Sunday, April 17, 2011

Found a Family - March 27, 2011

Kia Ora! We had a crazy hectic week!! We had our zone council and leadership training this week! Which took 2 days! But it was all really good! President is getting ready to go home and it was a very emotional meeting. He showed a clip of Remember the Titans and man, my heart was racing, blood pumping, I was breaking a sweat lol! I was just ready to go play some ball, lol! And then he opened it up to the leaders to come bear testimony and the most outspoken missionary gets up and it was powerful. He had us all stand up and make a promise in our heart to finish strong! And it was great, like a Remember the Titans! So that really got all the missionaries pumped up! As for our zone and breaking the zone best, well, Satan got hold of many people this week. We were supposed to baptize 21 souls for the month, but we finished with 15. I don't know what happened. I spent more time in the other missionaires area trying to save their people. I learned many experiences. I learned that if we work hard and do our best that God will definitely provide. And he did, we had 26 sets in the zone. But if we don't do our part in taking care of them then we will lose them. We lost 11 souls! Which is nuts! In any of my zone, I have never lost this many. In fact, I would say I have a reputation for hardly ever losing a set. But we took a toll this week! I also learned that we have to always be fighting against Satan! And we have to do ALL we can to help them get baptized! We can't just give it 90% and expect them to enter into the waters! So I've been on my knees a lot beause I feel very responsible. So know I have to in a lovely way help the missionaries understand the same thing. BUT on a positive note, always got to have the positive, something I've been trying to work on, I've been a bit negative lately lol! Every companionship in the Zone BAPTIZED!!! Which has never been done before in this zone! So we are definitely improving! And I am very happy about that. The next challenge, getting the zone best, And having the whole zone baptize again next month!!! So here we go!!!!! We found a CHOICE family!!! A member gave us this referral and we went and taught the Krissy (mom), Louis (dad), and Yasmine (daughter, 14). Krissy is super prepared. She had all the right questions and we answered them. We got her to kneel and pray on the first lesson and ask God if what we taught is true. And the Spirit was strong. Then on Saturday we had another lesson... and this time Yasmine sat in! It was great, taught the Plan and they loved it! She had a great experience. She stresses a lot, but she said a prayer this week, and she felt the Spirit calm her. Then on another occasion, she thought she saw her grandad come to her and tell her what she is doing is right, who just happened to be a member. And yesterday, she and Yasmine came to church!!! They are doing so good!!! What a blessing aye!!!!!! We also set Peter for baptism! This Maori guy! He came into the lesson asking God if he should get baptized!!!! And we taught 1 Nephi 8. Asked where he is on the straight and narrow. And said that he's almost eating the fruit. We asked what he needed to do to taste it, "get baptzied"... Yep! So we set him. And he might get baptized this week, if he's not in Christchurch... if not it will be soon!! So pray for Peter!!!! And last night I saw a girl that is in the Swanson ward! Her name is Shayna Tapasoa and she got called to the St. George visitor center mission! and she gets there in August! So I'm super excited for them! Going to have to go visit her!!! Things are good! Still trying to find New investigators! But God is still providing in a big way!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! Elder Belnap

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