Monday, April 26, 2010

Kia Ora!!

Hey Everyone!

So this week was a very interesting week.....

So to start it off we went to the temple! Got up at 3:30 to catch the bus and drive down to Hamilton where we had our Zone Conference. Then off to the temple! And it was a beautiful day to be at the temple!!! Sunshine and eveything! We had the Temple President tell us about the temple. And go figure, the Hamilton Temple is the 11th temple built!!!!!! Haha how perfect! I guess we should've just looked at which temple was lucky #11 to see where I would serve my mission!.. Just another reason to why I should be serving in NZ!.. When the temple president said it was #11, I just started laughing to myself! haha!!! And we were there on the Temple's 52nd anniversary!! It was a really special day!

So I went into the Temple with 2 questions. I really wanted to feel Heavenly Father's Love for me, and I asked him what I could do that would take me to the next level of being a missionary. And I got my answer, crystal clear! As soon as I walked into the Celestrial Room, Pres. Porter was right there to give me a hug! It was just awesome! And then I felt the Lord's Love soo strong! I just started to cry! It was an incredible experience. And then the answer to my other question was clear. The Lord told me specifically to LOVE. Love my mission, the people, my companions, and as I do that, the Lord promised me that, that would take me to the next level of being a missionary! So I'm going to work on that!!!

The day was GREAT! Super exhausting though! I hit the bed as soon as we got home!!! Thank goodness for sleep lol!
I had a crazy experience on Saturday. I actually got into an accident and I broke my nose. It's not really that bad. It's doesn't even hurt. And I'm fine. So no worries.... We were biking along, and we crossed the road and we went to jump the curb and I jumped it and the weight of my bag shifted a bit on my back, which in turn I moved the handle bars just slightly so when I landed I flipped and went right over the handle bars head first to the sidewalk. It sucked, I'm not going to lie. I heard it pop and everything. I was a little dazed. But I was wearing my helmet so it didn't hurt that bad. We were actually on our way to dinner and we weren't too far from the house. So we walked over and Komene called the Zone Leaders. They picked us up and I went to the hospital. And they x-rayed my nose, and sure enough, it's fractured through. But I lucked out. Because it's just fractured through they didn't have to reset my nose or anything. It's still straight. THANK GOODNESS! That's the first thing I asked Komene, "Is it still straight?!" He said, "Surprisingly, yes!" I was like, "Sweet!" But to be honest I was in a lot of pain. I tore up my hand pretty good too. There was rocks and gravel and dirt all up in my hand. And while we were waiting for the Zone Leaders to come, I was in lots of pain. And I had Komene give me a blessing. And as soon as he said Amen I was calm, and I could easily tolerate the pain. So I was very grateful for that! And now they just got me on tons of pills. lol! 2 are for the pain and swelling, and the other is an antiboitic, because they couldn't get all the dirt out, so they gave me that to prevent any infection. But to be honest I'm not really taking too much of the pain medicine, just enough to suffice me. Because it doesn't really hurt too much. So that's a good thing. And then Sunday I slept till like 11:30, went to church, then came home and slept again. But today I'm fine! So things are good! No worries. Sis. Porter called and talked to me. Just to check up on me, and all is well..... It'll take like 3-6 weeks to heal. So it's just a waiting game now......

I got a mean Tongan Box hair cut! I took pics, I'll send them over..

Oh yeah, so we went to a member's home, and a family member had died. So we went to see how they were, and no joke, there was the dead body on the floor!!!! I'm not kidding! On the floor! It's part of Maori tradition! It's just weird to see the body in the casket on the floor like that...
Right now our area is going through the finding phase. We are trying to find new investigators, because our other investigators just aren't as keen as we would like so we are working on finding new ones to teach and baptize. It was somewhat of a slow week. But we are just going through those growing pains. Trial before the miracle!

Hope all is well back home and everyone is finishing school STRONG!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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