Sunday, June 6, 2010


Malo (Hello in Samoan)

We had an amazing week! Soo many great things happened!

First off, remember that girl Sanjile (31), she's the one that prayed and right after we knocked on her door. We set her for baptism!!! On the 19th!!! We are soo excited for her! She's doing soo good! We are hoping that everything will work out ok for her and her baptism!!!....
Then we set a guy named Marvin (20)! He's awesome! Such a cool guy! His partner is a member! Though she's less active lol! But we are working on them! And we set him for July 10!! We had an amazing lesson with him where he was feeling the Spirit soo we set him! Can't wait for Marvin!
And we set Corrin (28)! Man she has been set for soo many times, but Elder Keyes and myself believe that this time it's for real! She has this incredibly long story, and soo many things that are keeping her from baptism. But instead of trying to solve them ourselves we've just decided to refer to 1 Nephi 3:7, on how God will provide a way as long as we follow the commandments. So that's what we told her, and said put all your faith in the Lord and pray, and everything will work itself out!

That was our AMAZING week!!!! Set 3 people for baptism!!! It was something else! And we still have Chris and Kharma who are still in the runnings for baptism, but we still have to work on a few things before they get a date! This area is really picking up! And we are really excited about it!

I went on a tradeoff with the District Leader. His name is Elder Timoteo, and he's Samoan and from Washington. It was a fun day! Since they only teach in Samoan I did a lot of smiling. I would say Malo, Smile, and when we left I said Fasefua (goodbye) lol! So that was my day lol! It was actually quite fun!!! Then when I came back from the tradeoff, Elder Keyes tells me that something broke on the pipe and we can't use the sink or the washer lol! So we are without those things til thursday!!! Which stinks, but it's the way it goes.

We had Zone Conference! And it was soo good! Once again it went to show me how much I have to learn, and how much God expects of me! I always get motivated after Zone Conference!!!

The weather this week was good! Ha well as good as we could hope for! It gets pretty cold during the day. Nights are really cold, luckily we have heated floors!! They keep the whole flat really warm!

I don't know if I told you, but Elder Callistar came to our Ward Counscil 2 Sundays ago. Ha and he sat right next to me! It was pretty exciting to have the President of the 70 sitting next to me! He's a really neat guy!

Things are good! Keyes is a great companion. We get along really good! He's just such a crack up! I think it's his accent that gets me lol! He made this really good South African dish called Melk Tart. Sooo good! It's like cheese cake. And I bought some hamburger and cooked it up, and it lasts quite a while. Have tacos and burritoes. Life is good! And I'm starting to LOVE my area! It's taken me a long time to get over Tauranga (I don't know if I'll ever get over that area haha)! But I am really loving my mission, these are going good!

I got a letter from Anna (she got baptized right before I left Tauranga.) She's doing amazing!!! She told me in the letter that she wants to serve a mission! And that's her goal! She's only 16 but one of the most stanch members I know! She is actually speaking at a Stake mission fireside! She blows me away everytime I get a letter from her!

AND FOR YOUR WONDERFUL PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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