Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Kia Ora!

We had a fantastic week! Tesi got baptized!!!! And it was a GREAT baptism!! She asked if I could baptize her and I was privileged!! And I got to wear my ificonga (if-i-conga)!! It's like a guy's skirt lol! But it was fun to baptize her! So our first baptism in the area!!! She is a true miracle! She overcame heaps of different challenges, especially smoking, but she relied on the Lord and He provided for her! And yesterday, she got confirmed a member of the Church! She is just so good, really stanch... she's going to do great!!!!

Our zone is doing really good! We are finally on pace to do something great!!! So right now we are projected to break a Zone Best!! It's 17, but we are projected to hit 20!! And another thing, we've got all 9 companionships baptizing!! So that is great!!!! Another thing that hasn't been done before here in Roskill!!! So we are being very blessed, every single companionship! And this last week we lead the mission in Preach By the Way! Each companionship hit over 100 and a zone average of 145 people talked to for each companionship! So we are really stretching ourselves!! And we are doing our best to take things to the next level... In fact, I don't know if any zone has ever averaged that high of number before! So we are doing all we can to accomplish big things here in Roskill!

We also reset Nia this last week to get baptized in April! So we are really praying for that miracle! But really overall, we need to have some big miracles because we need more investigators!! And we need to find more people that want to progress and be baptized!


Elder Belnap

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