Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is an awesome story from Elder Belnap from this past week: So we got a referral last week from these drunks telling us that we should go visit this one house, so we went to go visit this house. Well, we got up to the house and I was like oh crap!.. So this guy called us over the day before cuz he saw us walking by and he was going to give us crap because he thought we were J-Dubs (Jehovah's Whitness). But Magleby said we had to ring the door anyway cuz it was a refferal. So we rang, and he invites us to come in. And we start talking and he tells us a bit about himself. As he's showing us his shed and back yard, he had put up a barbed wire fence around the top of his white fence, with and electric fence, and he put in cameras. This guy has the works! And he takes us into his shed. And he shows us his wall of fame I guess you could say. This guy's name is Dee, but they call him "The Man from Gate Pa." This guy is huge, big white guy, he's a beast, and everyone stays away from his house, except the missionaries LOL! So he told us about this wall of his. It's got all of the times he made the front page for one of his crimes. He's had SWAT fly in and drop people on top of his house and they had 20 red dots pointed at him! He's beat the crap out of people, took a Mungrul Mob of 40 on! And as he's telling us all this stuff he was sharpening his Machete. And I asked him about it, he said some coconut (islander) was trying to mess with him. So when he wasn't looking he grabbed a washer from the gas station and beat the crap out of this guy and took his machete. He's actually on house arrest right now for beating the crap out of some orientals and almost killing them. Then he asked us about this book of Joseph. And how he watched this show on South Park talking about Mormons. So we told him that it's a show, and we'll come back another time and tell him what really happened. How crazy is that lol!

Fale gave us LavaLava. It's the skirts that Tongan's wear! So I'll send you a picture of us (Magleby & I) in our lavas lol!

Also 2 Sundays ago for church, well we were running behind because one of our investigators was running late for church (Jess) and she had to come because you have to be 3 times to church before you can get baptized. So I was like, we are waiting for you until you come! And we were running really late. We were with 4 boys from the ages 7-12 and Jess 16. And so I said that we are going to have to run to church. So we did lol! I was in my suit, pushing the bike, while going up Courtney Rd. HAHA! I was sweating hard out lol! And we were like 10 minutes late lol!! It was a good experience I won't ever forget!

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