Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MIRACLE WITH TESI!!!! - Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kia Ora!

Transfer week!!!! So I'm staying in Mt. Roskill!! But Elder Christiansen got transferred to Tauranga!! Lucky guy!! I was jealous of him, but he's now the Senior Zone Leader down there with my other boy, Elder Keyes! They are going to do great down there! My new companion is from Tooele and his name is Elder Bresee. He's the most loving, humble, guy. And he's just pure and righteous. I'm really excited to be with him. He's just great! We are really trying to get our zone to the next level! We've got all the potential to have a BIG MONTH! We are on pace to break the zone best! We are looking at roughly 20 baptisms for the month, with all 9 companionships baptizing! So I'm really excited about that, if that happens we are in great shape and President Porter will be happy! lol!

We had a pretty good week! Had many miracles with Tesi! She's all good to get baptized this weekend. She has a strong testimony. She has had many trials but has been able to overcome all of them. She had a problem with smoking, but she hasn't smoked in two days!!!! And she said that it has been a lot easier for her to quit smoking! And that was a big testimony for her! Next problem, we asked if anything else would keep her from being baptized? She said, "Well if my mom found out..." I was like, "WHAT!!!" She said if her mom found out that she would freak and probably not allow her to be baptized (even though Tesi is 26). It's like Niuen tradition or something. So I've been freaking out and praying my guts out the past couple of days! And yesterday as we were walking to church with her, she said, "Elders, good news. I talked to my mom and when she was dropping me off, I said, 'Mom, that's the church I'm going to,' and she said, 'Oh, I used to go to that church." And she was absolutely fine with her going to church and getting baptized!!!! Prayers are answered! So this Saturday at 6:30 she'll be baptized!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Also, we had Nia at church yesterday hoping to re-set her for next month!! So we've been having some good miracles! Still need more investigators! But we are still being blessed! Heard about the earthqauke in Japan, but we are all good here in NZ!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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