hahaha it's so different! It was nice to be back in a car again (for a day)... And because the Samoan Elders cover the whole Zone we went all over the place. But everything is totoally different driving in New Zealand. Even the traffic laws and stuff. Ha I was praying the whole time for safety! We had some really cool miracles in the Samoan area. Got to have some Coco Samoa, really good! Pure coco bean, just like hot chocolate. It was fun, learned some Samoan.
Our week was good. We taught 25 lessons and found 8 New investigators!! Which is GREAT! So that was our highlights!

I got a letter from Elder Chad Fowers!!!! it's about time, it must take like two months to get a letter from Paraguay! Chad is doing good! He's still Chad lol! Which is good! He's just in a missionary form lol! He's doing good!!

We taught this guy named Gordon. He been aetheist all of his life, 47 years! And he said that he felt like something was missing in his life. So we taught him the Plan of Salvation. And when we taught about the Celestial kingdom and how you can be with your family together forever he said, "That sounds good to me!" And throughout the whole lesson he was asking all the right questions! Like I didn't know what to do lol! Because we practice for situations like that, with questions and such. But it never happens like that in a real life situation. So when he was asking all those questions I couldn't believe it lol!

We are teaching this family, and we were asking them to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and when I got to Charles (13) he said that he wasn't going to pray. And he was adiment about it! I was like, "Why aren't you going to pray?" And he says, "Because I already know that's it's true, and I dont' need to pray!" I asked, "Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?" He says, "Yes!" This kid is keen, and the rest of the family is doing well too! So we are really excited about them!

We are teaching a few Tuvaluan families. And there is this one family, they are so sweet! All the kids, there are like 10+ people staying at this house. Six of them sat in the lesson only two of them are above the age of eight, but it was so cute to see the whole family listening! It was really fun! And then they sang this really cool Tuvaluan church song to us! We are getting excited about them! They are thinking about getting baptized!!!

I should've kept learning Spanish! We ran into this lady that is from Spain, and she speaks Spanish!!! And her english isn't that good. But we went back to go see her because she is very patient with us, she wants to learn! So we ordered Spanish materials. And when we went back to her house, I tried my best to speak in Spanish. But I was praying for the gift of never came.....I was even at the door, and I looked up and said while she was standing at the door, "I really need the gift of tongues!" But I didn't have enough faith because I didn't get it lol! But I'm trying to remember all my Spanish! But it's the Spirit that does the testifying, not me! Her name is Daisy!

We are helping some less actives come back to church. They have a serious smoking addiction, so we made a plan for them to quit, and then I gave both of them a blessing! It was a very powerful blessing, where I know the words I spoke were of the Spirit!

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Investigators!!

Talofa (Hello in Samoan & Tuvaluan)

The area is really heating up! We are being blessed so much. I'm constantly on my knees giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for blessing us! I went through a really rough patch where we had 5 people set for baptism in one week to 1. Where we had people move out of our area, one might get deported, another is thinking of dropping us, and another is waiting for his in-laws to come from the states for his baptism. And it was really hard on me. Because I felt like we were doing everything we could to help them and I felt like we were qualifying for baptisms. But then we had this happen. And Corrin was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but because her partner won't move out she can't get baptized. So we are praying for a miracle.... But just when we lost all of these investigators and things were looking down and I was stressing like none other, Heavenly Father blessed us with some amazing people this week!!! And not just a few, but 13 New Investigators!!! That's unheard of! And most of them are very keen! That's the most that I've ever gotten in one week. We have found over 30 new people in this transfer, which is well over double what we found all of last transfer and we still have another week before transfers! So we are doing everything we can in being obedient and diligent, and being humble, recognizing God's hand in everything so we can continue to qualify for "miracles".....

We have found heaps of Tuvaluan! Ha have you ever heard of the Island of Tuvalu?!??! Because I didn't even know it excisted til I came up to the city! But these people are wonderful. It's like the 'Other Side of Heaven'. We sit on their mats that they weave, and we teach them. And it's very similar to that movie because they believe that your saved if you believe in God, so once you get the point across that this IS GOD'S CHURCH, then it becomes easier for them to accept the church!

