Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a good week! We were blessed with two "choice" new investigators this week! One of them, Apiphany, 16 year-old girl... I invited her to be baptized but, she said that she isn't ready! Pretty upset, just because we still only have a few people we are teaching. And no one is too close to being set for baptism! In order for us to baptize this month, it's going to have to be a absolute miracle from God, where He puts someone right in front of us to be baptized! We have a few prospects for March though. So we really need your prayers that we can baptize souls THIS MONTH!!!

We had our Zone Leader Council and Leadership training this week! That was really fun! Learned a lot more about the Atonement. And we got to do a little skit, go onto the New Zealand Aukland Mission blog and you can see it!

We had a good miracle... Elder Christiansen had this prompting to go visit a recent convert. They weren't home so he said, "I feel like we should knock some houses." At first nothing, but we kept knocking. There were only two houses left. And both of them were miracles. We found a recent convert that has become less active but is keen (she came to church yesterday with her unbaptized cousin!!!) And she is awesome. her name is Ennette. And as we were leaving, the house next door yelled, "Elders!" We went over and they are members but they go to another ward and they wanted us to give her son a blessing because he was sick! But come to find out, they are cousins with Apiphany and they are keen to help her come to church and do anything she needs!!!!! A great prompting!!!!

The city is different than the country. But it's still fun! Lots of people! I swear it's like I'm serving in India or Iraq, lol! There are so many Indians and Muslim people! There are still quite a few Islanders. But not that many Maoris.

I thank you for your prayers! Please pray specifically that we will be able to find someone to baptize this month! I hate being the Zone Leader when everyone is looking at you, and then you yourself don't have someone to baptize. Especially when President Porter wants us to baptize weekly! So yes, it's hard. But then again, God asks us to do hard things!


Elder Belnap

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