Friday, August 5, 2011


Talofa lava!

We had a great week! We exercised some serious faith hoping to find new investigators, and God provided! We found 8 new investigators!!! And 3 of them came to church on Sunday!! All up, we had 4 people at church! Which was huge for us! We had this couple, Jennifer and Manassa (cook Islanders), Hoover (old, Tongan guy) and Saane (she's our keen one)!! It was a fight I tell ya, to get them to church!! We walked up to Saane and Aki's house and the brother told us that they went to the hospital.f I was like, "What?" I asked when they went, and he said two days ago... LIES!! lol! We had a lesson with them just yesterday... So we left and I sent our fellowship Haylee to go get them. And sure enough, they were there but they slept through the alarm, lol! so she woke them up and brought them to church, lol! Man, Satan has been working so hard on us doing everything he can to keep our investigators in sin! It's making me exercise heaps of faith, lol!

You won't believe it! This morning, I got "THE PHONE CALL"!! lol!! The office called to tell me about my flight home and everything... so it's happening... they are going to be booking my flight home... I never thought I'd get the call. Especially this early, lol!

Sister Jone and Donu had a baptism this week and we were helping them to teach this girl named Tahjshee, and the family wanted me to baptize her. It's a Maori family, and the whole week they're been calling me "uncle"... it's just a funny Maori thing for a member of the family. But, Elder Gentry got to perform his first baptism!! I was really excited for him! And I'm sure he was stoked!!

The ward is starting to get better! I feel the ward is starting to really trust us and they are getting to know us... We just need to get this ward to LOVE us and then they'll bring us people to baptize!!!

We have 2 people that are our "go" people... Haylee Clark, a returned missionary from Malaysia, and Chris Rass, a Tongan guy who is leaving for his mission in September to Austrailia! They are always helping us out! They're the best!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OFA ATU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


Malosoi fua!

We had a good week... Elder Gentry got really sick on Saturday night though, and threw up all night. He's still a bit sick, but he'll be fine... We had an up and down week. We taught 12 lessons, which is really low, but since we really don't have many investigators, it's not too bad.... but we did find 5 new investigators! Right now, we are really banking on Ake (20) and Saane (21)! They are two Tongan girls. Ake really wants to be baptized, she just needs to overcome the things of the world. And Saane needs to gain a stronger testimony and not be lazy and she'll be baptized as well! We had a crazy experience with them. Saane's son got his hand slammed in the door and it like ripped off his nail so they put a cast on his arm to protect it. Anyway, we were having this really good lesson with them and you know how every time you share the Restoration, something ALWAYS happens?... well, this story tops it. Right as I got into James 1:5, and how Joseph asked the question, the kid's cast fell off! lol! But it did and it just killed the Spirit, and an ambulance had to come take care of the kid... then the next day, we tried to share the Restoration again with them, and the kids were noisy and it was so hard to feel the Spirit. They must be keen if that keeps happening! lol!

The weather has been okay. We've had some really sunny days, and a couple rainy days. I'm just so grateful that winter hasn't been as bad as last year....

Yesterday, I spoke in church. I was praying and asking God to let me speak so that I would be able to gain the respect and trust of the ward... and on Thursday, one of the counselors rang and asked me to speak... I spoke on the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. The Spirit completely led the talk. And afterwards, I had heaps of people come up and say how good I did. They said, "Elder Belnap, you're awesome." I had two people say,"That's exactly what I needed to hear." It was good. I'm glad that the Spirit was there. Because now the ward knows us, and we have started to gain that trust and respect with them which we needed so badly!!

We just really need your prayers for this area! We need to find keen people to teach and find those that we can baptize!

My good friend and assistant president Elder Handy came and played basketball with us on p-day. I had a good talk with him. And we both shared some good experiences. He really helped me and gave me great advice for me and my companion. Things are getting better. I've definitely been blessed with patience and I look at things differently than I used to... God has been blessing me. We also had interviews with President Lekias. We had a really good chat. I asked him all my questions, like why I'm not a zone leader anymore, things about the area, etc. I was very up front with him, because I wanted to know. He answered all of my questions which I'm thankful for! And the Spirit was there to testify to me. He is wonderful. He is a man called of God and he will do a great job leading out this mission!


Elder Belnap

Monday, July 18, 2011

CRAZY! TRANSFERRED :(... SET 2 PEOPLE! - July 17, 2011

Malosoi fua!

Wow, this week has been one crazy week!! It's been an emotional roller coaster! I got a phone call on Tuesday from President Lekias. He said, "Elder Belnap, you have been a zone leader for a long time. 10 months. And you have done a fantastic job. You are a stellar missionary and with most of the leadership leaving in the coming transfers, I need to make some changes..." (right there, my stomach dropped and I knew what was coming)... he said that he has some exciting news and that he was going to make me a trainer. As he said that the first presidency was making a BIG emphasis on having the best missionaries train. So now I'm training. It's exciting, but hard. And he said that I would get doubled from Mangere and go to Panmure and be a district leader. And I have the biggest district in the mission! There are a total of 6 companionships including the zone leaders.... it's massive! And to be honest, I was gutted! But I accepted. I'll do whatever the Lord wants me to do... Though I had a huge passion for being a zone leader and loved it!

Right now it's hard. This has been the toughest thing that I've ever had to do.... You could say that I went from being on top! In the biggest zone, the heart of the mission. We were on pace to break the zone best! We had 5 people set for baptism! I was running the Thomas Road Ward. Me and my companion got along great. Everything was just pumping!! Not to mention it was my favorite area by far. I thought that I might finish my mission there.... then I get the call, I'm no longer a zone leader, I'm put into an area that is struggling, we have to build it up. And we need to build up the ward as well. Training is hard. I've been blessed with incredible companions my whole mission. All but 3 of my companions have been a zone leader and one of the 3 was a district leader. My new companion is named Elder Gentry. He's from Missouri, a small town of 300ish. We get along okay, but it's a bit hard. I still love him. I feel like I have all this weight on my shoulders. And it's just ME doing all the work. I know God is there. But I feel that I'm the only instrument. It's hard when I have to lead all the lessons, talk to all the people, make all the phone calls, do happy chappy 24/7, love and lift a district and a ward. It's just so much... and it's hard.

But... I am blessed. I still have a cell phone and guess what? I was just praying that I would have a car. And when the assistants rang, they said I didn't have a car. I was super gutted. But I prayed for a car. And right when we were leaving transfers, one of the assistants ran up to me and said, "You must've been saying your prayers, we got an extra car! And we're giving it to you!" I was like WOW! That is a direct answer to my prayer!

Before I left Manutoetoe, I wanted to set one more person. We were teaching Martha, who's set for the 30th. And her neice just moved in. And so we set her for baptism! That's the way I wanted to leave that area! So there are six people set for baptism and another 3 that could still be baptized this month!!

It was super hard to say goodbye to everyone over there! I was just so close to everyone. I'm going to miss that place, but no doubt I will be going back there! I'm really going to miss all the islanders!! There aren't as many in Panmure!

This week we had a good miracle! We found a former named Paul. he was asking good questions and really wanted to make a change in his life. And so we set him for the 13 of August!!

I need your prayers!!
OFA ATU!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

GREAT WEEK!!! - July 10, 2011

Malo soifua!

We had a great week! We worked really hard this week to help solidify our investigators that are preparing to be baptized! Right now we have 5 people that are set to be baptized this month, Tony (26), Matthew (18), Lois (17), Lawrence (20), Martha (45). But we have 8 people that can be baptized this month!! So we are working hard hoping that we can qualify for God's blessings for it!

President Lekias came on a Mission tour to visit all of the missionaries. It was really good. He had me conduct the meeting. It's different conducting. Haha, looks easier than it is, lol! The missionaries love him! Which is great!

We just stayed really busy this week! We taught like 30 lessons again! And just stayed really busy! I love it! We are putting on a Missionary Stake Fireside for the Manukau Stake on the 31!! Man it's going to be great! A lot of work is going to go into it, but it's going to be mean!!

Not a lot happened, just worked on making sure our investigators came to church, which they did! So grateful! We taught heaps of lessons! Things are looking good for us!

We have transfers this week!!! It's crazy! I can't believe it's here already! I'm hoping to stay, I think I will, but I'll go wherever God needs me!

Funny story. We were knocking on doors, and this drunk Tongan guy yells out, "Yo LDS!" lol! He's like "Brotha's, come over here!" while he was dancing. So we walk over there (I love drunk people, they are so funny, lol) across his grass and he told us that our shoes would get dirty. He came running down the stairs and started cleaning our shoes!! lol!! It was just crack up. Then he invited us in, and I asked him to turn off the music, and he was so wasted that he couldn't figure it out! It was funny. Sad that he was drunk, but funny.... Hopefully we can help him....


Elder Belnap



We had a killer week!!! Once again, great miracles! We really needed to find some new people that we could baptize for July! We went out and exercised great faith that we would be able to find some new people to baptize! And God provided! We found 10 new investigators and taught 30 lessons! It was great! Then we set 4 of those new 10 for baptism! I was just blown away by how merciful God is! He's preparing people for us all the time, we just need to find them and help them prepare to be baptized!!!