We found a Tuvaluan name Malae (Ma-lie) I would compare him to the guy on the 'Other Side of Heaven'; the guy that dies, (ha I know that sounds bad) but his characteristics. He's the most humble, nicest guy I've ever met. He took us to church yesterday! And we just found him last Sunday! He was wearing an Italian jersey and his son was wearing a U.S. soccer jersey. So I went and talked to him about soccer and who he's supporting and such, and then I asked if we could come around and share this message with him. And we are going back tonight to teach him as well! I'm soo excited for him!

We had interviews with President on Friday. It was really good. We talked about the area and such. ha President gave me a scare. He strongly believes that every companionship can baptize multiple souls monthly. I believe this as well, and because we haven't baptized this month I know President wondering why we haven't and what's going on, so he asked. I told him everything, and he says, "So you want me to believe that your working hard?!" In the tone of, "I don't believe that your working hard", and I reply shakely, "Yes." He says, "Yes, Elder Belnap, I do believe you are working very hard, and things like this happen." And we talked all about it. And he says, "I think I'm going to leave you here for another transfer so you can report to me next month and tell me that you had a huge month and that you can bapize lots of souls." And I told him that's what I wanted to hear, because I want to show him that I (not me, but the Lord, using me as a instrument) can baptize. And he asked about Keyes, and how we get along. I told him we are a great companionship and he is great for me. Now usually when you get along well with a companion, he transfers one of you. So I expected him to hint towards moving him or something, but he said, "Well I think I'll keep you guys together for another transfer. I still need to consult with the Lord, but if things go as planned then you will stay together!!!" So I was stoked to hear about that!!!.........Then he was talking to me about my progression and "why" he put me as senior companion. He said he gave me a leadership position early in my mission because he said I'm showing all the right signs of being a leader in this mission. And he wants to see how I handle things at a early age in my mission. And to continue to improve/progess. So in a way that's a really cool thing. Because people always talk about "Oh I want to be Zone Leader or District Leader" or whatever. But honestly, it's a "big" responsibility. Now I'm not saying that I'll be any of those positions, but those are the leadership positions in this mission. And so I need to continue to progress and I will do whatever the Lord wants Elder Belnap to do!!

Haha funny story.... So yesterday we were walking over to Malae's house because he lives soo close to our flat so he can give us a ride to church. Well on the corner of our street. There is this insane dog that barks his head off everytime we bike/walk pass this guys house. Well yesterday as we walk pass and cross the street, I hear this guy yelling and cussing, saying every swear word in the book and just going Irrate!!! So I look back just to see what's going on, and this guy was looking over his fence yelling at us and just going off on us calling us dirty names I don't know how many times. So I turn around and say to him, "What?" And he says how we did something to his dog. I said, "We didn't do anything to your dog. We are going on our way to church." And he's going off so I said, "Have a good day sir." And we leave. And we go to an investigator's house right around the corner. Well this jerk, bikes after us. And as we are talking to our people. He hops off his bike and goes irrate at us. And he gets all up in my face. But I wasn't worried or scared one bit. Ha I was actually a little on edge. Because I didn't back down one bit. I just stood right back in his face and asked what his problem was. And he goes off about his dog and how we make fun of his dog, and da da da. He says, "Practice what you preach" and all this crap. Then Alan, our investigator, steps in between us. Then he gets all up in Alan's face. And so I told him, "We do practice what we teach. And I'm sorry, but we didn't do anything to your dog." And as he starts biking away, he looks back and he says, "Oh you think it's funny now, I see that smile on your face." And I told him, "Yeah, I'm smiling because we didn't do anything wrong. And your making a scene all about nothing." Then he says he's going to call the cops and going to call our "chief" who's in charge of us lol! (what he doesn't know is that the Stake President is very high up in the police core, and one of the top officers in West Auckland and is our good friend and a member as well lol). I told him to call the cops and to get them over here! Because we didn't do anything wrong. But he bikes off going irrate. It was stupid. People will do anything to get at the missionaries even when we do ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong! Satan is always looking for ways to break us down. But we have to stay strong!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kia Ora!!

This week was a solid week! We taught heaps of lessons! 25!!! Which is the most I've taught since I've been up in the city! So I'm really stoked about that! And since the weather isn't the best, Heavenly Father has been blessing us with lessons as long as we do our part and stay diligent and obedient! So for that I'm very greatful!

