Sunday, April 17, 2011

General Conference and 3 sets!! - April 10, 2011

Malo lelei (Malo-lay-lay... Tongan for "Hi") Wow, Conference was powerful!!! Loved it!! Those talks were exactly what I needed! Ha especially all the marriage talks lol!!! Boy there was quite a few!.. Anderson's was great! You should've been in Conference over here when he talked about Sid Goings! Don't know if you know, but they broadcast Conference to all the stake center's in New Zealand... So we don't get to lazy around in our pajamas and watch it lol! But when they said his name, it was like everyone's heads went straight up lol!! He is a legend, member or non-member respects him! Our investigators where riled up about it too! And Dad, I got pretty excited about Roger Bannistar, I still remember you telling me about him. I learned a lot about the temple. Especially when it comes to marriage. First, if you are having problems with your marriage to go to the temple. There were 2 examples given of struggling marriages, but when they went to the temple it solved it as they remembered their temple covenants. Second, if you want your marriage to stay stable and STRONG, go to the temple! Third, if you feel tired, worn out, or need a boost or to feel better, go to the temple. There are many blessings that come from it and it made sense to me as the Spirit bore strong witness to me the importance of the temple and the Eternal blessings that come! The talk about "TO BE" was inspiring! Really good! It's important to praise on the things that help you get the result! And I've already started applying that within myself and the zone as I feel that will help change the nature of our zone. And more importantly my nature. I've learned that it's really important to change my nature so when I go home, I'm not the same person that left. Of course I'll have a much stronger Spiritual side, and more knowledge of the gospel, but it's the other things that are important to have a nature change, and this is also what President Porter has talked to me about! Anyway, I could go on all day, but I hope that each of you had your own epistle from one of the pophets or apostle as stated by Elder Holland. And then I hope you apply it into your "TO BE" as beautifully put by Elder Gibbons!!! Our week was good! We set Peter for the 23rd after a very intense lesson!! I can't even begin to tell you about it, he's just intense!!! And he looks at things very different! But whatever it takes to get him baptized!!! We need your prayers, because he is almost our last person that can be baptized this month!!! We also set Krissy and Yasmine! Or should I say they set themselves!!! The only problem is they are set for the 21st of May!!! Which is 6 weeks away!! And way to far away for Satan to keep them from getting baptized! But they both enjoyed Conference and have been progressing!!! Louis we are still working on, but he's not quite progressing!!! We had good week! We also had three other people at church!! So that is great for us!! LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!! Elder Belnap PS FULLY INVESTED..... IN NZAM!!! also it's my 17 month mark, going by fast, crazy!

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