Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello Family!!!

We had a GREAT week! We had a full on week as well!

First off, we flew up to Auckland for a Zone Leader Training! That was really fun! It was different being on a plane! I was about to tell President if he keeps putting me on a plane he's going to make me homesick lol!!! The training was really fun! Learned a lot! Then we flew back on Wednesday night! Then Thursday I was not feeling good at all! I slept til 4 pm then had to get up to go to our lessons... I'm fine now, I just think I caught a little something. But all good!

Friday, we had the Alovili family baptism!!!! That was GREAT!!! Heaps of people there! Super super stressful though. The baptism was SUPPOSED to start at 5:30, but didn't get started til 6:15! And the brother that was supposed to baptize the children couldn't make it!!! Find out probably one minute before they get baptized. And the wife threw some clothes to some other Tongan at the baptism to baptize the kids! Talk about crazy and stressful!!!! But they got baptized. Which is all that matters! Then I got to confirm all three of the kids on Sunday! That was wonderful!

We had tradeoff and luckily I was in a different area and we had a great day. Well my companion went to a Tongan wedding for lunch and apparently one of the 20 pigs (no joke) was cooked properly and everyone got food poisoning that ate it. And it just so happens that it was my companion and another missionary. So he had a long time where he was more on the toilet than he slept, he even missed the confirmations because he was on the toilet, poor guy. Then we made the 8 hour trip to Auckland!! With two people that have food poisioning LOL!!!! Have you heard of anything crazier!!!!!

We just got back from Auckland a couple of hours ago. We had a Mission Conference with Elder Hinckley! It was powerful! Really wonderful! We as a mission have been really blessed. The general authorities talked about how this mission is on fire! And how this mission has improved so much! That this mission is one of the few that is having so much rapid success! Elder Hinckley described this mission as a "on the go" mission! So it makes you feel good to have such wonderful compliments from a General Authority.

We found some really choice people this week as well where Heavenly Father placed us right in the perfect spot at the perfect timing for us to meet certain people! Always a blessing!

I'm really tired and we have a packed night tonight as well as tradeoffs so it's a bit short of email!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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  1. hay elder how you been? i miss you when you coming bk hahaha i just talked to backstead hahhaaa im at school and me and katya decided to look up the elders man.
    ill be talking to yous more oft so Cheek this All the time