Friday, June 3, 2011

CRAZY WEEK!!!! - May 22, 2011

Malosoifua (Samoan, Hi)

Wow! This week was nuts! But it ended up finishing with a BANG! We had Zone Conference, which we haven't had a legit Zone Conference in about 8 months. It was really powerful, President Porter just knows what will make up become better. In fact, after the conference, I had a good five minute chat with him. It helped me just look forward to the next step. I LOVE HIM! Then Elder Stucki has been sick most of the week, fun! lol! But the work goes on... Luckily, I'm still healthy and going strong! Thank you Heavenly Father! Then I got in a bike accident, freak! I was riding a bike that had no brakes, and the missionary I was with is a hard out worker. He bikes hard, anyway, I was trying to keep up with him and we came over a hill and going too fast, and I forgot that I had no brakes, and then I ate the dirt! lol! Hope my pain makes you laugh, lol! But I'm fine, just got some scrapes and tore my shirt. But nothing big... I'm fine... But on that trade off, we set 3 people for baptism! With everything good, there needs be a trial to keep us humble, and with every trial comes the miracle!

We had an intense lesson with Aki! She was stressed about so many different things in her life. But we went in believing that no matter the concern we would resolve it by the Spirit. She had a really rough day, and was just ready to have a meltdown. And she did. But we comforted her. Let her know that everything would be okay. The next day, we had another powerful lesson with her. And again, she was crying. We asked her how she felt. And she said while crying, "I feel good. I'm thankful that you take time out of your day to come teach me and my kids about hte gospel. No one has every showed us the love that you have." We asked about her good feeling, she said, "Every time you walk through the door, there is just this warm feeling. I can't explain it, but every time you are here, it just feels good." We left the lesson and I turn to Elder Stucki and said, "this is what it's all about." She has finally found something in her life that she was missing, and she didn't know where to find it. BUT because of a Loving Heavenly Father, He provided a way for her and her family to find peace and happiness... Aki has never known what real love is. I'm so grateful for my family. For my parents that show love for me, and I hope all of you not just say you love another, but SHOW IT! And don't take it for granted and thank your Heavenly Father for blessing you with a good LOVING family. Because it's sad to see family that don't have or know what love is. But what joy comes when you see them realize what it really is and start whoing their love! So we are hoping to baptize Aki and Malia next month! Hoping for lucky number 11! June 11!

Then last night, we played marriage counselor. Kylee was supposed to be married on Saturday and baptized this week, but they went through some family problems. She told us that she was going to push everything back. But we went to her house last night, and we got there just as Kylee and Toka were in an arguement. We asked to come in, we sang a song to get the Spirit in there. And then bam we let the Spirit work. It helped them resolve their concerns, and at the end of the lesson, they said that they couldn't even remember what they were arguing about. And this Friday, they will be getting married and she is getting baptized this Saturday!

this Saturday is going to be HUGE! We should have 6 people getting baptized! Kylee (30), Tuia (24), Pat (71), Taylor (9), Roimata (10), and Tua (9)! It's going to be a stake baptism! So there will be heaps of people getting baptized! And Elder Stucki's parents will be here on Saturday to see it!

Last night before we were on our way home, a thought came to mind to go see this referral Tony. We popped in, and anyway, it was a powerful lesson, and we feel good about this guy getting baptized next month. I was praying all day yesterday that we could find someone that could be baptized for next month, and at the last hour of the day, God blessed us with someone!


Elder Belnap

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