I hit my 7 MONTH MARK!!! YAY!!!!!!!! It's pretty exciting! And we have interviews this week!!

We have Corrin set for this Saturday. But her flipping ex-partner won't leave the house, so she can't get baptized until he leaves! And it's heartbreaking! She's been through so much and she has finally qualified to be baptized living all the commandments, but he's keeping her from it. So we had a fast and have been praying hard out for her, hoping for a miracle!!! I know that it WILL happen; Keyes, me, and her feel good about it! Were just waiting now.

We talked to this lady on the street and we asked if she would be interested in the gospel and she said no. But it was like she was prophsying to us and she said, "If you go through that alley way, and you come out, you will see a brown brick house, with white on the side, and a girl named Pua will be there, and she will be interested." So it was like, "Sweet." So we went and guess what? She was right! Pua is keen! We still have some good people! And are finding new people all the time!

I love you ALL TONS!!! Remember "SACRIFICE BRINGS FORTH BLESSINGS" (that's what I say every time it rains)!

LOVE YA!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Malo (Hello in Samoan)

We had an amazing week! Soo many great things happened!

First off, remember that girl Sanjile (31), she's the one that prayed and right after we knocked on her door. We set her for baptism!!! On the 19th!!! We are soo excited for her! She's doing soo good! We are hoping that everything will work out ok for her and her baptism!!!....
Then we set a guy named Marvin (20)! He's awesome! Such a cool guy! His partner is a member! Though she's less active lol! But we are working on them! And we set him for July 10!! We had an amazing lesson with him where he was feeling the Spirit soo we set him! Can't wait for Marvin!
And we set Corrin (28)! Man she has been set for soo many times, but Elder Keyes and myself believe that this time it's for real! She has this incredibly long story, and soo many things that are keeping her from baptism. But instead of trying to solve them ourselves we've just decided to refer to 1 Nephi 3:7, on how God will provide a way as long as we follow the commandments. So that's what we told her, and said put all your faith in the Lord and pray, and everything will work itself out!

That was our AMAZING week!!!! Set 3 people for baptism!!! It was something else! And we still have Chris and Kharma who are still in the runnings for baptism, but we still have to work on a few things before they get a date! This area is really picking up! And we are really excited about it!

I went on a tradeoff with the District Leader. His name is Elder Timoteo, and he's Samoan and from Washington. It was a fun day! Since they only teach in Samoan I did a lot of smiling. I would say Malo, Smile, and when we left I said Fasefua (goodbye) lol! So that was my day lol! It was actually quite fun!!! Then when I came back from the tradeoff, Elder Keyes tells me that something broke on the pipe and we can't use the sink or the washer lol! So we are without those things til thursday!!! Which stinks, but it's the way it goes.

We had Zone Conference! And it was soo good! Once again it went to show me how much I have to learn, and how much God expects of me! I always get motivated after Zone Conference!!!

The weather this week was good! Ha well as good as we could hope for! It gets pretty cold during the day. Nights are really cold, luckily we have heated floors!! They keep the whole flat really warm!

I don't know if I told you, but Elder Callistar came to our Ward Counscil 2 Sundays ago. Ha and he sat right next to me! It was pretty exciting to have the President of the 70 sitting next to me! He's a really neat guy!

Things are good! Keyes is a great companion. We get along really good! He's just such a crack up! I think it's his accent that gets me lol! He made this really good South African dish called Melk Tart. Sooo good! It's like cheese cake. And I bought some hamburger and cooked it up, and it lasts quite a while. Have tacos and burritoes. Life is good! And I'm starting to LOVE my area! It's taken me a long time to get over Tauranga (I don't know if I'll ever get over that area haha)! But I am really loving my mission, these are going good!

I got a letter from Anna (she got baptized right before I left Tauranga.) She's doing amazing!!! She told me in the letter that she wants to serve a mission! And that's her goal! She's only 16 but one of the most stanch members I know! She is actually speaking at a Stake mission fireside! She blows me away everytime I get a letter from her!

AND FOR YOUR WONDERFUL PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap