Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MORE MIRACLES!! - June 19, 2011


We had a great week!! The temple was great!! Had a really good trip. I love going to the temple, it's so peaceful and every time I go, I receive some kind of revelation that will make me a better person and missionary.... I STRONGLY encourage you to go to the temple to receive the blessings that Heavenly Father wants to bless you with!

On Friday, we set another person for baptism for next weekend! Her name is Chantay. She's a cute little 9 year old girl. She comes from a part-member family, but she hasn't been baptized yet. She's so cute, she said she wants to come to church and get baptized to help her family to go back to church! And that's exactly what is happening, because of this little girl's faith in Christ, she is helping her family change, and come back unto Christ....

Then Saturday another miracle.... Ashleigh and Leisa's mom was at a lesson with us and she said that she wants to be baptized with her daughters this weekend!!!! So we will have the Kennach family all baptized together! What a miracle!

So for the month, we will have 6 people getting baptized!! God is preparing people left and right and center for us. I thank Heavenly Father for every day that I get to serve here and for the success that He has been granting to us!!! We are being so so blessed!

And yesterday we had stake conference! There were so many people. We had something like 24 recent converts, less actives and investigators that attended as well! What a good feeling that was to see so many of our people that we are teaching come to church!!!

Once again, Elder Moss and I prayed that someone would come to church that could be baptized in July! And God once again blessed us with someone. Kylee, who just got baptized, had one of her friends come to church yesterday! And hopefully, we can go teach him and set him for baptism!!!! Right now, we have about 3 people that are doing very well, and are looking good for next month!

We also found 8 new investigators this week!! God is so merciful! He always is hearing and answering my prayers!

It looks like winter is here :(..... Dang, hate the rain. But luckily it has been a late start to the season!


Elder Belnap

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