Monday, May 3, 2010

Sam's Baptism!!

Hey Everyone!!!!

We had such a Crazy week!!!! It was a week filled with ups and downs! But we pushed on and persevered.

Sam got baptized on Friday and Sister Porter came to her baptism! It was great to have her come and speak. I spoke on Repentance and Baptism. It was wonderful. I used my story on breaking my nose as an analogy for Repentance on being healed lol! As a missionary you can turn everything into an analogy lol! And yesterday President Porter came to our church to see Sam get confirmed! That was awesome to have the Mrs. Pres. in attendance. I was shocked when he pulled up. It was a good thing, we were doing what we were supposed to be doing lol! But that was definitely the highlight of the week!!!

Like I said last week, we needed to find new people to teach. And we worked hard and the Lord gave us 9 New Investigators. We were so happy to find new people to teach! I'm very thankful because we really needed to find new people to teach. And most of these people are keen! So we are very excited about that and we are pushing to keep up the momentum!

We had quite a few people bash us pretty hard this week! But I was able to stand and tell them how I felt. I left them with my testimony. I have definitely improved from the last time I got bashed really hard. But this time I felt calm and relaxed. It didn't matter what they said to me, I knew they were wrong. And I told them where they were wrong. Especially this one guy was bashing hard on Joseph Smith, and how he doesn't matter to Christianity. And I told him straight up that Joseph Smith is Important for all Christianity!! And I told him I'm sorry he can't see the truth and the light, but I know what we are doing is right. And it was funny. He just stopped and looked at me. And we biked off.

I was at a BBQ because a member was moving. And this lady sat next to me. And I could tell she was with the group of people that were there that were drinking. But I could tell she wasn't drinking. And she introduced herself to me and kept eating. Then she turned to me and said, "Have you ever met one of your converts that was breaking the word of wisdom?" I said, "No..." She said how would you feel if they were? And I told her, "Sad." And explained that it's because I LOVE them and I only want whats best for them. and come to find out, she was a convert a year ago. And so we talked. and it was an incredible experience for both of us. Because she has definitely gone off track, but you can tell she wants to come back. I told her I would write her and help her with anything she needs. And the crazy thing, she doesn't even live in my area. She lives in South Auckland. But I know that I was supposed to talk to her.

The week was filled with Miracles and Trials. But I know if we push on the Lord will bless us.

My nose is doing fine. It looks really good. Not too bruised. My hand is almost completely healed...The power of the Priesthood.



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