Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SET 2 MORE PEOPLE!!! 11 SET!! - May 15, 2011

We had a killer week!!! We taught 30 lessons! Haven't done that since Gisborne... So it was nice to just get out there and teach!! We were booked solid the whole week, which makes missionary works just heaps of fun! We had Elder Evans of the Seventy come and speak to us on Thursday and we learned some interesting things. Especially how important it is to get our investigators to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning. Because that's how the Prophets organized the book to be read... as well as heaps of other things!

We had the media campaign and we found these 2 kids named Roimata and Tua. They are 11 and 10. There family are members, but are less active because the dad has to work on Sundays to pay off debt. And he was praying for a way for his children to be baptized. When he got an answer.... We showed up and they wanted us to come back. We went and taught them and set them for the 28!!! Right now we have heaps of people set, all up we have 11! Six of them are really solid and will get baptized on the 28th! That's also Stucki's last weekend. So it'll be really good!

The whole week was just packed with great miracles! The Fosio family, they are the Samoan family where Brother Fosio is a member but his wife and sister in-laws aren't. Anyway, his in-laws came to our come and see fireside last night! They are both 16 and if the parents will give the okay, they will be baptized! So we are praying for a miracle! Actually right now Satan is really working on all of our sets using there families. We have faced some serious family opposition with many of our sets! One thing that I've been learning, is the better you get at missionary work, God then blesses you with more responsibility. I loved the days when we just had to worry about the Word of Wisdom and helping them overcome smoking. Dealing with family issues is a whole other ball game! But with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I think I told you about that 71 year old lady named Pat.. She's the one that just showed up to church? I'm not sure I told you about her. Anyway, she came to church last week with her daughter in law. And she wants to be baptized! MIRACLE!!! She's in a wheel chair, and is very old. But she knows the church is true and wants to be baptized!!! So the 28th will be her day!!!!

We had Aki and Malia (the Tongan family I found on tradeoff) at church, Roimata, and Tua. Pat, and some others! It was great to have so many! As well as this lady that we set for June 4 named Nooroa (Node-roa).

I love South Auckland!!! The people are great! Our area is pumping! Pretty much all of our investigators that we are teaching are preparing to be baptized! I don't know if I've had such a good teaching pool before, but our area is pumping!! And the zone is doing GREAT!!! We are projected at 49! If everyone gets baptized!! So we are just focusing on Christ hardout! Putting all faith in Him hoping that He will provide a way! And our mission is projected to hit over 200 this month! First time that will happen! So President Porter wants to go out with a bang. He finishes in July! It's crazy!!!!

The Church is TRUE!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

Elder Belnap

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