Sunday, September 12, 2010


Kia Ora!!!

Hi everyone! Things are good here in Ranui! Quick update on the earthqauke. You probably already know, but... they are waiting for a 9.1 earthquake to happen in the south island. Insane! I can't believe it, neither can the rest of New Zealand. It's pretty drastic. They are flying people up here to Auckland. Anyone that has money or is just freaked out has been trying to make it up to Auckland... The earthqauke was really bad and they are still experiencing more aftershocks. It's really crazy, I haven't felt a thing. And it's not really a big deal to anyone up here in Auckland.

We had a really good/crazy week. We set this girl named Mystique for baptism this Saturday!!!! We set her on the first lesson!! She was really prepared! Heavenly Father has seriously blessed us. Whaanga and I have been fasting and praying that we would be led to those people that we could baptize this month. And as you have heard we had no one set at the beginning of the month, but since then we have set two for baptism!!! And they've been set on the 1st lesson! MIRACLE!!!!! It really builds my testimony that this is God's work and when we qualify, He blesses us tenfold! I am really blown away with the amount of love Heavenly Father has for me and my companion. He always comes through. We have had a hard time getting 20 lessons the past couple of weeks because we dropped tons of investigators, but somehow at the end of the week when we total our numbers, we always get the mission stardard of excellence. Very blessed.

This Saturday we will have 2 baptisms! Mystique, and the Georges cousin, Rayna! Super Excited!!!!!!

I had another Tradeoff in the Samoan ward. Man, it seems like I've been in the Samoan ward every week lol! But now I'm offical, I've got my New Zealand driver's license!

Things are going Great!!!!
I Love my companion! He's the bomb! The funniest guy you'll meet!!!!
LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

P.S. 14 more months! CRAZY!!!!

FULLY INVESTED..... no longer in BYwho after that embarrassing loss................

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