Sunday, May 16, 2010


Kia Ora from The NZ!!
Man things are getting cold here in NZ, just cuz it rains!!!! And then EVERYTHING gets soaked and it takes like a day or two to dry!

Last night we got robbed! I couldn't believe it! Luckily none of my stuff got stolen. But both of Komene's Ukalaila's (mini guitars), his wallet, and CDs got stolen. It was just a quick job. We didn't lock the door, so they just walked right in and took the stuff sitting on the table. So that was a real bummer, especially because he leaves tomorrow for home. But I'm just glad that none of my stuff was taken. But it's a little scary to think that someone stole from you. But life goes on....

We found this AWESOME new investigator named "Kharma"!!! She was a referal, she ordered a Book of Mormon and anyway we've been teaching her, and come to find out her brother is a recent convert and really strong in the church. So he's been helping out a lot. The only problem is him and is wife are in another ward!! But yesterday they brought Kharma to church! She's got two little kids. She's really nice and you can just tell that she wants something more in her life. What better than the gospel! So we are getting really excited about her... Hopefully we can set her for baptism soon!!!

Our boy Chris came with us last night to a big missionary fire side! It was great! I introduced him to tons of missionaries and other investigators! He has a testimony, but he says he wants a "strong testimony" before he gets baptized. His wife is a member, but less active. We call her the desperate house wife, lol! She's the pretty lady, who looks and says all the right things, while trying to live a Mormon life... if that makes sense. And we have another invesitgator who is coming along quite well. But she has some serious problems she has to overcome yet. So she is a while away from baptism. We are trying to find people! Right now, we only have like 8 investigators. That's not good. I know all areas are different but my last area was booming. And this area is solid, but we've sort of hit a dry spell. So I'm hoping and praying to find or even set someone for baptism SOON!!!

Transfers are on Thursday. And Komene leaves for the office tomorrow. So me and the Zone leader get to be together for a couple of days, because his companion is going home too. So it'll be fun to be with a ZL and learn from him. And on Thursday I'll get a new companion. Can't wait to see who it is?! But this transfer has gone by soo fast. I've only got 18 more months, which isn't that long. So I'm trying to stay focused and work hard. With this transfer coming up, I'll only have 12 more transfers and that'll be it. Which is quite crazy! But this week will be an interesting week! So we'll see what happens!!!!

Keep SMILING!!!! :)

LOVE YA TONS!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Belnap

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