Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a really good week! Had some really great miracles! Yesterday we spent the whole day up in Kawhia, it's an hour and a half away from Hamilton. And it's absolutly beautiful! The scenery is amazing!!! It's this little tiny town, and there is a branch out there! So we went up for the day. And as we came back to H-Town, we went to contact one of our Joy To the World Referrals. Her name is Anna! And she is keen! I actually talked to her on my first day in the area, and she invited us to come back, but we couldn't catch her. Well we got a call that she had ordered a DVD. And yesterday we got to teach her! She has been very prepared for us, and the message of the Restoration! It was a great lesson, where the Spirit was strong!

We had another really good miralce. Elder Sessions and I are pretty much building our area back up. It's always hard to do. But one day as we had nothing really planned. We were praying our guts out for lessons and specifically that we could set someone for baptism. Well we were going through our ward list. And I had written this guy's name down. And we pulled up to the house, and we were like, "Man, should we really go in?" So we said a prayer that God would give us the miracle we desired and prayed for the faith for it. It was one of those bottom of the 9th and two outs and this was our last shot for the day to make something happen. And sure enough it happened... Walked up to the door, asked for the member, and she wasn't home. But this guy who was decked out in Mongrul Mob tattoos from head to toe, and I'm not kidding, came to the door. And wanted to know what we wanted and was sort of giving us a hard time. But he started talking to us. And sure enough that gang member had his heart softened and he was very sincere about following Jesus Christ. So we committed him to be baptized! And he said as he learns more about it that he'll prepare for it! An amazing miracle. The more SPECIFIC we are in our prayers, the more specific the answer God can bless you with!

Tomorrow we are going to Zone Council, and we have to drive up, no more flying.... dang....

Our zone isn't doing that great right now. We really need all the help we can get!!!! Sessions and I went from the smallest zone in the mission to the BIGGEST zone in the mission! And President Porter has these huge expectations for us. Ha and neither of us know what we are doing! lol! So we are relying on the Lord hoping and praying that he'll provide for us! And especially our area, it's not doing that good. We need all the prayers we can get!

LOVE YA!!!!!


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