Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Stories!

12/27/09 - Hi everyone!

So I'll share a good experience I had this week that stood out! Other than the rock throwing and stuff lol! It makes for a good story though lol!

So there is this girl named Lindsay, 15, her mom is a convert. And in the past missionaries have taught her and she just shuts down when they start talking about baptism. But as we are eating dinner with her and her fam. It was just the 3 of us. And we were talking and stuff. And she asked about our missions. And so we started talking about gospel. So we asked her. Lindsay, why haven't you got baptized? And she just starts to cry! And it was a good thing. The spirit had hit her, and she knew it was time to get baptized! She is set to get baptized on her BDAY! So the 30th of Jan! We are planning on have a few baptisms on the 9th as well! But getting people baptized is HARD work!

I also had a good experience on Christmas day. We were biking and a guy honked at us and pulled us over. And this guy hops out of his car, and I had no idea what he was going to do. I thought this was a guy we had upset. So I was getting into self defense mode especially with everything that has been happening. But he started to talk and wanted to have a prayer!
So as we are talking. He was telling us everything he had been through. And i tell you what, it's horrible what this man has been through. And he starts talking to us about how his kids have been taken away. We talked to him for like 45 minutes. I think it gave him some comfort! It was another good experience.
Best of Wishes!

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts! Can't thank you enough!

1/3/10 - Faith promoting experience!

So we had a lesson down in the Lakes! When we got down there I asked the bus driver when the next bus would be coming. He said, this is the last one because of the Holiday. I was like no way, it's going to be like 2 or 3 hour walk back. So we were hoping that the stake pres. would be home. Because we had a lesson with his fam. And when we got there he wasn't home. So we had nothing to do, so we trackted a bunch of houses, while trying to figure out what to do and how we will be getting back home!

So we went back to the Worthins to talk to the Pres. wife, but she left! We were like no way. So we asked someone if we could borrow there phone and we called heaps of people and no one answered! So we had no way to get back to the flat. We knew no one, we had no phone, no transportation. Nothing. So we said a prayer, and we put everything on the Lord because we literally had to. And a few minutes after we said this prayer as we started to walk back, a car came around the corner and honked and they waved. We had no idea who it was. So we ran after them, and they just happened to pull up to the Worthins. But they pulled back out because no one was home. So I told Magleby to go stand in the middle of the road because we had to talk to them. They stopped and we told them that we were in a pickle and had no ride. And the guy said, hop in! We were like, are you serious! Ya, hop in! So we did. And he took us back. It just so happens that this guy is a returned missionary and is getting married on jan. 23rd. There names are Steve and Kayla Taputoro. They are amazing! They were actually going to call the Pres before they went down. But something told them just to drive down. If they would've called no one would've been home to answer and they wouldn't have driven down there. So they just drove down there and picked us up! They answered our prayers! HUGE faith promoting expierence!

The NZ mission baptized a new record last year! 1,094 souls!! Great News! New Record!

And this last week Elder Magleby and myself broke the teaching record in a week. It was 33 lessons taught in a week. But we broke that! We taught 37 lesson. And we did it on bikes, and during the Holidays! With all the odds against us we did it with the Lords help. He provided us with lesson. And it goes to show, that with the Lords help anything is possible! We are still working hard on baptisms. And we still only have one set for the 30th. But they will come when the Lord has prepared them. So there is no worry.

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