At church last Sunday, I had this impression to go to the Folau's house and just ask them if they had anyone living there that wasn't a member. We went, and guess what? He has 2 boys living with him that aren't baptized and have been coming to church off and on since December! I'm continuously learning that the Spirit will put the thought in your mind; you just need to follow it. Thursday, we are going to teach the boys!!

That day, we prayed that we would be able to find a family and set them for baptism, we first found the boys at the Folau's. But Elder Moss was on a tradeoff with a member named Sanchez and found a Maori family that we set for baptism: Angel (13) and Lois (17). How merciful is Heavenly Father? We read in Moroni: "Whatsoever thing ye shall the Father in my name which is good, in faith believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be done unto you." How true is that? That has been my favorite scripture and probably the biggest principle I've learned. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! That day, we found 2 families!

It doesn't stop there! We fasted that God would bring someone to church that we could baptize this month. We didn't see anyone. But a member came up to us and said, "Elders, I have a 14 year old boy that is living with me, and he needs to be baptized!" Last night, we taught Martin, and he's good. I have no doubt that he will be baptized this month. Once again, God answered our prayer!

If we have faith, and just believe, God will help us. He will help us overcome hard days and trials. Because just before all this happened, Ake, who was set to be baptized said that she doesn't want to be taught anymore and doesn't want to be baptized. And we just had a rough day. But the next day, we set 4 people for baptism! Right now, we have 5 people set! And another 4 that still have the possibility to be baptized this month! We just need to qualify for it!

We met President Lekias on Friday. He's really into it and will do a GREAT job! I'm looking forward to working with him. I have no doubts that he will continue to help this mission progress. It was sad to say good bye to President Porter. He rang me before he left and we had a good chat. I told him that I'll see him in a couple of months.

ALOFA ATU!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 BAPTISMS!!! - June 26, 2011

Malosoifua i lau susuga

We were busy out of our minds! But we had a really great week!!! We had 3 great baptisms!!! Charntay got baptized on Friday night, and Ashleigh and Leisa got baptized on Saturday! Both baptisms were really good! I got to baptize Charntay and Elder Moss confirmed her! And the girls had their cousins baptize and confirm them, it was a great experience for the whole Tafiti family! We finished the month with 5 baptisms! Ashleigh's mom didn't get baptized with the girls, she's going to be moving back to Manurewa and get baptized over there!

This week, we set another 2 people for baptism for next month. Ake is set for July 9 and Nooroa is set for the 16th! so we are super excited about that! We should still be able to baptize at least another for July.... We just need to work really hard to make it happen. Because our pipeline is running a bit low right now, but I know that Heavenly Father will provide and that we will be able to baptize a lot of people next month....

We had a really good miracle. I was running this guy down in the parking lot and I couldn't quite catch him. But along the way, there was this Asian kid just behind me. I turned and said hi, with no intention to talk to him. (No offense to Asians, but you typically never teach or baptize any Asians). But I just asked how his day was. And we got to talking and I told him that we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And he said that he thought that he went to the same church in Cambodia, but he wasn't sure. So he grabbed his mom and asked her. They can't really speak English, they've only been here in New Zealand for 3 1/2 years. But anyway, she said that she is from our church. But there are many churched that have the name of Christ in it, so I didn't quite believe her. But then she said, "Joseph Smith?" I was taken aback.... Yes! Yes! That's the same church! Long story short, this family moved here 3 1/2 years ago and since they have been here, they haven't found the church. And they were praying, asking God that they could find it! We were their answer.... So we took them to the chapel. And showed them around. Then we showed them the picture of Christ wearing the red robe. And the mom said, "We have that." They went out to their car, and grabbed their Book of Mormon and they had put that picture on the cover of it. During their whole time here, they still carried with them the Book of Mormon! Unbelievable.... and yesterday, they came to church, all 5 of them! What a miracle!

Things are going well, we really need to have some BIG MIRACLES because we need them!!

Everyone is doing well!!


Elder Belnap

MORE MIRACLES!! - June 19, 2011


We had a great week!! The temple was great!! Had a really good trip. I love going to the temple, it's so peaceful and every time I go, I receive some kind of revelation that will make me a better person and missionary.... I STRONGLY encourage you to go to the temple to receive the blessings that Heavenly Father wants to bless you with!

On Friday, we set another person for baptism for next weekend! Her name is Chantay. She's a cute little 9 year old girl. She comes from a part-member family, but she hasn't been baptized yet. She's so cute, she said she wants to come to church and get baptized to help her family to go back to church! And that's exactly what is happening, because of this little girl's faith in Christ, she is helping her family change, and come back unto Christ....

Then Saturday another miracle.... Ashleigh and Leisa's mom was at a lesson with us and she said that she wants to be baptized with her daughters this weekend!!!! So we will have the Kennach family all baptized together! What a miracle!

So for the month, we will have 6 people getting baptized!! God is preparing people left and right and center for us. I thank Heavenly Father for every day that I get to serve here and for the success that He has been granting to us!!! We are being so so blessed!

And yesterday we had stake conference! There were so many people. We had something like 24 recent converts, less actives and investigators that attended as well! What a good feeling that was to see so many of our people that we are teaching come to church!!!

Once again, Elder Moss and I prayed that someone would come to church that could be baptized in July! And God once again blessed us with someone. Kylee, who just got baptized, had one of her friends come to church yesterday! And hopefully, we can go teach him and set him for baptism!!!! Right now, we have about 3 people that are doing very well, and are looking good for next month!

We also found 8 new investigators this week!! God is so merciful! He always is hearing and answering my prayers!

It looks like winter is here :(..... Dang, hate the rain. But luckily it has been a late start to the season!


Elder Belnap

CRAZY WEEK!!!!! HAD 2 BAPTISMS!!!!! - June 12, 2011


WOW!!!!!!!!! What a crazy week! We had zone council on Wednesday, leadership training and a baptism... I just have to say that this might be the craziest week of my mission. So the assistants asked us to drop off a missionary. So on Wednesday morning, Elder Moss and I were up at 2:50 a.m., yes that's in the morning.... and we went to bed at 11 p.m. So you can do the math, we only got just over 3 hours of sleep. Then we got back to the flat and it was time to get ready to go to Takapuna for our meeting with President Porter at 7. Then we hit the bed at 10:30ish that night, I WAS WASTED!!!! Being up for 20+ straight hours, and being busy out of our minds, I've decided is unhealthy. Especially when you can't catch up on sleep, lol!!

But anyway, we had to get ready for our baptism. So get ready, this is crazy. Everything that could've went wrong, went wrong, NO JOKE! We filled up the font, then we got a phone call that the font had drained! So we had to go back and fill it up, not to mention the baptism started in 40 minutes.... Then I got a phone call that Malia (the girl getting baptized) got sick. We had just seen her at 2 and she was all good. But out of nowhere she got sick, so we had to go get Brother Leakehe and give her a blessing (45 minutes before the baptism).... I had a baptism program on my hard drive and went to plug it into the computer and for some reason, the computer wouldn't read my hard drive. Come to find out, the computer was too old and didn't have the update! So ten minutes before the baptism, I was freaking out! There were 50 people outside waiting to get started with no program. But I looked down and there was a sacrament program. So Elder Belnap's brain began to work. And you'll think this is funny, but I took the sacrament program, got on the computer and changed all the stuff to make it look like a baptism program and got it done just in time.... Wow! I'm getting tired just tell you all of this! But it gets better. Malia started to get really nervous, so I was rushing to get into the water and quickly baptize her.... so I want you to imagine, this little tiny font, maybe 4 ft. x 3 ft. It was small. And it has these little plastic steps that lead right into it. Well, as I'm rushing in, I SLIP, and go gracefully on my butt right into the font, LOL!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are laughing, because the whole Thomas Road Ward was, lol! But don't worry, it gets better! So my whole mission, I've never had to baptize anyone more than once.... well, there's a first for everything. Malia was my lucky number one, I got to baptize her TWICE! UNBELIEVABLE! But at the end of the day, both Malia and Jaysyn got baptized!!! And everything was fine! And they both got confirmed yesterday!!!!

On the 25th, the two sisters, Ashleigh and Leisa will be getting baptized! Can't wait! The Tafiti family is my favorite family that we are teaching! They are so fun! Love them!

It was just a crazy week! Just glad it's over to be honest! I haven't had 2 seconds to myself to just relax.

Tomorrow we are going to the temple!! Can't wait, haven't been in ages!!

ALOFA ATU (love you/samoan)

Elder Belnap

Saturday, June 11, 2011


MALOSOIFUA!!! (hello in Samoan)

Wow what a week! It was crazy. Elder Stucki left the mission home. I was without a companion for a couple days but I've got the best ward ever! The Thomas Road Ward treats me like their son, lol, and takes great care of me. My boy Pepe and George came on splits with me while I didn't have a companion and it was mean to just hang out with the boys and do some great missionary work. Both are RM's and have been home for just a little wihle! But I got my new companion. His name is Elder Jeffrey Moss from Boise, Idaho. Yes, he's a farm boy hard. He's completely opposite from Elder Stucki, but he's super righteous! And we're going to get along great! So now I'm the senior companion over the zone, and the most pumping zone in the mission mind you. So it's been stressful. I forgot how much pressure that comes with being senior, but God always provides. And I'm training another zone leader. Elder Moss is young, only been out under a year, and he reminds me of myself when I first came except he's super into consecrated, if that makes sense. So I'm sure I'm here to help level him out and President Porter told me to teach him the ways. I'm really amazed. God put a lot of young district leaders (2 new ones) along with the third that has been out under a year as well. He loaded us up with heaps of young people and young leadership. I was a bit taken back by this just because I thought he'd bring in experience to help us keep things going. But it's all good, God qualifies those He calls. So now, we just have to train up the whole zone. Right now, things aren't going great. We've only got 24 set in the zone, not where we should be. But God will provide, we just need to make sure that everyone has the faith to have some serious miracles and God will give us what we ask for.

