Monday, September 6, 2010



We had a GREAT WEEK!!!! It started off with us going to the Temple!! That was a wonderful experience. Just to be worthy to enter into the House of the Lord is a good feeling of comfort! And in the Temple I had another really good experience.... with the #11 lol! The person I went through the temple for was baptized on August 11! How cool is that? In the Temple I was able to account for my Temple Covenants, and that was a good thing for me to have an accounting for the Lord. Over the past 4 months (over the winter season) we as a mission have really been trying to live up to our covenants. And as a result we have been seriously blessed as a Mission! When I went through I was able to learn so much! And it was a great experience for me and my companion!

After the Temple we had our Zone Conference!!! I love Zone Conference; it's too bad that we only have it every other transfer now, but it's all good. This is going to sound really dumb. But the 1st Presidency has come out with new material to teach the missionaries. It's not what we teach the investigators, it's material to teach the missionaries how to become better. And the first part is teaching the Doctrine of Christ in EVERY lesson. And the Doctrince is: the Atonement, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Enduring. Well, that's what we should be teaching anyway in every lesson. And to an extent I do. But after we had Zone Conference, it just clicked with me on how I am supposed to teach!!! And so the very next day, our very 1st lesson. We set a person named Wiki! And she came to church on Sunday!! Then a couple of days later we set another person on the 1st lesson!! And she is SOLID!!! She came to church on Sunday as well!!! We started off the month with no one set!!! And I was really worried, stressing out that we had no one set for the month. And we had just dropped tons of our investigators! And we weren't really teaching anyone consistently and I was worried. I just prayed my guts out to my Heavenly Father that we would be able to qualify to baptize mulitple souls this month! And Heavenly Father has provided in a BIG way! Blessing us with two people!!! And the one, her name is Rayna! She just flew over here like 13 days ago, and is living with one of my favorite families!! The George's! I don't know if I've told you about them! But I just love the George's, and they have been trying to find someone for us to baptize, then, their cousin came to live with them and isn't a member! We are stoked! And it goes to show that Heavenly Father does provide. And that he does PREPARE people for us to baptized as Rayna was very prepared to be able to set her for baptism on the 1st lesson!!!

This week we had a Sunny Day, the Whole Day, YEAH!!! LOL!

And I should be getting my New Zealand license this week!!!

Things are good!!! The ward is doing well!!!! And the work is GREAT!!!


Elder Belnap


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