Saturday, January 22, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a fantastic week! Things really picked up for us this week! We had a KILLER WEEK!!! We taught 32 lessons, 14 new investigators, talked to 145 people, and set someone for baptism!!!!! It was a great week! We were truly blessed with many great miracles! And were really lead by the Spirit this week!

We have really been praying and asking for more people that we can baptize. Well, God answered. We went to another one of our branches, Cambridge, and there were 2 boys that were at church that haven't been baptized!!! So we taught them and set them to be baptized. Tyler the older brother, 11, is really keen! In fact we asked why he hasn't been baptized he said, "I've waited long enough." He used to be taught but the missionaries got transferred and he didn't get baptized!!! So we are really excited and truly blessed! A great miracle for us!

I had a very spiritual filled week!!! I am being lead by the Spirit more than I have ever been! In the words that I speak, the places to go, the prompting/thoughts that I get. I have been really relying more in God to guide me and direct me. I can truly feel the Spirit guide me. And I have seen the results of it. The zone has had a rough week because of Holidays and heaps of lessons are falling through. We even had one companionship have 19 straight set lessons fall through. But as I've let the Spirit guide. We have had 14 straight walk-in lessons. That's "unheard" of!! And I know that it's the Spirit guiding me. Even on trade-offs the missionaries have said to me, "You really rely on the Spirit, even when you speak, you don't think what your going to say you just rely on the Spirit to tell you what to say." And that's awesome for me, a compliment. Because I had no idea until they started to tell me.....

I had a trade-off with Elder Handy, an Assistant President. We had all but one of our lessons fall through. But we ended up with 6 lessons!!! A couple days before that we had 4 set lessons, all fell through, but ended up teaching 5 lessons! If that isn't proof enough that this is God's work, and as long as we are the ones tuning into the Spirit letting him guide us then I don't know what is. I wish I could tell you all the experiences. But I can't even remember them all. I even sat down and tried writing them all down on that trade-off, and I couldn't even remember them. That's how blessed we have been! But I wish you could see all the "little" promptings that turn out to be a big thing! I would challenge ALL OF YOU to follow those thoughts and promptings. Whether it be a place to go, something you should say, or do and I can promise you that God will bless you. Whether if it's someone you can help bring into the gospel or a blessing or answer to your prayers. I have a STRONG!!!! testimony of this. I have never felt the way I feel right now. As I know that without a doubt in my mind that I am being lead by the Spirit in God's work. It's an incredible feeling. As the prophets have said, how would you like to have those good feelings with you all the time and being guided by the Spirit in everything you do? I testify that the Spirit can be with us ALL DAY and guide us in ALL THINGS. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Last Monday we went fishing. It was a blast! Ha we went with 2 Mongrul Mob gangsters as well. Hahaha they were all Patched up and everything. But they were the cousins to Bryon who is getting baptized this week! And they were cool, and we asked if they wanted to come. And even that was a cool miracle! We didn't catch anything. But man, came oh so close! The fish are HUGE!!!! It's ridiculous!

Interview with President was great! It was nice to have a chat with him. He didn't tell me too much. We joked a bit. He told me I need to learn how to keep the zone leader buzz going. He said that I could be a zone leader for over half my mission. And if that's the case then I need to work through it, because it can be such tiring work.... President Porter is actually moving to Alpine. And is going to be taking a job for the church! I'm really excited because this means that I can go chill with my mission President! I just love the guy!

Things are good! Pray for Bryon, he's getting baptized this week but he needs all the prayers he can get!!!!
Pray for people to get baptized in your ward as well!!!!!

LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap


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