So sit back and buckle up for this miracles story... Elder Moss and I prayed and fasted that someone would come to church that was prepared to be baptized for this month! Our pipeline wasn't doing great, we had some good people we are teaching but we needed to find some new ones to keep our pipelines flowing. And we wanted to set the example right away for our zone. So we just believed and expected that it would happen. We got to church and didn't see anyone new, so we went to the back and glanced over everyone again just to make sure that we didn't miss anyone, but still I didn't see anyone new. A bit disappointing, but still held the faith. After sacrament, I was on my way to class and Brother Tafiti comes up to me and says, "Elder, these two girls want to be baptized. They have been coming to church the past couple weeks and want to be taught." I was stoked!!! An answer to my prayer! So I took Ashleigh (19) and Patrisha (17) to our class, and I taught them while Elder Moss taught the other class. Our lesson was really good. We had their cousins come in with us, Nisa (19) and Eva (17) and Demaris (17). They were great in the class. And I brought my Tongan brotha, Brother Leaheke to help me teach. We had a lesson on the Atonement and what keeps us form going to heaven and how Christ provided a way for us to be baptized and to be cleansed from sin and to live with God and our families forever. The Spirit was strong, and then the Spirit told me to ask Nisa to bear her testimony. And WOW, her testimony was very good. It brought the Spirit in very strong and then I closed and bore my testimony. And I shared with them that I was praying and fasting for someone to come to church today that we could baptize. And I was overwhelmed with the Spirit and got a bit emotional and then I told them that God lives, and thanked them for being an answer to my prayer. God is so merciful! I know that as long as we BELIEVE, God will bless us with whatever we ask. I have a VERY STRONG testimony that whatsoever thing we ask the Father, in Christ's name, that's right, it shall be done unto us. Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

But it didn't just stop there. Sister Sua told us that her grandson turned 8 on Sunday, and that his parents weren't member but he's been coming to church for two years. So we told her that we would fast with her that her son would allow her grandson, Jason, to be baptized. And at church she says, "Elders! Our fast worked!" So if all goes well, we will be having Jason's baptism this Saturday!

And then there is more.... My Tongan brotha, Brother Leakehe came with us and we taught Aki and Malia. We taught the Law of Chastity very boldly with her and her partner. And they are thinking about it. And she still has some things that she needs to overcome, but I then asked if it would be okay if her daughter Malia could be baptized. She said yes! So she will be baptized this weekend!

We asked God to help us baptize weekly before district meeting on Tuesday so we can go to each companionship and tell them that we are doing it and that they can too! Well, last night, we set 4 people! Baptizing weekly baby! God is a God of miracles and will ALWAYS ANSWER OUR PRAYERS AS LONG AS WE BELIEVE!!! PERIOD, END OF STORY!!! Now, there were trials and it took some serious faith, but it happened, and will continue to happen. So if you want to find someone to baptize, pray for it, be bold and invite. And BELIEVE!!! And it WILL HAPPEN! I bear you my witness of it!

Not to mention Saturday we needed new investigators. We were guided down a street, knocked on a door, they let us in and they are keen. When we left, Elder Moss felt like we should knock on another door, and they let us in. There are people prepared everywhere!

I LOVE THOMAS ROAD WARD! I feel like I am just part of the family here! The Leakehe's always take care of us. Not to mention she makes the meanest Tongan bread! Almost as good as yours Mom! haha! But I call her my Tongan Mum! But everyone here is great!


Elder Belnap

Friday, June 3, 2011

BAPTISM WEEKEND!!!! - May 29, 2011

Kia Ora!

We had a GREAT WEEK! Saturday, we had our stake baptism and there were 12 people that got baptized! We had five of our investigators enter into the waters, Roimata & Tua Manapori, Kylee Inimata, Tyalro Manuel, and Pat Nash! It was an unforgettable baptism. To see Pat, a 71 year old, who's in a wheelchair get baptized was something special. Elder Stucki carried her into the water, Elder Stucki's dad baptized her and I held her nose as she went under the water! All three of us dressed in white and in the water. It was a really special experience. Then I got to baptize Tua. But cute little Taylor got scared and super nervous. So we hurriedly ran her into the water and I quickly baptized her! It was just a great day, there were so many people that came and supported!

As a Zone we did extremely well! We didn't quite reach our goal, but we did get 32 for the zone. There was one other zone that did more! Which is great! And next month will be huge! We just ned to get back to work and make it happen! And as a mission we got 194! We worked so hard, and did our best to get 200, which has never been done before in a month. Ever so close, but we will get it before I go home!

Yesterday, Elder Stucki and I spoke in church. I was told that I was giving a talk literally, five minutes before church started and put my thoughts together while we had the sacrament, lol! But the Spirit took over and I said what the Spirit wanted me to say. And almost the whole ward came and said how great my talk was. Good thing for the Spirit! Elder Stucki's talk was really good as well! Saturday morning, his parents came. And they came to the baptism and got to hear him speak. It was very special for him! I love Elder Stucki, he's like my brother and he's helped me in so many ways, a TRUE friend.

I was praying for someone to come to church that we could baptize this month. And church had ended and I hadn't seen anyone that I didn't know. So I was like, "Well, next time." But this guy came up to Elder Stucki to tell him goodbye, and afterward, I just breifly talked with him and I said something like, "Is there anything that we can do for you?" And he answered, "Well, actually there is. I have 2 unbaptized daughters that come to church every week but they didn't like the the elders, but I will ahve a talk with them and we will see." So I am hoping and praying that a miracle will happen and that their hearts will be softened and we can teach them and baptize them! God ALWAYS hears and answers prayers! Ask and ye SHALL RECEIVE!

I got to go to the Otara markets, it's just a big place where people sell stuff. And I bought a mean Tongan rugby Jersey, from the Liahona Church College there. And because I'm a missionary, I got a discount, lol! Love the members!

Things are going GREAT! I love Manukau! The people are great! The ward is AMAZING! Transfers are this week. Always crazy! Just waiting to find out who my new companion will be... who knows? But we will do the work and do God's will! So keep me in your prayers. To be honest, it feels like I am taking over a big company, or taking over the Los Angeles Lakers with high expectations, and a place that is expected to produce! So now we just got to make it happen! the mission is counting on us!


Elder Belnap

CRAZY WEEK!!!! - May 22, 2011

Malosoifua (Samoan, Hi)

Wow! This week was nuts! But it ended up finishing with a BANG! We had Zone Conference, which we haven't had a legit Zone Conference in about 8 months. It was really powerful, President Porter just knows what will make up become better. In fact, after the conference, I had a good five minute chat with him. It helped me just look forward to the next step. I LOVE HIM! Then Elder Stucki has been sick most of the week, fun! lol! But the work goes on... Luckily, I'm still healthy and going strong! Thank you Heavenly Father! Then I got in a bike accident, freak! I was riding a bike that had no brakes, and the missionary I was with is a hard out worker. He bikes hard, anyway, I was trying to keep up with him and we came over a hill and going too fast, and I forgot that I had no brakes, and then I ate the dirt! lol! Hope my pain makes you laugh, lol! But I'm fine, just got some scrapes and tore my shirt. But nothing big... I'm fine... But on that trade off, we set 3 people for baptism! With everything good, there needs be a trial to keep us humble, and with every trial comes the miracle!

We had an intense lesson with Aki! She was stressed about so many different things in her life. But we went in believing that no matter the concern we would resolve it by the Spirit. She had a really rough day, and was just ready to have a meltdown. And she did. But we comforted her. Let her know that everything would be okay. The next day, we had another powerful lesson with her. And again, she was crying. We asked her how she felt. And she said while crying, "I feel good. I'm thankful that you take time out of your day to come teach me and my kids about hte gospel. No one has every showed us the love that you have." We asked about her good feeling, she said, "Every time you walk through the door, there is just this warm feeling. I can't explain it, but every time you are here, it just feels good." We left the lesson and I turn to Elder Stucki and said, "this is what it's all about." She has finally found something in her life that she was missing, and she didn't know where to find it. BUT because of a Loving Heavenly Father, He provided a way for her and her family to find peace and happiness... Aki has never known what real love is. I'm so grateful for my family. For my parents that show love for me, and I hope all of you not just say you love another, but SHOW IT! And don't take it for granted and thank your Heavenly Father for blessing you with a good LOVING family. Because it's sad to see family that don't have or know what love is. But what joy comes when you see them realize what it really is and start whoing their love! So we are hoping to baptize Aki and Malia next month! Hoping for lucky number 11! June 11!

