Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Week!! - April 3, 2011

Kia Ora! We had a great week! We finally taught many lessons and found some good potentials for our area! Now if we can keep it going and be consistent then we got something good going on here!! We had 4 investigators at church which is the most I've had here. And we taught 18 lessons which ties my record here! So things are going really good! And tonight if all goes well hopefully we can set Peter for either the 16th or the 23rd! We had some really good lessons with Krissy, Louis, and Yasmine! They are just golden. Krissy told us that since she met us that she has been trying to give up coffee and smoking, and we haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom and yesterday I gave her 2 Nephi 31 to read; and Krissy and Yasmine read it and they had some questions about getting baptized. And Krissy's like, "I don't think I can get baptized." I asked why. She said, "Well, I'm afraid of water." lol! I shouldn't be laughing but I'm glad that it's that than something else... so we are hoping for her and her daughter to get baptized together and we are shooting for the 16 or 23rd! They are great!!! We've got some other people in mind that could get baptized this month, it's just going to take some serious miracles! We had interviews with President! It was sadly my last interview with President Porter as he will be finishing in June... We had a really good chat. I just love the guy. I went in with a question in mind about business, if that is what I should do, and maybe what area and different things like that. And anyway, I didn't even say anything, he just started saying,"I've always thought you would be great in the business world. That you just have the mentality to get things done." And he shared some other things with me. And he asked what I wanted to do. I told him real estate. And he was pleased. But he said, "More importantly, you will make a great leader in the church." As much as we were talking about business, he said that at the end of the day it's not the money, or how big you make your business, the Lord is going to need your leadership skills in His kingdom. And that really hit me, because I'm all business lol! And leadership stuff is hard lol! But we had a good chat. Then we talked about some Spiritual things.... my next question was finishing out strong. And he told me exactly what I needed to hear so that I can finish. Because it's hard work. Being a leader and different things. It's like you are always tired, and you always have to be smiling, even when you have a bad day, Elder Callistar said that's just part of being a leader, you might have to go to the bathroom and cry for 30 seconds but then you have to come out and act as though everything is fine and uplift your missionaries. I feel that I've been doing better with that, but I need to continue to go hard even when fatigue sets in! I went on a tradeoff with this Malaysian elder! Elder Leong in the Chinese program, and boy did we have a great day. We talked to 75 people which is the most I've talked to in one day. And not to mention that probably like 40 of them were some serious opposition! But we had a mean miracle..... So a few weeks back I was on a tradeoff with him. And we talked to this girl named Bianca. She seemed semi-interested. She said if we could find her house that she'd listen, all she did is give us a street. Well fast forward 3 weeks... we were on our way back to a lesson and I was just sitting pondering on the bike what to do while Elder Leong was busy looking at his plans for the day. I glanced up and I see this street, Letterkenny. I think, "Wait Letterkenny, that's where Bianca lives." As I look down the street, I see it's a dead end street so I was like, "Well, it might be worth knocking out the whole thing it's only 40+ houses." I turned to Elder Leong and asked if he remembered her, and he did. And I asked what he thought. He was all good for it. So I said, "I'm only going to knock houses that I feel impressed to knock because we don't have much time." I was walking and I see this Chinese guy, so I go talk to him thinking, "Oh, this must be why I was guided back her, to help Elder Leong find some Chinese people." But he wasn't interested, and we asked if he knew a Bianca? He said no, but there are some girls that age of 20 around and pointed out the houses for us. As I was walking I looked at this one house and felt good about it, knocked it, and guess who answered the door? Bianca. She was blown away that we found her house. Ha, so was I. But I felt like a real instrument in the Lord's hands. God put us on the street, had us stop right underneath the street sign, had me glance up to see the sign, then we only talked to 2 people on that whole street and the one pointed us right to her! That is when you know that you are being an instrument and that this work is TRUE!!! We will be going by to visit and follow up with her this week. But we have to pass her onto the sister missionaries because she is out of my area. But she is good! HOPE YOU ENJOYED CONFERENCE!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! Elder Belnap

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