Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kia Ora!!

This week was a solid week! We taught heaps of lessons! 25!!! Which is the most I've taught since I've been up in the city! So I'm really stoked about that! And since the weather isn't the best, Heavenly Father has been blessing us with lessons as long as we do our part and stay diligent and obedient! So for that I'm very greatful!

I hit my 7 MONTH MARK!!! YAY!!!!!!!! It's pretty exciting! And we have interviews this week!!

We have Corrin set for this Saturday. But her flipping ex-partner won't leave the house, so she can't get baptized until he leaves! And it's heartbreaking! She's been through so much and she has finally qualified to be baptized living all the commandments, but he's keeping her from it. So we had a fast and have been praying hard out for her, hoping for a miracle!!! I know that it WILL happen; Keyes, me, and her feel good about it! Were just waiting now.

We talked to this lady on the street and we asked if she would be interested in the gospel and she said no. But it was like she was prophsying to us and she said, "If you go through that alley way, and you come out, you will see a brown brick house, with white on the side, and a girl named Pua will be there, and she will be interested." So it was like, "Sweet." So we went and guess what? She was right! Pua is keen! We still have some good people! And are finding new people all the time!

I love you ALL TONS!!! Remember "SACRIFICE BRINGS FORTH BLESSINGS" (that's what I say every time it rains)!

LOVE YA!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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