Then last night, we played marriage counselor. Kylee was supposed to be married on Saturday and baptized this week, but they went through some family problems. She told us that she was going to push everything back. But we went to her house last night, and we got there just as Kylee and Toka were in an arguement. We asked to come in, we sang a song to get the Spirit in there. And then bam we let the Spirit work. It helped them resolve their concerns, and at the end of the lesson, they said that they couldn't even remember what they were arguing about. And this Friday, they will be getting married and she is getting baptized this Saturday!

this Saturday is going to be HUGE! We should have 6 people getting baptized! Kylee (30), Tuia (24), Pat (71), Taylor (9), Roimata (10), and Tua (9)! It's going to be a stake baptism! So there will be heaps of people getting baptized! And Elder Stucki's parents will be here on Saturday to see it!

Last night before we were on our way home, a thought came to mind to go see this referral Tony. We popped in, and anyway, it was a powerful lesson, and we feel good about this guy getting baptized next month. I was praying all day yesterday that we could find someone that could be baptized for next month, and at the last hour of the day, God blessed us with someone!


Elder Belnap

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SET 2 MORE PEOPLE!!! 11 SET!! - May 15, 2011

We had a killer week!!! We taught 30 lessons! Haven't done that since Gisborne... So it was nice to just get out there and teach!! We were booked solid the whole week, which makes missionary works just heaps of fun! We had Elder Evans of the Seventy come and speak to us on Thursday and we learned some interesting things. Especially how important it is to get our investigators to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning. Because that's how the Prophets organized the book to be read... as well as heaps of other things!

We had the media campaign and we found these 2 kids named Roimata and Tua. They are 11 and 10. There family are members, but are less active because the dad has to work on Sundays to pay off debt. And he was praying for a way for his children to be baptized. When he got an answer.... We showed up and they wanted us to come back. We went and taught them and set them for the 28!!! Right now we have heaps of people set, all up we have 11! Six of them are really solid and will get baptized on the 28th! That's also Stucki's last weekend. So it'll be really good!

The whole week was just packed with great miracles! The Fosio family, they are the Samoan family where Brother Fosio is a member but his wife and sister in-laws aren't. Anyway, his in-laws came to our come and see fireside last night! They are both 16 and if the parents will give the okay, they will be baptized! So we are praying for a miracle! Actually right now Satan is really working on all of our sets using there families. We have faced some serious family opposition with many of our sets! One thing that I've been learning, is the better you get at missionary work, God then blesses you with more responsibility. I loved the days when we just had to worry about the Word of Wisdom and helping them overcome smoking. Dealing with family issues is a whole other ball game! But with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I think I told you about that 71 year old lady named Pat.. She's the one that just showed up to church? I'm not sure I told you about her. Anyway, she came to church last week with her daughter in law. And she wants to be baptized! MIRACLE!!! She's in a wheel chair, and is very old. But she knows the church is true and wants to be baptized!!! So the 28th will be her day!!!!

We had Aki and Malia (the Tongan family I found on tradeoff) at church, Roimata, and Tua. Pat, and some others! It was great to have so many! As well as this lady that we set for June 4 named Nooroa (Node-roa).

I love South Auckland!!! The people are great! Our area is pumping! Pretty much all of our investigators that we are teaching are preparing to be baptized! I don't know if I've had such a good teaching pool before, but our area is pumping!! And the zone is doing GREAT!!! We are projected at 49! If everyone gets baptized!! So we are just focusing on Christ hardout! Putting all faith in Him hoping that He will provide a way! And our mission is projected to hit over 200 this month! First time that will happen! So President Porter wants to go out with a bang. He finishes in July! It's crazy!!!!

The Church is TRUE!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

Elder Belnap

GREAT WEEK!!!! - May 1, 2011

Malosefua (Hello in Samoan)

We had just a crazy week! So many out of it things... But it was GREAT! I'm LOVING MANUKAU!!! It's amazing... It's like I'm serving in the Islands lol! It's all Tongans and Samoans lol! They are very religious people. And the Thomas Rd. Ward is da bomb! Great young single adults, members are great at missionary work! Love it!

Yesterday was nuts.... So to start out. We have this girl named Tuia (cook islander) she is set to be baptized on the 28th! She came to church and loved it! 2nd week in a row!... But we got a text just as we were leaving, and it said "Come save me please".... So Elder Stucki and I rushed over with a member to her house. We got there and she was just crying. She couldn't say a word. Her idiot husband had just beat her and strangled her. She didn't know what to do. All she could do was pray. (And of course he was drunk out of his mind.) Anyway, we got there and took her away along with her 2 year old son and took her to the Relief Society president's house, Sister Leakehe. And they are taking good care of her. I just couldn't believe it. You always hear about those horror stories, but it's totally different to be involved in it... The miralce of this all is this... her phone had died, and she was screaming but no one came. She was praying that she could send just one text. "Somehow" her phone worked just long enough to send that one text! Coincidence? I think not. The Lord hears and answers, and protects His children. We saw it and bare witness that God is there for all of us, and he will do anything to help us....

Ha and yesterday after that, there was a high speed chase just in front of our house, and the guy smashed into a bus... Idiot. Anyway he's locked up now.. it was just a bit crazy....

And yesterday we got a call to go give a blessing at the Middlemore Hospital. Once again those horror stories. This little baby girl, 2-3 yrs old, had a hot jug of water fall right onto her face. The skin completely melted away. It was a scary and sad sight. I had a hard time looking at her. But we did the Lord's work, and gave her a blessing... Hope all will be well..

Had a great miracle, went out trackting with a member. And we felt like going back to this one house that we'd talked to before. She let us right in. I asked her, "If God could do anything for you, what would that be?" She said, "Forgiveness." Good thing that's what we teach... It turns out this lady used to be married to a member, is looking to go back to church, and we were blessed to set her to be baptized at the end of this month. Her name is Patrisha... Right now we have 6 people set! And we have so many others that are so close...

Yesterday was a blessing. The member brought 5 non-members to church. People other than our investigators. I taught one, and Stucki taught another one, and both are choice. The girl I taught is keen, her name is Adrienne. She said that a few weeks ago, she was praying to know if the church that she was going to was the right one. Then her friend started talking to her about our church, and she said that she just felt good. So she came yesterday and we are going to teach her tomorrow!!! And Elder Stucki had a similar experience. And we feel both could be baptized this month!!! WOW BLESSINGS!!!!

Last night we also taught that Samoan family that we found, where the father is a member but his wife isn't. The Fosio Family! They are great, we taught his wife's sisters... And all three are just choice! They also are great potentials for this month too!!! I just love them, I love them like I loved the Apineru's in Gisborne.


Elder Belnap

PETER'S BAPTISM - April 24, 2011

Good Morning!!!!!

Big things happened!! Whooooaaa!!! But before we get to that.....We had Peter's baptism on Wednesday! It was great! I got to baptize him! He is doing great, after I brought him up out of the water we gave each other a big hug! He said thanks... I've been with him through all the good and rough times and to finally get to see him get baptized was great! The Spirit was strong... He bore his testimony, said how he knew this is where he needed or where God needed him to be. Then he talked about his family and how his goal is to get to the temple, and especially get his family to the temple and be sealed there. Now it will take some time, because he has been doing it by himself, but he has great faith and he has a lovely wife that I strongly feel would make a great member of the church one day. So I'm very excited for him and his future as it looks bright!!!

Now for some big news! I went to President Porter's house on Tuesday and he pulled me aside and said those words that make your stomach drop because you know that something big is going down, "Elder Belnap, are you ready for your new assignment?" I said "Yep, what do you want me to do?" He said, "I'm moving you to go to Manukau, to be with Elder Stucki." So I'll give you the background and why all of this is so important.. There are 3 zones that are called the big 3. The mission pretty much rests on these 3 zones to come through each and every month. Then there are 2 zones that are the flagstaff of the mission. Manukau is one of them. So Manukau had some stellar months, baptizing roughly 30+ a month, doing great. Then, the past couple months took a hit baptizing only 12&19 (very low). So President Porter put Elder Stucki in to clean it up and take it to the next level. Which is exactly what he does. He was my zone leader in Henderson when we hit the zone best, then took Tamaki (another one of the big 3) from an under performing zone to performing at a level people never thought (what we did in Gisborne he did in Tamaki). Well he came in and right away cleaned it up and this month. They broke the zone best, and tied the all-time zone best in the mission of 33 baptisms.... And it was just ridiculous what happened and next month is going to be a month that people thought could never happen. So President Porter sat me down and said you will be junior to Elder Stucki, who he said is the best he's ever seen. And he told me that he just wants me to LEARN LIKE CRAZY from him. And then to carry the zone to the next level. So that's my assignment this transfer. Work my butt off and learn like crazy. To be honest, it's going to be hard. But it will be worth it. There is a MAJOR PRESSURE SITUATION. Thus far in my mission. I've never been put in a situation where things are going great and President Porter is just expecting them to get better. I've only been asked to turn zones around and get them pumping, which I have: Gisborne, Hamilton, and Mount Roskill is finally getting on board. Now I'm coming into a pressure situation where even more is going to be required. So I know that President wants me to become great because he wouldn't have stuck me with the best if he didn't. And I'm killing of Stucki this transfer. He is going home. I love him. He's intense. He's very similar to Chase Hart. But even more intense lol! He's good at what he does and everyone knows it. People think he's cocky, but it's just who he is and once you get to know him you realize that's not true, just his personality. It'll be good. He runs things like a business. Like a fortune 500 company, but I've come to learn that it just takes organization and trust from your missionaries and along with that, serious revelation. I've never had a zone planning where we spent literally hours praying, pondering on what God needed us to do to get our zone to the next level. In all, I am blessed to be serving with Elder Stucki. Yes we get along, yes he has a much different personality, BUT we still get along great! And he will help me become a GREAT missionary and leader, what more could I ask for? And in my personal life, he has already helped me, and in business as well.... Elder Stucki is from Las Vegas, and a state champ wrestler. And has a strong testimony of the church!

