Monday, August 9, 2010

Kia Ora!

Hey family! We had an AWESOME week! We saw many miracles. The whole week it rained, EVERYDAY! But regardless, we went out and worked! Monday was rough,we went to the doctors, and we had bad colds, so the doctors gave us some antibiotics and now we are feeling great. But we couldn't even go work on Monday. But the Lord still blessed us!

Thank you for your prayers! We had 9 people at Church!!!!! Isn't that great news! It's because of your prayers and faith that we had so many people there! Many miracles!

We set 4 people for baptism as well! We found a family named the Ah Chees, they are a part member family. And we set the children for baptism! Chandler 14, Alex 11, and Nathan 9!!! they are getting baptized on the 21!!!!!

And this wonderful lady named Patricia, we found her a few weeks ago. Her story is just like Corrin. She had been taught in the past but didn't get baptized because of her partner. But now, she is determined to get baptized! She is getting married on the 18 and baptized on the 28!!!!! A huge miracle! Another person that many missionaries had taught, but now is HER TIME to get baptized!!!!!!!!!! And her 8 year old son is getting baptized with her. And her sister just moved in with her, and she is KEEN! She came to church as well, and we are hoping to set her for baptism as well! Maybe today!!!! So wish us luck! We are being very blessed!!!!

Gail came to church as well! She is doing ok! I called her yesterday before church, and this is how the conversation went. "Hi Gail, you coming to church?" "Do I have to?" "YES!" "Boy, that was bold." "Going to church is a commandment." "Well I already went to church today." "Did you go to mass?" "Yes." "Well, that's good you went to mass, but now you need to come to God's church!" And she sighs, "Arggg." "We could argue all day about this." "FINE. I'll come to church, bye!" lol!! How funny is that?! And she enjoyed it! Man I hope she gets baptized!!!!!

We had a really good week! Things are going great! Thanks you all so much for your prayers!!! We are being very blessed!!!!!

Transfers is this week!!!!! So pray for me! lol!

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

:) Smile!

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