Monday, July 26, 2010

Set 3 People For Baptism!!

Hey Everyone!!!!!

We had a solid week! We taught like crazy! And we set 3 people for baptism!

We had a lesson with these 2 kids (Buck 12, Charles 13) and we had a really good lesson on baptism and we set them for August! We are really excited!

Then we had another investigator named Grant, 18. And on our list, we ranked him about number 19 on our list. So we were a ways down. But then we had a good lesson with him about baptism and we set him for the end of August! It goes to show, that all of these people are God's children and they all need to be saved, no matter where they are at on the list!

We have been really working hard on getting one of our investigators named Nove to come to church. He's the most sincere/spiritual guy. He knows without a doubt what we've taught is true. But he has been having a hard time committing to church. We set him for baptism a while back. But then he told us how he's having a hard time committing. So on Saturday we had a lesson with one of our really good fellowshippers named Simi Taumololo. He's the man, Simi comes out with us pretty much every day. And he's getting ready to go on a mission. But he's the best, he's 23 and he's really like my best friend... Anyway, he came to the lesson, and Elder Whaanga and I poured out all of our hearts and souls into this lesson, sharing personal experiences, bearing bold testimonies, promising blessings etc... and still no progress. Because in Tuvalu it's a man's heart, not the will or committment. But Simi just jumped right in, and he said in the most incredible way, where the Spirit was clearing putting the words into Simi's mouth, that it's not about our committment, it's about our love for Christ, and that's what makes us go to church (basically that in a nut shell.) It was a really good lesson!

We had another really good lesson with Gail. I felt the Spirit so strongly in that lesson. Like pretty much every word that I said, was put in my mouth by the Spirit. I don't really know what I said, but the Spirit was so strong in that lesson. You could say I totally broke down the Catholic church. Telling her that everything she believes in is wrong, and in the scriptures, it talks about that being a sin etc... But I did it in a way where the Spirit completely guided. And at the end of the lesson, she was like, "Wow." And I asked her if she knew that this is God's church. And she said YES!! I was like, "Boy ya!" The Spirit is the man! But we still are having a hard time getting her baptized. She's like 90% of the way there! I just know that she will get baptized soon! It hurts so bad that I can feel it!

This Sunday was killer for us. We had no one at church!! I couldn't believe it! After such an amazing week, then no one showed up! I was and am still shocked. But this week we are going to go hard out and make sure we get everyone at church. Please pray that our investigators will come to church!

This week we have interviews with President Porter! Can't wait for that!

Thanks for all of your Prayers!!!!
They are truely heard and answered by our Heavenly Father!!!!
I know that this work is His and when we live the commandments, we will Prosper in the Land, and that is my testimony!

Love Always,

Elder Belnap

P.S. :) smile

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