So a bit about Mount Roskill. In my last area, my ward hadn't baptized in like 3 month, unacceptable. But I baptized the whole time I was there, and left 2 solid people set. And next month my area should be able to baptize weekly for may! Here in Manukau, I love my area. Elder Stucki and I are the ONLY WHITE PEOPLE LOL... Everyone is islander, LOVE IT! We have 5 people set in our area! And our goal is 10! I feel we can get it! Yesterday at church this guy spoke and said how his wife isn't a member and how he wants her to be. We asked if we could come see his family. Last night we saw the Fosio family (Samoan) and had a super powerful Restoration lesson with them. We found 4 new investigators. And the family felt the Spirit super strong, and I feel that they are great prospects for next month! It was just powerful. And last night we helped this family that recently got baptized and it was a powerful lesson we gave the boys blessings. And both of them were incredibly strong. It just feels good to follow the spirit. I was praying for Heavenly Father to bless me with a good pumping area and I got it. Roskill was hard for me, cuz stat wise it was difficult, but now we are teaching 30+ lessons a week and having great success. NOT because of us, but because of the Lord! So I am very happy to be here!

OFA ATU (Tongan, Love You)

Elder Belnap

Sunday, April 17, 2011

General Conference and 3 sets!! - April 10, 2011

Malo lelei (Malo-lay-lay... Tongan for "Hi") Wow, Conference was powerful!!! Loved it!! Those talks were exactly what I needed! Ha especially all the marriage talks lol!!! Boy there was quite a few!.. Anderson's was great! You should've been in Conference over here when he talked about Sid Goings! Don't know if you know, but they broadcast Conference to all the stake center's in New Zealand... So we don't get to lazy around in our pajamas and watch it lol! But when they said his name, it was like everyone's heads went straight up lol!! He is a legend, member or non-member respects him! Our investigators where riled up about it too! And Dad, I got pretty excited about Roger Bannistar, I still remember you telling me about him. I learned a lot about the temple. Especially when it comes to marriage. First, if you are having problems with your marriage to go to the temple. There were 2 examples given of struggling marriages, but when they went to the temple it solved it as they remembered their temple covenants. Second, if you want your marriage to stay stable and STRONG, go to the temple! Third, if you feel tired, worn out, or need a boost or to feel better, go to the temple. There are many blessings that come from it and it made sense to me as the Spirit bore strong witness to me the importance of the temple and the Eternal blessings that come! The talk about "TO BE" was inspiring! Really good! It's important to praise on the things that help you get the result! And I've already started applying that within myself and the zone as I feel that will help change the nature of our zone. And more importantly my nature. I've learned that it's really important to change my nature so when I go home, I'm not the same person that left. Of course I'll have a much stronger Spiritual side, and more knowledge of the gospel, but it's the other things that are important to have a nature change, and this is also what President Porter has talked to me about! Anyway, I could go on all day, but I hope that each of you had your own epistle from one of the pophets or apostle as stated by Elder Holland. And then I hope you apply it into your "TO BE" as beautifully put by Elder Gibbons!!! Our week was good! We set Peter for the 23rd after a very intense lesson!! I can't even begin to tell you about it, he's just intense!!! And he looks at things very different! But whatever it takes to get him baptized!!! We need your prayers, because he is almost our last person that can be baptized this month!!! We also set Krissy and Yasmine! Or should I say they set themselves!!! The only problem is they are set for the 21st of May!!! Which is 6 weeks away!! And way to far away for Satan to keep them from getting baptized! But they both enjoyed Conference and have been progressing!!! Louis we are still working on, but he's not quite progressing!!! We had good week! We also had three other people at church!! So that is great for us!! LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!! Elder Belnap PS FULLY INVESTED..... IN NZAM!!! also it's my 17 month mark, going by fast, crazy!

Great Week!! - April 3, 2011

Kia Ora! We had a great week! We finally taught many lessons and found some good potentials for our area! Now if we can keep it going and be consistent then we got something good going on here!! We had 4 investigators at church which is the most I've had here. And we taught 18 lessons which ties my record here! So things are going really good! And tonight if all goes well hopefully we can set Peter for either the 16th or the 23rd! We had some really good lessons with Krissy, Louis, and Yasmine! They are just golden. Krissy told us that since she met us that she has been trying to give up coffee and smoking, and we haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom and yesterday I gave her 2 Nephi 31 to read; and Krissy and Yasmine read it and they had some questions about getting baptized. And Krissy's like, "I don't think I can get baptized." I asked why. She said, "Well, I'm afraid of water." lol! I shouldn't be laughing but I'm glad that it's that than something else... so we are hoping for her and her daughter to get baptized together and we are shooting for the 16 or 23rd! They are great!!! We've got some other people in mind that could get baptized this month, it's just going to take some serious miracles! We had interviews with President! It was sadly my last interview with President Porter as he will be finishing in June... We had a really good chat. I just love the guy. I went in with a question in mind about business, if that is what I should do, and maybe what area and different things like that. And anyway, I didn't even say anything, he just started saying,"I've always thought you would be great in the business world. That you just have the mentality to get things done." And he shared some other things with me. And he asked what I wanted to do. I told him real estate. And he was pleased. But he said, "More importantly, you will make a great leader in the church." As much as we were talking about business, he said that at the end of the day it's not the money, or how big you make your business, the Lord is going to need your leadership skills in His kingdom. And that really hit me, because I'm all business lol! And leadership stuff is hard lol! But we had a good chat. Then we talked about some Spiritual things.... my next question was finishing out strong. And he told me exactly what I needed to hear so that I can finish. Because it's hard work. Being a leader and different things. It's like you are always tired, and you always have to be smiling, even when you have a bad day, Elder Callistar said that's just part of being a leader, you might have to go to the bathroom and cry for 30 seconds but then you have to come out and act as though everything is fine and uplift your missionaries. I feel that I've been doing better with that, but I need to continue to go hard even when fatigue sets in! I went on a tradeoff with this Malaysian elder! Elder Leong in the Chinese program, and boy did we have a great day. We talked to 75 people which is the most I've talked to in one day. And not to mention that probably like 40 of them were some serious opposition! But we had a mean miracle..... So a few weeks back I was on a tradeoff with him. And we talked to this girl named Bianca. She seemed semi-interested. She said if we could find her house that she'd listen, all she did is give us a street. Well fast forward 3 weeks... we were on our way back to a lesson and I was just sitting pondering on the bike what to do while Elder Leong was busy looking at his plans for the day. I glanced up and I see this street, Letterkenny. I think, "Wait Letterkenny, that's where Bianca lives." As I look down the street, I see it's a dead end street so I was like, "Well, it might be worth knocking out the whole thing it's only 40+ houses." I turned to Elder Leong and asked if he remembered her, and he did. And I asked what he thought. He was all good for it. So I said, "I'm only going to knock houses that I feel impressed to knock because we don't have much time." I was walking and I see this Chinese guy, so I go talk to him thinking, "Oh, this must be why I was guided back her, to help Elder Leong find some Chinese people." But he wasn't interested, and we asked if he knew a Bianca? He said no, but there are some girls that age of 20 around and pointed out the houses for us. As I was walking I looked at this one house and felt good about it, knocked it, and guess who answered the door? Bianca. She was blown away that we found her house. Ha, so was I. But I felt like a real instrument in the Lord's hands. God put us on the street, had us stop right underneath the street sign, had me glance up to see the sign, then we only talked to 2 people on that whole street and the one pointed us right to her! That is when you know that you are being an instrument and that this work is TRUE!!! We will be going by to visit and follow up with her this week. But we have to pass her onto the sister missionaries because she is out of my area. But she is good! HOPE YOU ENJOYED CONFERENCE!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! Elder Belnap

