Monday, August 23, 2010


Kia Ora!

We had a Great Week! We had 3 kids get baptized and we had Patricia's wedding!

Saturday the Ah Chee kids (Chandler, Alex, Nathan) got baptized! I got to baptize the youngest, Nathan! He's the man! Such a nice kid! Reminds me of Ryan! And then on Sunday I got to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost! It was wonderful to see their whole family at church and to see the kids enjoy their baptism and enjoy church is a good feeling! Because they were worried about getting baptized and everything, but now they really enjoy it!

On Friday, Patricia and her Husband Mono got married in the courthouse! And Elder Whaanga and I were the witnesses! It was wonderful! They didn't have anything for their wedding, not even rings, so I took them out to eat for their wedding present from the Elders! And this Saturday Patricia and her son Potal'i is getting baptized! So I am very excited about that!

I swear New Zealand is worse than Seattle! It has rained everyday for the past 3 weeks!!! I am ready for SUMMER!! Only a couple more weeks!

This week we were blessed to have many miracles and to stay busy!

We had 4 people at church!!!

And Big News in our Zone! As a Zone, we broke the Zone BEST!!! And we still have one more baptizing weekend left! So we are really excited! The district that I'm in is the highest baptizing district in the mission! And our zone so far has baptized 24, the previous record was 22! So it feels great to be a part of something big like this! Very excited about that! Our district alone is projected to save 20 souls for the month of August! There are 3 districts in the Henderson/Harbour Zone! So we are very happy with the success and have been on our knees giving lots of thanks for so much success!!!

Now Elder Whaanga and I are focusing on September! We are hoping to have another big month, if we qualify for it!!!

Thanks for all your wonderful faithful prayers!
I am very grateful for all you do for me!!!!
You are always in my prayers!!!!
LOVE YA HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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