Monday, July 18, 2011

GREAT WEEK!!! - July 10, 2011

Malo soifua!

We had a great week! We worked really hard this week to help solidify our investigators that are preparing to be baptized! Right now we have 5 people that are set to be baptized this month, Tony (26), Matthew (18), Lois (17), Lawrence (20), Martha (45). But we have 8 people that can be baptized this month!! So we are working hard hoping that we can qualify for God's blessings for it!

President Lekias came on a Mission tour to visit all of the missionaries. It was really good. He had me conduct the meeting. It's different conducting. Haha, looks easier than it is, lol! The missionaries love him! Which is great!

We just stayed really busy this week! We taught like 30 lessons again! And just stayed really busy! I love it! We are putting on a Missionary Stake Fireside for the Manukau Stake on the 31!! Man it's going to be great! A lot of work is going to go into it, but it's going to be mean!!

Not a lot happened, just worked on making sure our investigators came to church, which they did! So grateful! We taught heaps of lessons! Things are looking good for us!

We have transfers this week!!! It's crazy! I can't believe it's here already! I'm hoping to stay, I think I will, but I'll go wherever God needs me!

Funny story. We were knocking on doors, and this drunk Tongan guy yells out, "Yo LDS!" lol! He's like "Brotha's, come over here!" while he was dancing. So we walk over there (I love drunk people, they are so funny, lol) across his grass and he told us that our shoes would get dirty. He came running down the stairs and started cleaning our shoes!! lol!! It was just crack up. Then he invited us in, and I asked him to turn off the music, and he was so wasted that he couldn't figure it out! It was funny. Sad that he was drunk, but funny.... Hopefully we can help him....


Elder Belnap

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