Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello Whanau (family)

We had a GREAT WEEK!!! Heavenly Father was pouring out the blessings for us!!! We hadn't seen Corrin in like a week and a half. I've been so upset with her because she didn't get baptized, but I knew that it wasn't God's time, yet... All of our lessons were falling through and we were talking to tons of people, but then I was like, "I am sick of talking to people. I want to go teach a lesson, because that's what I got called to do." lol! So I was like, "Corrin! We'll go see her." And when we were walking over to her house I said, "We'll probably just read a chapter with her and make sure that she comes to church." We get in, and I asked how her week had been. And she tells us all about her crazy week! How she kicked out her partner!!! And I was like, "WHAT!!!!!!!" So I asked her to turn off the TV and the music and stuff and start over lol! And sure enough, I did hear her right! Because it was her partner that was holding her back from getting baptized! But now with him gone, she is going to get baptized THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the biggest miracles!!!!! So I'm stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your prayers, they were and are being answered!

I got a special invitation to go to the Leadership Training last Thursday! I was like, "WHAT!" The Zone leaders told me that President wanted to give me a special invite and to attend. This meeting is only for the Leaders of the Mission, District Leaders, Zone Leaders, and Assisstants to President. And as I found out, for future leaders... So I was excited to be a part of it. And because there is a big turnover at this upcoming transfer President wanted his future leaders to attend the meeting. And guess what, Elder Keyes was there as well! Along with Magleby! It was really good. This mission is doing some AMAZING things and the Lord is blessing us like none other! Remember when President Hinckley said that we can DOUBLE our baptisms?! Well I believe he said that in 07 or 08? So President Porter put on the slide show the numbers for that year. And you won't believe it! But we are on track to DOUBLE, yes, I said DOUBLE the baptisms that they had during the 07-08 year! I remember when everyone thought that was impossible, but all things are possible with the Lord's hand in the work! We baptized 156 souls last month, and we have roughly around 180+ set for this month! The goal for the mission, and from the President Monson is for EVERY COMPANIONSHIP TO BAPTIZE MULTIPLE SOULS A MONTH! And were are getting around 72% of the companionship doing that! I am so blessed to be a part of this mission. This mission is growing so fast! And I am lucky to say that I am in the New Zealand Aukland Mission! So continue to pray for our mission, that we can fulfill what the Prophets have said! Pray that the Lord will continue to prepare people for the missionaries to teach and baptize! I know that as you pray for us, that the Lord will see the effort of His children around the world praying for us here in New Zealand and we WILL be blessed for it!... At the end of the conference President was talking to Keyes and I and said that we are his future leaders! Man my stomach dropped! It's really exciting, but it's so much work. And lots of responsibility. But if the Lord calls me to a leadership position then that's what I'll do. And I serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.... So pray for me lol!

I got in a stupid bike accident. I hit a tree stump and crashed and I bruised up my left wrist. It was a bit swollen but I think I really sprained it. Because I can move it slightly, so I think it'll be okay, Whaanga gave me a blessing, so I will be fine.

We taught 27 lessons which is the most I've taught in this area, and we found 11 new investigators, we almost reached my record lol! Like I said the Lord blessed us so much!

We had another cool experience where we were teaching this Tuvaluan and I didn't know if he even understood what we were teaching or if he liked what we were teaching (we taught the restoration) but at the end we asked him if he would pray about the Book of Mormon, and he said yes. So we knelt down and he said a prayer, and he said it in his Tuvaluan language. And afterwards I asked him how he felt. He said, "I know the book is true." I said, "The Book of Mormon?" And he said yes, and I knew he knew it, because both Whaanga and I felt the Spirit as he was praying! It was such a cool experience! In a different language the Spirit is still the same, it was awesome to be a part of that!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

P.S. Smile :)

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