Friday, June 3, 2011

BAPTISM WEEKEND!!!! - May 29, 2011

Kia Ora!

We had a GREAT WEEK! Saturday, we had our stake baptism and there were 12 people that got baptized! We had five of our investigators enter into the waters, Roimata & Tua Manapori, Kylee Inimata, Tyalro Manuel, and Pat Nash! It was an unforgettable baptism. To see Pat, a 71 year old, who's in a wheelchair get baptized was something special. Elder Stucki carried her into the water, Elder Stucki's dad baptized her and I held her nose as she went under the water! All three of us dressed in white and in the water. It was a really special experience. Then I got to baptize Tua. But cute little Taylor got scared and super nervous. So we hurriedly ran her into the water and I quickly baptized her! It was just a great day, there were so many people that came and supported!

As a Zone we did extremely well! We didn't quite reach our goal, but we did get 32 for the zone. There was one other zone that did more! Which is great! And next month will be huge! We just ned to get back to work and make it happen! And as a mission we got 194! We worked so hard, and did our best to get 200, which has never been done before in a month. Ever so close, but we will get it before I go home!

Yesterday, Elder Stucki and I spoke in church. I was told that I was giving a talk literally, five minutes before church started and put my thoughts together while we had the sacrament, lol! But the Spirit took over and I said what the Spirit wanted me to say. And almost the whole ward came and said how great my talk was. Good thing for the Spirit! Elder Stucki's talk was really good as well! Saturday morning, his parents came. And they came to the baptism and got to hear him speak. It was very special for him! I love Elder Stucki, he's like my brother and he's helped me in so many ways, a TRUE friend.

I was praying for someone to come to church that we could baptize this month. And church had ended and I hadn't seen anyone that I didn't know. So I was like, "Well, next time." But this guy came up to Elder Stucki to tell him goodbye, and afterward, I just breifly talked with him and I said something like, "Is there anything that we can do for you?" And he answered, "Well, actually there is. I have 2 unbaptized daughters that come to church every week but they didn't like the the elders, but I will ahve a talk with them and we will see." So I am hoping and praying that a miracle will happen and that their hearts will be softened and we can teach them and baptize them! God ALWAYS hears and answers prayers! Ask and ye SHALL RECEIVE!

I got to go to the Otara markets, it's just a big place where people sell stuff. And I bought a mean Tongan rugby Jersey, from the Liahona Church College there. And because I'm a missionary, I got a discount, lol! Love the members!

Things are going GREAT! I love Manukau! The people are great! The ward is AMAZING! Transfers are this week. Always crazy! Just waiting to find out who my new companion will be... who knows? But we will do the work and do God's will! So keep me in your prayers. To be honest, it feels like I am taking over a big company, or taking over the Los Angeles Lakers with high expectations, and a place that is expected to produce! So now we just got to make it happen! the mission is counting on us!


Elder Belnap

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