Found a Family - March 27, 2011

Kia Ora! We had a crazy hectic week!! We had our zone council and leadership training this week! Which took 2 days! But it was all really good! President is getting ready to go home and it was a very emotional meeting. He showed a clip of Remember the Titans and man, my heart was racing, blood pumping, I was breaking a sweat lol! I was just ready to go play some ball, lol! And then he opened it up to the leaders to come bear testimony and the most outspoken missionary gets up and it was powerful. He had us all stand up and make a promise in our heart to finish strong! And it was great, like a Remember the Titans! So that really got all the missionaries pumped up! As for our zone and breaking the zone best, well, Satan got hold of many people this week. We were supposed to baptize 21 souls for the month, but we finished with 15. I don't know what happened. I spent more time in the other missionaires area trying to save their people. I learned many experiences. I learned that if we work hard and do our best that God will definitely provide. And he did, we had 26 sets in the zone. But if we don't do our part in taking care of them then we will lose them. We lost 11 souls! Which is nuts! In any of my zone, I have never lost this many. In fact, I would say I have a reputation for hardly ever losing a set. But we took a toll this week! I also learned that we have to always be fighting against Satan! And we have to do ALL we can to help them get baptized! We can't just give it 90% and expect them to enter into the waters! So I've been on my knees a lot beause I feel very responsible. So know I have to in a lovely way help the missionaries understand the same thing. BUT on a positive note, always got to have the positive, something I've been trying to work on, I've been a bit negative lately lol! Every companionship in the Zone BAPTIZED!!! Which has never been done before in this zone! So we are definitely improving! And I am very happy about that. The next challenge, getting the zone best, And having the whole zone baptize again next month!!! So here we go!!!!! We found a CHOICE family!!! A member gave us this referral and we went and taught the Krissy (mom), Louis (dad), and Yasmine (daughter, 14). Krissy is super prepared. She had all the right questions and we answered them. We got her to kneel and pray on the first lesson and ask God if what we taught is true. And the Spirit was strong. Then on Saturday we had another lesson... and this time Yasmine sat in! It was great, taught the Plan and they loved it! She had a great experience. She stresses a lot, but she said a prayer this week, and she felt the Spirit calm her. Then on another occasion, she thought she saw her grandad come to her and tell her what she is doing is right, who just happened to be a member. And yesterday, she and Yasmine came to church!!! They are doing so good!!! What a blessing aye!!!!!! We also set Peter for baptism! This Maori guy! He came into the lesson asking God if he should get baptized!!!! And we taught 1 Nephi 8. Asked where he is on the straight and narrow. And said that he's almost eating the fruit. We asked what he needed to do to taste it, "get baptzied"... Yep! So we set him. And he might get baptized this week, if he's not in Christchurch... if not it will be soon!! So pray for Peter!!!! And last night I saw a girl that is in the Swanson ward! Her name is Shayna Tapasoa and she got called to the St. George visitor center mission! and she gets there in August! So I'm super excited for them! Going to have to go visit her!!! Things are good! Still trying to find New investigators! But God is still providing in a big way!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! Elder Belnap

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a fantastic week! Tesi got baptized!!!! And it was a GREAT baptism!! She asked if I could baptize her and I was privileged!! And I got to wear my ificonga (if-i-conga)!! It's like a guy's skirt lol! But it was fun to baptize her! So our first baptism in the area!!! She is a true miracle! She overcame heaps of different challenges, especially smoking, but she relied on the Lord and He provided for her! And yesterday, she got confirmed a member of the Church! She is just so good, really stanch... she's going to do great!!!!

Our zone is doing really good! We are finally on pace to do something great!!! So right now we are projected to break a Zone Best!! It's 17, but we are projected to hit 20!! And another thing, we've got all 9 companionships baptizing!! So that is great!!!! Another thing that hasn't been done before here in Roskill!!! So we are being very blessed, every single companionship! And this last week we lead the mission in Preach By the Way! Each companionship hit over 100 and a zone average of 145 people talked to for each companionship! So we are really stretching ourselves!! And we are doing our best to take things to the next level... In fact, I don't know if any zone has ever averaged that high of number before! So we are doing all we can to accomplish big things here in Roskill!

We also reset Nia this last week to get baptized in April! So we are really praying for that miracle! But really overall, we need to have some big miracles because we need more investigators!! And we need to find more people that want to progress and be baptized!


Elder Belnap

MIRACLE WITH TESI!!!! - Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kia Ora!

Transfer week!!!! So I'm staying in Mt. Roskill!! But Elder Christiansen got transferred to Tauranga!! Lucky guy!! I was jealous of him, but he's now the Senior Zone Leader down there with my other boy, Elder Keyes! They are going to do great down there! My new companion is from Tooele and his name is Elder Bresee. He's the most loving, humble, guy. And he's just pure and righteous. I'm really excited to be with him. He's just great! We are really trying to get our zone to the next level! We've got all the potential to have a BIG MONTH! We are on pace to break the zone best! We are looking at roughly 20 baptisms for the month, with all 9 companionships baptizing! So I'm really excited about that, if that happens we are in great shape and President Porter will be happy! lol!

We had a pretty good week! Had many miracles with Tesi! She's all good to get baptized this weekend. She has a strong testimony. She has had many trials but has been able to overcome all of them. She had a problem with smoking, but she hasn't smoked in two days!!!! And she said that it has been a lot easier for her to quit smoking! And that was a big testimony for her! Next problem, we asked if anything else would keep her from being baptized? She said, "Well if my mom found out..." I was like, "WHAT!!!" She said if her mom found out that she would freak and probably not allow her to be baptized (even though Tesi is 26). It's like Niuen tradition or something. So I've been freaking out and praying my guts out the past couple of days! And yesterday as we were walking to church with her, she said, "Elders, good news. I talked to my mom and when she was dropping me off, I said, 'Mom, that's the church I'm going to,' and she said, 'Oh, I used to go to that church." And she was absolutely fine with her going to church and getting baptized!!!! Prayers are answered! So this Saturday at 6:30 she'll be baptized!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Also, we had Nia at church yesterday hoping to re-set her for next month!! So we've been having some good miracles! Still need more investigators! But we are still being blessed! Heard about the earthqauke in Japan, but we are all good here in NZ!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Friday, March 11, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a good week! Had Zone Conference this week! And then we had Zone Council right after that with Elder Callistar of the Seventy, then we were invited to go to the stake presidents' and bishops' meeting with two of the Seventy. It was really good! I learned heaps!! For example, Elder Callistar talked to the Zone Leaders about using the doctrine of principles with your missionaries. So I learned that that's exactly what my parents did with me growing up... Example:
"Can I be out after 12?"
"Well son, does anything good happen after 12?"
"So then you know the answer."
Anyway, I've been applying the principle thing with the missionaries and it works!!! So I know why my parents did some of the things they did, lol!

Tesi came to church yesterday! She LOVED IT!!!! She said that she was waking up throughout the night because she was so excited. She was just loving it! So she is looking good to be baptized on the 19th!! Stoked about that.... Alvina didn't come, super disappointing. And Nia, well she can't be baptized this month, hoping for next month! This area you just really have to work hard so we need some serious prayers that we can still find people that can be baptized!!!!

It's starting to get cold! New Zealand is weird. One day it is hot and over night the season can change. We've only had two maybe three good months of summer which is so short! So I'm hoping that it won't be too cold of winter...

Transfers is this week!!! I'm hoping that Elder Christiansen stays!!! We get along so good! So here's to hoping!

It was somewhat of a slow week! But hoping that God will bless us more this week!!!!


Elder Belnap

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Kia Ora!

First, I'm sure that you are all freaking out about the earthquake, so to let you know, I'm fine. Didn't even feel it.... And frankly, you probably know more about what's happening than me... ha I don't watch the news. I found out from an investigator lol!... But yes, it's a big tragedy. And everyone is talking about it. Especially because many people have died.

We finally got the miracles we've been waiting for!!! Tuesday I went on a trade off in my area. I was just waiting for God to pour out His blessings upon me... President Porter has been really focusing on STRETCH... and how we can stretch ourselves. So when I was on a tradeoff with the Assistant presidents, I had Elder Greening explain to me the Doctrine of stretch. And ever since he did, it's just made sense, and we can apply it in our every day lives... It basically comes down to getting out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves to do better! So I'm trying to teach our missionaries how to stretch themselves, and the best way to do that is on tradeoff's.

So on Sunday we felt prompted to go to this area, knocked some houses and nothing. We go to the car and I was like, "This place is dead!" So I'm ready to drive away when I look in the rear view mirror and I see these two people walking. So I put the car in park, hop out and talk to them. The guy didn't want anything to do with us, but the lady was keen. She said, "Oh, I'll see you at church next week." (they all say that) So on tradeoffs on Tuesday, we go to check up on her. She invites us right in and we have a walk in lesson. She is ultra prepared! Her name is Tesi (Chertesi) and she's Niuean and she's so nice. She had missionaries before, and she's even been to church before! We taught her the first lesson. And then committed her for baptism!!! I've been dying to have a lesson like that! She accepted and she will be baptized on the 19th of March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!!

The day gets better!!!! So we go to see a person that I talked to on a tradeoff with Elder Greening. He saw this person walk in the garage, and I didn't see her, but we went over and talked to her. She's a less active 25 year old and Tongan. She said to come back. So I call her on Sunday to see if she's coming to church, and she says, "Sorry I'm helping my friend move in with me, but we'll have a lesson on Tuesday." So I was excited because for all I know, her friend is not a member.... Well we rock up there and have this choice lesson with Lia (Tongan) and her friend Nia (cook Islander). Right away I could tell that we were sent there for a reason. Nia starts to tell us about her life. She is only 20 years old but she has been through everything you can imagine. She's been baptized four times before just to have her sins forgiven. But she still feels guilty and doesn't feel forgiven... ha, I wonder why that is? So we explained the Atonement and how she truly can be forgiven, that Christ and God know what she's been through and that she can be forgiven and feel at peace. She said that she wanted that. And we committed her for baptism! My testimony grew, you could say that those are the people that really need Christ in their life and can use the Atonement!

