Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello in Samoan! It means Hello Mom and Dad, it's a courtesy to address the parents first instead of family, just for your information.

We had a pretty good week! Full of ups and disappointments! But that's the way the mission goes.....

I had a tradeoff again in the Samoan program. It was pretty fun! And it was my first time to drive in New Zealand! On the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! Hahaha it's so different! It was nice to be back in a car again (for a day)... And because the Samoan Elders cover the whole Zone we went all over the place. But everything is totoally different driving in New Zealand. Even the traffic laws and stuff. Ha I was praying the whole time for safety! We had some really cool miracles in the Samoan area. Got to have some Coco Samoa, really good! Pure coco bean, just like hot chocolate. It was fun, learned some Samoan.
Our week was good. We taught 25 lessons and found 8 New investigators!! Which is GREAT! So that was our highlights!

I got a letter from Elder Chad Fowers!!!! it's about time, it must take like two months to get a letter from Paraguay! Chad is doing good! He's still Chad lol! Which is good! He's just in a missionary form lol! He's doing good!!

We taught this guy named Gordon. He been aetheist all of his life, 47 years! And he said that he felt like something was missing in his life. So we taught him the Plan of Salvation. And when we taught about the Celestial kingdom and how you can be with your family together forever he said, "That sounds good to me!" And throughout the whole lesson he was asking all the right questions! Like I didn't know what to do lol! Because we practice for situations like that, with questions and such. But it never happens like that in a real life situation. So when he was asking all those questions I couldn't believe it lol!

We are teaching this family, and we were asking them to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and when I got to Charles (13) he said that he wasn't going to pray. And he was adiment about it! I was like, "Why aren't you going to pray?" And he says, "Because I already know that's it's true, and I dont' need to pray!" I asked, "Do you believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet?" He says, "Yes!" This kid is keen, and the rest of the family is doing well too! So we are really excited about them!

We are teaching a few Tuvaluan families. And there is this one family, they are so sweet! All the kids, there are like 10+ people staying at this house. Six of them sat in the lesson only two of them are above the age of eight, but it was so cute to see the whole family listening! It was really fun! And then they sang this really cool Tuvaluan church song to us! We are getting excited about them! They are thinking about getting baptized!!!

I should've kept learning Spanish! We ran into this lady that is from Spain, and she speaks Spanish!!! And her english isn't that good. But we went back to go see her because she is very patient with us, she wants to learn! So we ordered Spanish materials. And when we went back to her house, I tried my best to speak in Spanish. But I was praying for the gift of never came.....I was even at the door, and I looked up and said while she was standing at the door, "I really need the gift of tongues!" But I didn't have enough faith because I didn't get it lol! But I'm trying to remember all my Spanish! But it's the Spirit that does the testifying, not me! Her name is Daisy!

We are helping some less actives come back to church. They have a serious smoking addiction, so we made a plan for them to quit, and then I gave both of them a blessing! It was a very powerful blessing, where I know the words I spoke were of the Spirit!

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YA HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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