Sunday, January 30, 2011

Set KEVIN for baptism!!!!

Kia Ora Whanau

We had a fantastic week, full of great miracles! Sad to say though, Bryon didn't get baptized this week! We were devestated, to say the least! He moved back in with his girlfriend. But we talked to him and said that we'll help him. And I won't forget it, he said, "Elder come here." And he gave me a big hug. But it was one of those hugs where you've got the puppy face and you don't know what to do kind of hugs.... given a few of those to you, Mom and Dad... so I felt for the poor guy. But he said that he's going to be baptized on the 13 of February! So we are praying for him!

We had a great miracle! There is this guy named Kevin! He's the man... he's like 60 years old and lives with his member sister. Well he started to ask questions so we started teaching him. And then we committed him to be baptized!! We asked him to pray with us to know if what we taught was true, and we knelt down and very humbly, with a sincere heart, a desire to know, and faith that he would receive an answer. After he prayed we sat there for two or three minutes just in silence. We asked him how he felt. He said, "Good, I feel like there is a Halo over my head, it's really holy!" I was blown away! He said, "It feels like I got the Holy Ghost's shoes on." lol! What a great guy! Love him!

This week is Transfer week!!! Who know's what's going to happen... For sure one of us is leaving. President Porter had a meeting with Elder Sessions and I to talk about the zone. And when he went through the companionships and stuff, he was asking for our feedback and advice on some things. And I gave him some pretty blunt and to-the-point answers, even to President Porter, lol! He said, "Man, you're a hard case"... pause... "I like that"... "I'd hire you to work for my company! You tell me how it is." Anyway, it made me feel good, a guy that trains CEO's for fortune 500 companies said he'd hire me, that's pretty good. Now we'll see if he'll take me up on it when I go home lol!

We had eight investigators at church yesterday! That's the most we've had since I've been here! We have been so blessed recently! Tyler is getting baptized this Saturday! We are really excited for that!

It's been pouring rain the past three days here! It's like winter, I can't believe it!

I gave a blessing to this sister last week. And we went there to give Kevin's sister a blessing, but their other sister from Rotorua was up. And she wanted a blessing too. Now I didn't know her from a stick of butter. But I gave her a blessing. And I completely relied on the Spirit to guide me in the words that I should speak. As I was focusing on the Spirit, exerting all my strength, I had the impression to talk about her spouse. Now I didn't know if she was even married, or if her partner had passed, or anything... so I doubted, and I almost ended the blessing. But I continued on and told her all will be well with her family. And something about her spouse, that things will work out, all will be well... Anyways, after the blessing she looks to me and says, "I've had many blessings and no one has ever mentioned anything about my husband. He's left me. But since you said that, I know that all will work out." It was crazy. I couldn't believe it! Because like I said, had no idea who she was. But God does, and the Spirit told me exaclty what she needed to hear and know. And this Sister Mattock was so happy! It was a miracle!

Elder Sessions and I are having heaps of fun! And things are looking good! Could be better for our area, but can't complain....

LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

P.S. Keep praying for me!

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