Friday, August 5, 2011


Talofa lava!

We had a great week! We exercised some serious faith hoping to find new investigators, and God provided! We found 8 new investigators!!! And 3 of them came to church on Sunday!! All up, we had 4 people at church! Which was huge for us! We had this couple, Jennifer and Manassa (cook Islanders), Hoover (old, Tongan guy) and Saane (she's our keen one)!! It was a fight I tell ya, to get them to church!! We walked up to Saane and Aki's house and the brother told us that they went to the hospital.f I was like, "What?" I asked when they went, and he said two days ago... LIES!! lol! We had a lesson with them just yesterday... So we left and I sent our fellowship Haylee to go get them. And sure enough, they were there but they slept through the alarm, lol! so she woke them up and brought them to church, lol! Man, Satan has been working so hard on us doing everything he can to keep our investigators in sin! It's making me exercise heaps of faith, lol!

You won't believe it! This morning, I got "THE PHONE CALL"!! lol!! The office called to tell me about my flight home and everything... so it's happening... they are going to be booking my flight home... I never thought I'd get the call. Especially this early, lol!

Sister Jone and Donu had a baptism this week and we were helping them to teach this girl named Tahjshee, and the family wanted me to baptize her. It's a Maori family, and the whole week they're been calling me "uncle"... it's just a funny Maori thing for a member of the family. But, Elder Gentry got to perform his first baptism!! I was really excited for him! And I'm sure he was stoked!!

The ward is starting to get better! I feel the ward is starting to really trust us and they are getting to know us... We just need to get this ward to LOVE us and then they'll bring us people to baptize!!!

We have 2 people that are our "go" people... Haylee Clark, a returned missionary from Malaysia, and Chris Rass, a Tongan guy who is leaving for his mission in September to Austrailia! They are always helping us out! They're the best!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OFA ATU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


Malosoi fua!

We had a good week... Elder Gentry got really sick on Saturday night though, and threw up all night. He's still a bit sick, but he'll be fine... We had an up and down week. We taught 12 lessons, which is really low, but since we really don't have many investigators, it's not too bad.... but we did find 5 new investigators! Right now, we are really banking on Ake (20) and Saane (21)! They are two Tongan girls. Ake really wants to be baptized, she just needs to overcome the things of the world. And Saane needs to gain a stronger testimony and not be lazy and she'll be baptized as well! We had a crazy experience with them. Saane's son got his hand slammed in the door and it like ripped off his nail so they put a cast on his arm to protect it. Anyway, we were having this really good lesson with them and you know how every time you share the Restoration, something ALWAYS happens?... well, this story tops it. Right as I got into James 1:5, and how Joseph asked the question, the kid's cast fell off! lol! But it did and it just killed the Spirit, and an ambulance had to come take care of the kid... then the next day, we tried to share the Restoration again with them, and the kids were noisy and it was so hard to feel the Spirit. They must be keen if that keeps happening! lol!

The weather has been okay. We've had some really sunny days, and a couple rainy days. I'm just so grateful that winter hasn't been as bad as last year....

Yesterday, I spoke in church. I was praying and asking God to let me speak so that I would be able to gain the respect and trust of the ward... and on Thursday, one of the counselors rang and asked me to speak... I spoke on the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. The Spirit completely led the talk. And afterwards, I had heaps of people come up and say how good I did. They said, "Elder Belnap, you're awesome." I had two people say,"That's exactly what I needed to hear." It was good. I'm glad that the Spirit was there. Because now the ward knows us, and we have started to gain that trust and respect with them which we needed so badly!!

We just really need your prayers for this area! We need to find keen people to teach and find those that we can baptize!

My good friend and assistant president Elder Handy came and played basketball with us on p-day. I had a good talk with him. And we both shared some good experiences. He really helped me and gave me great advice for me and my companion. Things are getting better. I've definitely been blessed with patience and I look at things differently than I used to... God has been blessing me. We also had interviews with President Lekias. We had a really good chat. I asked him all my questions, like why I'm not a zone leader anymore, things about the area, etc. I was very up front with him, because I wanted to know. He answered all of my questions which I'm thankful for! And the Spirit was there to testify to me. He is wonderful. He is a man called of God and he will do a great job leading out this mission!


Elder Belnap