I'm just so glad that God has blessed us with choice people to teach, sure they have their own problems that they need to overcome but that's why I'm here to help. I am just amazed, we have had some really rough weeks. But God PROVIDES!!!!! He ALWAYS will bless you! As long as you are obedient, qualify, and stretch yourself to do things you've never done before, then God has no way BUT TO BLESS YOU!!!! I know that is true, and it applies in your own life....

We have a Zone council this Wednesday with the area president, Elder Callistar. And we are finally having another Zone conference on Wednesday as well! So we got some good things happening!!!!!!

So much is going on that I don't have time to tell you everything. But I can tell you that I have met/taught people from everywhere; Korea, China, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Isreal, Egypt - you name it! I've probably talked to someone from India, Figi, Tailand, Malasia, Africa - crazy! In fact, the best hair cut I got was from an Iraqian, and you are probably wondering how that went and if we talked about Sadaam Hussein. Yes we did, he even served in his army, and I'm glad that we did what needed to be done....

Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Kia Ora!

So after much pleading with the Lord, He in turn blessed us!!! It was such a fun and eventful week! So many things happened!

First off, I have to tell you about our most choice investigator!!! I've really missed teaching great and prepared people! Her name is Alvina!!! She is 19, Samoan. This is how we found her... We got a referral for her cousin. Well he just moved out. And we talked to his cousin, which is Alvina's sister, Sa'ara. Well anyway we get a return appointment with Sa'ara. And she stands us up! We rock up there and her sister Alvina said that she was gone, and she asked, "Did she tell you to come back today?" We said yes. She said, "Well she left for her trip down in the south island today." We asked how old she is and Alvina told us that she is 16. Ha, she told us 20 lol! So yes, we got stood up by a 16 year old. lol! So I hope you got a laugh out of that.... But here is the miracle! So we asked Alvina if she would be interested. She said, "I went through it a while ago. but ahhh.... sure... why not?" So we got back and taught her.... I was on a trade-off with the Assistant presidents.. Elder Greening! He's the man, love the guy! Well we went and had the most choice lesson with her! She taught herself that her Presbytarian religion is wrong, and that our church is right! All we did is ask effective questions and teach simple doctrine and she figured everything else out... Then we got to the climax, we asked her to pray to know if what we taught was true. We knelt, she said the most heartfelt prayer and asked if what we taught was true.... we asked how she felt. "I feel good, like really good," she answered. "Where do you think that good feeling comes from?"... "the Spirit".... "So what do you think the Spirit is telling you?".... "That what you taught is true"... "Do you believe that?"... "Yes, it is true!" It was music to my ears!!! So I AM I STOKED RIGHT NOW, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been three weeks since I've had a choice investigator, and we got blessed with one! ...... The next lesson we committed her for baptism. She would be keen for it, but there is a lot of pressure from her family, and right now that's what is keeping her from being baptized! So we are working with her. But she enjoyed church yesterday!!! So this is my committment for you: Will you all pray specifically for Alvina and her family, that they will soften their hearts and that Alvina will be able to make this descision. We have been praying are guts out and fasting for her!!!! All the prayers we can get will help!

Then the next night, President Porter came out with us to teach a lesson! Boy that was nerve racking! We ended up teaching these two 17 year old girls from Ethiopia... I'll just say this, President Porter is used to going out to lessons and teaching their most keen investigators and are ready for baptism... And with us, it was like a walk in lesson, with two young girls that we taught for the first time. And they weren't giving us NOTHIN'! FLIPPIN' one word answers!!! So it was a bit of a rougher lesson lol! But we tried our best!

I don't know if you remember Sam, we baptized her when I was in Swanson ward... anyway I saw her last night at the mission fireside. She hasn't missed church, not once! And is really strong!

We had three investigators at church yesterday!!!! Best we've had yet! And we taught 18 lessons, the most this area has taught in months!!!!!!!!!! So things are really beginning to pick up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am one happy guy!!!!!!! And we talked to the most people that I've ever talked to in one week: 216!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our zone isn't doing as good as it should be. We are trying to get our zone going. And we are hoping for a miracle this week. We haven't baptized this month. So we are hoping that a miralce happens....

By the way... All three people that I had set in Hamilton got baptized... Tyler, Bryon, and Kevin!!!!

KEEP PRAYING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kia Ora!

This week was a bit rough.... Our area is really struggling. And it's very frustrating. We only found 2 new investigators, taught 11 lessons. Sad numbers.... I know it's not about the numbers, but that's got to change for me. I'm used to leading my zone in new investigators, lesssons, and baptizing. But this area is really hard for me. And I can't understand why???? I've been sent to the Gisborne, a place that is supposed to be the hardest place to baptize, etc... and we had GREAT success. Tauranga, another tough place to baptize and we baptized weekly. So I'm just really trying to understand what the Lord wants me to learn. Because I am waiting for the miracle! It's hard to stay positive when your area is struggling and your working as hard as you can and doing your best to qualify for miracles. Yes, we've received some great miracles but we are still struggling. I've learned for myself is I'm going to be obedient with exactness, talk to everyone, and qualify like crazy. So even if my numbers don't look good, God knows the work that I'm putting into my area.

It's like we've opened up a area, and we are starting over from stratch. And it's hard. I thought getting double shifted into Gisborne was hard, but this has definitely topped that off. I am just waiting for God to pour out His blessings upon this land... I just can't understand... the city has MORE people, but yet our teaching and everything is down. I just ask for your prayers that God will bless us with people to teach....

The zone is doing ok as well. We should be doing MUCH better than where we are at as well. So another thing that is stressful. But I just have to put it in the Lord's hands...

Yesterday we had an investigator come to church that we hadn't expected. And there was a non-member there that we haven't taught yet. And I talked to him and we get along GREAT!!! He played arena football for an Idaho team. And he's pretty keen and said he'll get baptized after he gets married. But.... he's not getting baptized until May. So we need to work on this guy and hope for a miracle to baptize him earlier!!! That was the biggest miracle that we received this week.

One more great experience. I went into the rich area. And there was a member on the ward list that I felt like seeing. We walked up and the gate was open, knocked on the door and this wonderful lady came to the door. She was baptized when she was 16, but hasn't been back to church in ages. She started to tell me that she doesn't really believe in God anymore. But she has three unbaptized kids. And she said, "I've been thinking; the thing that I loved the most about the church was the youth. And I think it would be nice for my kids to have that experience..." Then she said, "I've actually been thinking that I should go back to church and it's just ironic that you are here on my door step!" The best miracle of the week! So hopefully we can go teach her family!!! Here's to hoping!!!!!

And yes, I heard about the Packers, I alked out of the mall and they were playing! So Icaught 20 seconds of the game.... Man that is my weakness!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't walk past without looking. So Ihad to repent and get refocused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do have to say, THAT MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PACKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Belnap

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a good week! We were blessed with two "choice" new investigators this week! One of them, Apiphany, 16 year-old girl... I invited her to be baptized but, she said that she isn't ready! Pretty upset, just because we still only have a few people we are teaching. And no one is too close to being set for baptism! In order for us to baptize this month, it's going to have to be a absolute miracle from God, where He puts someone right in front of us to be baptized! We have a few prospects for March though. So we really need your prayers that we can baptize souls THIS MONTH!!!

We had our Zone Leader Council and Leadership training this week! That was really fun! Learned a lot more about the Atonement. And we got to do a little skit, go onto the New Zealand Aukland Mission blog and you can see it!

We had a good miracle... Elder Christiansen had this prompting to go visit a recent convert. They weren't home so he said, "I feel like we should knock some houses." At first nothing, but we kept knocking. There were only two houses left. And both of them were miracles. We found a recent convert that has become less active but is keen (she came to church yesterday with her unbaptized cousin!!!) And she is awesome. her name is Ennette. And as we were leaving, the house next door yelled, "Elders!" We went over and they are members but they go to another ward and they wanted us to give her son a blessing because he was sick! But come to find out, they are cousins with Apiphany and they are keen to help her come to church and do anything she needs!!!!! A great prompting!!!!

The city is different than the country. But it's still fun! Lots of people! I swear it's like I'm serving in India or Iraq, lol! There are so many Indians and Muslim people! There are still quite a few Islanders. But not that many Maoris.

I thank you for your prayers! Please pray specifically that we will be able to find someone to baptize this month! I hate being the Zone Leader when everyone is looking at you, and then you yourself don't have someone to baptize. Especially when President Porter wants us to baptize weekly! So yes, it's hard. But then again, God asks us to do hard things!


Elder Belnap

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Set KEVIN for baptism!!!!

Kia Ora Whanau

We had a fantastic week, full of great miracles! Sad to say though, Bryon didn't get baptized this week! We were devestated, to say the least! He moved back in with his girlfriend. But we talked to him and said that we'll help him. And I won't forget it, he said, "Elder come here." And he gave me a big hug. But it was one of those hugs where you've got the puppy face and you don't know what to do kind of hugs.... given a few of those to you, Mom and Dad... so I felt for the poor guy. But he said that he's going to be baptized on the 13 of February! So we are praying for him!

