Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stevie's Baptism!!

Kia Ora!

We had Stevie's Baptism! It was wonderful! She is sooo AWESOME!!! We get along great! Her favorite song is "There is Sunshine in My Soul"! And it fits her perfectly! She is always happy and giggly! She is full of the Spirit and is inviting ALL of her friends to learn more of the gospel! It's awesome!! I spoke on the Holy Ghost! And yesterday she received the Holy Ghost! She is just wonderful! She's 19!

Last night was awesome! We had a fireside that was put on by President Porter! And our ticket is, is we had to ride with an investigator! So we hitched a ride with Stevie and Sam (getting baptized on the 30) and Kenneth (recent convert) and Rachael (his wife, investigator). And it was a great fireside! Everyone loved it! And guess what!? President Porter and his wife are coming to Sam's baptism! And come to find out, Sam sat with the Porters for a month while she was investigating the church up in North Shore. Pretty crazy! Sam is Stevie's really good friend. She is 19. Ken is 19 and Rachael is 20. And last ngiht at the Devo. I saw Elder Magleby, Elder Subramanian, Elder Finau, ha I saw all of my really good buddies! It was wonderful! And very spiritual!

This upcoming Sunday Elder Callistar is coming to our ward to speak. And he wants to come out with us and go see an investigator before church! So we are STOKED! A General Authority is coming out with us! And we are trying to get Pres. Porter to come out too! And we'll go on tradeoffs! That would be something else! It's great to be up in the city. There's soo much stuff going on!

Winter has hit!!!! And it sucks!!!! Excuse my french lol! But it's noo fun! It's not too bad, if the sun is out! And it's not as bad as Utah. But you know how I am with the cold! I hate it! So I'm always bundled up lol! And it rains like 2-10 times a day! No joke! Whether it's sprinkling or not, it seems to always be raining and the sun is down at 6-6:30! So it's hard to talk to people and everyone goes to bed earlier now, so we have to be really wise with our evening appointments!

So my area is 100% biking! Ha I don't know if I like it all that much lol! At least its all flat!!!

So I'm pretty much the only white guy in our ward. No joke! There is like one or two other Kiwi people in our ward and that's it lol! Lots of Tongans, Samoans and Maoris! So it's a little different, but it's cool!
It's like being in Atlanta again, and being the only white guy on the bus lol! Haha at least Polynesians are friendly!

We are going to the temple tomorrow! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Life is good here in NZ up in Henderson!!
There are heaps of good potential people up here, we just need to work it and we'll be good! The Lord has definitely blessed us!
There is this really cool investigator named Chris. He's awesome! And we get along soo good, we are tight! He's just one of those people that you click right away and you know that you are here for them! So I'm super excited about him.


Elder Belnap

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