Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CRAZY WEEK!!!!! HAD 2 BAPTISMS!!!!! - June 12, 2011


WOW!!!!!!!!! What a crazy week! We had zone council on Wednesday, leadership training and a baptism... I just have to say that this might be the craziest week of my mission. So the assistants asked us to drop off a missionary. So on Wednesday morning, Elder Moss and I were up at 2:50 a.m., yes that's in the morning.... and we went to bed at 11 p.m. So you can do the math, we only got just over 3 hours of sleep. Then we got back to the flat and it was time to get ready to go to Takapuna for our meeting with President Porter at 7. Then we hit the bed at 10:30ish that night, I WAS WASTED!!!! Being up for 20+ straight hours, and being busy out of our minds, I've decided is unhealthy. Especially when you can't catch up on sleep, lol!!

But anyway, we had to get ready for our baptism. So get ready, this is crazy. Everything that could've went wrong, went wrong, NO JOKE! We filled up the font, then we got a phone call that the font had drained! So we had to go back and fill it up, not to mention the baptism started in 40 minutes.... Then I got a phone call that Malia (the girl getting baptized) got sick. We had just seen her at 2 and she was all good. But out of nowhere she got sick, so we had to go get Brother Leakehe and give her a blessing (45 minutes before the baptism).... I had a baptism program on my hard drive and went to plug it into the computer and for some reason, the computer wouldn't read my hard drive. Come to find out, the computer was too old and didn't have the update! So ten minutes before the baptism, I was freaking out! There were 50 people outside waiting to get started with no program. But I looked down and there was a sacrament program. So Elder Belnap's brain began to work. And you'll think this is funny, but I took the sacrament program, got on the computer and changed all the stuff to make it look like a baptism program and got it done just in time.... Wow! I'm getting tired just tell you all of this! But it gets better. Malia started to get really nervous, so I was rushing to get into the water and quickly baptize her.... so I want you to imagine, this little tiny font, maybe 4 ft. x 3 ft. It was small. And it has these little plastic steps that lead right into it. Well, as I'm rushing in, I SLIP, and go gracefully on my butt right into the font, LOL!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are laughing, because the whole Thomas Road Ward was, lol! But don't worry, it gets better! So my whole mission, I've never had to baptize anyone more than once.... well, there's a first for everything. Malia was my lucky number one, I got to baptize her TWICE! UNBELIEVABLE! But at the end of the day, both Malia and Jaysyn got baptized!!! And everything was fine! And they both got confirmed yesterday!!!!

On the 25th, the two sisters, Ashleigh and Leisa will be getting baptized! Can't wait! The Tafiti family is my favorite family that we are teaching! They are so fun! Love them!

It was just a crazy week! Just glad it's over to be honest! I haven't had 2 seconds to myself to just relax.

Tomorrow we are going to the temple!! Can't wait, haven't been in ages!!

ALOFA ATU (love you/samoan)

Elder Belnap

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