Monday, August 2, 2010

WE'RE SICK!!!!! :(


Hope all is well back home!

So this week has pretty much sucked! Whaanga got sick on Tuesday! Like really sick with the flu/cold. But he trudged through it and we still made it to all of our set appointments. Then Friday, I got sick. So that was no good. And over the weekend I just got worse. And today at 4 me and Whaanga are going to the clinic to get some medicines. We just have the cold. Bad sore throats. President told me 1/3 of the mission is down sick. But we still have been working. Saturday we went and worked hard out til we just couldn't go anymore.

On Tuesday, at District Meeting, I gave a training on the Spirit in Conversion, pg. 92 Preach My Gospel. And I'm not going to lie, I did a dang good job. I love doing trainings. That's where we as missionaries get together and give trainings on the work. I just think of it as getting up in a DECA competition and teaching the gospel.

We had INTERVIEWS with President on Friday! It was soo good! I love Pres. Porter! We talked about Rainbow Gardens and about Huntsville lol! And how when he was younger he spranged his wrist on the tramp at Rainbow Gardens lol! But we had a good chat. Then we talked more about the mission. And he was just so pleased with me. I don't know how many times he said he was so happy with what I've done, the progress I've made, and how proud he was of me. He talked to me a lot about being a leader. And what makes a great leader, whether in business or as a missionary. And he said, which makes sense, the difference between a bad leader, a good leader, and a Great leader, is 2 or 3 strengths. So he told me to focus on my strengths. He said that my reputation with him is Great! He said, "Elder Belnap, do you want to know what your reputation is with me?!" He said, "It's a good one. Your a man of integrity. You have a contagious excitement and enthusiasm about the work that rubs off. Other missionaries explain it to me as contagious. You are faithful, obedient, willing to do the work. And I am very proud of you and especially how you have progressed."
He told me why I'm with Elder Whaanga. And he said, "Elder Belnap, yourcompanion just really loves you. He thanked me for helping him out. And i had no idea what I was doing, I was just being me. But Whaanga has progressed a lot with me, he's a great missionary. And I can tell that he loves the work.
Even though we were sick this week, we still had 22 lesson, which i think leads the district. And we found 9 New Investigators!!! A great week!

We have transfers next week, on Thursday!! It's coming up! I love this area, but i honestly feel like i'm moving, that it's time for me to move on, and start a new adventure. So we'll see what happens. From what Pres. Porter was hinting at, it looks like i might be called to be a District leader in another area, but we'll see what happens. So keep praying for me!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!
THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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