Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey sorry I'm late, been moving in some new missionaries today, and have been absolutely busy out of my mind!

SO THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got transferred to Hamilton! And you'll never guess who my new companion is lol!! I'm back with Elder Sessions! Can you believe it! When President Porter told me I just cracked up!
The Hamilton Zone is bigger than it's ever been! There's 13 companionships! Quite a few sister missionaries as well. And Whaanga is also serving now in Hamilton as well! So I get to see him and talk to him all the time!
I also get to work at the Temple! Right now we are doing the Temple Lights! It's wonderful and absolutley beautiful! I'm really enjoying it! We do it every night from 8:30-10:30 and we get to sleep in til 7:30 because we don't get home until late. Last night we didn't get home until around midnight. But it's all good, the Lord's work goes on!
I love my new area! It's really good! It's going to take some work! It seems President Porter always puts me in an area to build it up! But with the Lord's help it will be done!

Great miracle yesterday. I got to go with a different missionary to one of our branches called Kawhia and had some amazing miracles there! It was a beautiful hours drive out to this little tiny town outside of H-town! But we found 8 potentials there! There was a Samoan family of 5, there first time to church! And this week we get to go visit them! Really excited about that! Just hoping and praying that all goes will with them! But this little branch that hasn't been worked in years, and we went out there and had some great miracles! So we are hoping that it can turn into a Gold mine for us!

Mia, back in Gisborne got baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday! I missed it, but all went well! And she is doing great! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of her conversion!
I let Gisborne with one person, and there are several that should be set in the coming weeks! Sad to go, but the Lord needs me in a different part of His vineyard!

Saturday I was out contacting some potentials, when I got this feeling to knock this house, I wasn't going to, but I knew I would feel like a dog if I didn't knock it. So I did. This person was on the phone, but said that they would have to call the person back (which doesn't happen). She just happens to be from Boulder, Colorado. She just flew in because of her mom. She had surgery. But she lives by a Mark Smith whose the Stake President in Boulder. And when she was sick he gave her a blessing and it worked. And now she wants us to go give her mother a blessing as well. There are no coincidences. So if you look up a Mark Smith and facebook him you can tell him that your son ran into her and is hoping to start teaching her this week! I'm sure that will make him happy!

But we are having many miracles in Hamilton!

We had our Mission Christmas Party on Friday! It was great! Lots of fun!

There are many things happening, but there just isn't much time!

I still get to call you on my Christmas. So can't wait to hear from you!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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