We had a great miracle! There is this guy named Kevin! He's the man... he's like 60 years old and lives with his member sister. Well he started to ask questions so we started teaching him. And then we committed him to be baptized!! We asked him to pray with us to know if what we taught was true, and we knelt down and very humbly, with a sincere heart, a desire to know, and faith that he would receive an answer. After he prayed we sat there for two or three minutes just in silence. We asked him how he felt. He said, "Good, I feel like there is a Halo over my head, it's really holy!" I was blown away! He said, "It feels like I got the Holy Ghost's shoes on." lol! What a great guy! Love him!

This week is Transfer week!!! Who know's what's going to happen... For sure one of us is leaving. President Porter had a meeting with Elder Sessions and I to talk about the zone. And when he went through the companionships and stuff, he was asking for our feedback and advice on some things. And I gave him some pretty blunt and to-the-point answers, even to President Porter, lol! He said, "Man, you're a hard case"... pause... "I like that"... "I'd hire you to work for my company! You tell me how it is." Anyway, it made me feel good, a guy that trains CEO's for fortune 500 companies said he'd hire me, that's pretty good. Now we'll see if he'll take me up on it when I go home lol!

We had eight investigators at church yesterday! That's the most we've had since I've been here! We have been so blessed recently! Tyler is getting baptized this Saturday! We are really excited for that!

It's been pouring rain the past three days here! It's like winter, I can't believe it!

I gave a blessing to this sister last week. And we went there to give Kevin's sister a blessing, but their other sister from Rotorua was up. And she wanted a blessing too. Now I didn't know her from a stick of butter. But I gave her a blessing. And I completely relied on the Spirit to guide me in the words that I should speak. As I was focusing on the Spirit, exerting all my strength, I had the impression to talk about her spouse. Now I didn't know if she was even married, or if her partner had passed, or anything... so I doubted, and I almost ended the blessing. But I continued on and told her all will be well with her family. And something about her spouse, that things will work out, all will be well... Anyways, after the blessing she looks to me and says, "I've had many blessings and no one has ever mentioned anything about my husband. He's left me. But since you said that, I know that all will work out." It was crazy. I couldn't believe it! Because like I said, had no idea who she was. But God does, and the Spirit told me exaclty what she needed to hear and know. And this Sister Mattock was so happy! It was a miracle!

Elder Sessions and I are having heaps of fun! And things are looking good! Could be better for our area, but can't complain....

LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

P.S. Keep praying for me!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a fantastic week! Things really picked up for us this week! We had a KILLER WEEK!!! We taught 32 lessons, 14 new investigators, talked to 145 people, and set someone for baptism!!!!! It was a great week! We were truly blessed with many great miracles! And were really lead by the Spirit this week!

We have really been praying and asking for more people that we can baptize. Well, God answered. We went to another one of our branches, Cambridge, and there were 2 boys that were at church that haven't been baptized!!! So we taught them and set them to be baptized. Tyler the older brother, 11, is really keen! In fact we asked why he hasn't been baptized he said, "I've waited long enough." He used to be taught but the missionaries got transferred and he didn't get baptized!!! So we are really excited and truly blessed! A great miracle for us!

I had a very spiritual filled week!!! I am being lead by the Spirit more than I have ever been! In the words that I speak, the places to go, the prompting/thoughts that I get. I have been really relying more in God to guide me and direct me. I can truly feel the Spirit guide me. And I have seen the results of it. The zone has had a rough week because of Holidays and heaps of lessons are falling through. We even had one companionship have 19 straight set lessons fall through. But as I've let the Spirit guide. We have had 14 straight walk-in lessons. That's "unheard" of!! And I know that it's the Spirit guiding me. Even on trade-offs the missionaries have said to me, "You really rely on the Spirit, even when you speak, you don't think what your going to say you just rely on the Spirit to tell you what to say." And that's awesome for me, a compliment. Because I had no idea until they started to tell me.....

I had a trade-off with Elder Handy, an Assistant President. We had all but one of our lessons fall through. But we ended up with 6 lessons!!! A couple days before that we had 4 set lessons, all fell through, but ended up teaching 5 lessons! If that isn't proof enough that this is God's work, and as long as we are the ones tuning into the Spirit letting him guide us then I don't know what is. I wish I could tell you all the experiences. But I can't even remember them all. I even sat down and tried writing them all down on that trade-off, and I couldn't even remember them. That's how blessed we have been! But I wish you could see all the "little" promptings that turn out to be a big thing! I would challenge ALL OF YOU to follow those thoughts and promptings. Whether it be a place to go, something you should say, or do and I can promise you that God will bless you. Whether if it's someone you can help bring into the gospel or a blessing or answer to your prayers. I have a STRONG!!!! testimony of this. I have never felt the way I feel right now. As I know that without a doubt in my mind that I am being lead by the Spirit in God's work. It's an incredible feeling. As the prophets have said, how would you like to have those good feelings with you all the time and being guided by the Spirit in everything you do? I testify that the Spirit can be with us ALL DAY and guide us in ALL THINGS. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Last Monday we went fishing. It was a blast! Ha we went with 2 Mongrul Mob gangsters as well. Hahaha they were all Patched up and everything. But they were the cousins to Bryon who is getting baptized this week! And they were cool, and we asked if they wanted to come. And even that was a cool miracle! We didn't catch anything. But man, came oh so close! The fish are HUGE!!!! It's ridiculous!

Interview with President was great! It was nice to have a chat with him. He didn't tell me too much. We joked a bit. He told me I need to learn how to keep the zone leader buzz going. He said that I could be a zone leader for over half my mission. And if that's the case then I need to work through it, because it can be such tiring work.... President Porter is actually moving to Alpine. And is going to be taking a job for the church! I'm really excited because this means that I can go chill with my mission President! I just love the guy!

Things are good! Pray for Bryon, he's getting baptized this week but he needs all the prayers he can get!!!!
Pray for people to get baptized in your ward as well!!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hi Everyone!

We had an ok week. It started out pretty rough. Heaps of lessons fell through and we weren't really having much success. But towards the end of the week, we were really blessed. We taught heaps of lessons and found some really good, new investigators. I went on a trade-off on Saturday. The day was booked. 5 set lessons! But guess what? All 5 lessons fell through. But we didn't let that stop us. We exercised faith, we prayed and told God that we needed to teach lessons. We ended up teaching 5 lessons and found 2 new investigators. It was a miracle. To have 5 set lessons fall through and still be blessed to teach 5 lessons is huge! As soon as one lesson fell through we went out looking for people to teach. As we were lead by the Spirit, we knocked on a house and bam! They invited us in to teach them! Miracle after miracle!

We have 1 person set right now. Bryon from Kawhia (you should go look up Kawhia, it's beautiful) He's doing really well. We are planning on baptizing him in the ocean, right outside his home on the Maere. It's going to be great! In fact we are going to Kawhia today to go fishing with him. And we are going to be spending the day up there! And we are going to be teaching a Samoan family up there as well! So it should really fun! And Kawhia is one of the best places to fish. Everyone has been catching huge fish too! Can't wait!

We have interviews this week with President Porter! Can't wait for that! And I'm going on trade-off with the assistants tomorrow! That should be really fun as well!

We are still having to go through some problems as we are having a hard time finding good solid invesitgators. We really want to baptize weekly, but from the looks of it, the only way that'll happen is by a miracle from God. So we are praying our guts out for the miracle!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a really good week! Had some really great miracles! Yesterday we spent the whole day up in Kawhia, it's an hour and a half away from Hamilton. And it's absolutly beautiful! The scenery is amazing!!! It's this little tiny town, and there is a branch out there! So we went up for the day. And as we came back to H-Town, we went to contact one of our Joy To the World Referrals. Her name is Anna! And she is keen! I actually talked to her on my first day in the area, and she invited us to come back, but we couldn't catch her. Well we got a call that she had ordered a DVD. And yesterday we got to teach her! She has been very prepared for us, and the message of the Restoration! It was a great lesson, where the Spirit was strong!

We had another really good miralce. Elder Sessions and I are pretty much building our area back up. It's always hard to do. But one day as we had nothing really planned. We were praying our guts out for lessons and specifically that we could set someone for baptism. Well we were going through our ward list. And I had written this guy's name down. And we pulled up to the house, and we were like, "Man, should we really go in?" So we said a prayer that God would give us the miracle we desired and prayed for the faith for it. It was one of those bottom of the 9th and two outs and this was our last shot for the day to make something happen. And sure enough it happened... Walked up to the door, asked for the member, and she wasn't home. But this guy who was decked out in Mongrul Mob tattoos from head to toe, and I'm not kidding, came to the door. And wanted to know what we wanted and was sort of giving us a hard time. But he started talking to us. And sure enough that gang member had his heart softened and he was very sincere about following Jesus Christ. So we committed him to be baptized! And he said as he learns more about it that he'll prepare for it! An amazing miracle. The more SPECIFIC we are in our prayers, the more specific the answer God can bless you with!

Tomorrow we are going to Zone Council, and we have to drive up, no more flying.... dang....

Our zone isn't doing that great right now. We really need all the help we can get!!!! Sessions and I went from the smallest zone in the mission to the BIGGEST zone in the mission! And President Porter has these huge expectations for us. Ha and neither of us know what we are doing! lol! So we are relying on the Lord hoping and praying that he'll provide for us! And especially our area, it's not doing that good. We need all the prayers we can get!

LOVE YA!!!!!