Monday, February 15, 2010

February 7 - a Good Week

I had an awesome week!!!

My Highlight for the week was definitely Jess's baptism! It was soo cool! All of her family came, and her mom was way against her getting bapitzed. But her whole family, cousins, aunts/uncles showed up! It was soo awesome! And there was tons of ward support! So I got a little nervous before I baptized her lol! I was in the water for awhile waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. She was crying! She was nervous, scared, excited! Just full of emotions. But when she got in the water, she said, "Don't drop me". I told her not to worry about it. I told her to breathe, just breathe. So once she calmed down a bit, I went ahead and performed the baptism. It went great! She didn't bend her knees though lol! So she was like laying across the font lol, and she wouldn't really go under so I had to push her under. But it got done! It was awesome! And the Spirit was very strong. I also talked on Faith, and it was a very very good day! The Spirit was definitely there!!! I was one happy boy!

By the way, Melissa is planning on coming to the U.S. in I believe April of 2012. What do you think about that? And also about that time, a family named the Williams! Awesome awesome people are coming to Utah to get sealed in the Temple!

It rained hard out last week, and on Sunday, I was soaked all the way through, through my coat, suit coat, everything! I was like a waterfall when I got back to the flat lol! It was fun tho! Couldn't see a thing it was raining so hard!!

We went to a investigators BDAY party. And it was fun. Those boys that we've been teaching, it was soo fun! We had a water fight! It was just me and the boys. So I went with the boys and their family, and we all had this huge water balloon fight! It was way fun! And we had a Hungi, ask Cooks or the Hollist what that is. It's just a big feed! But ohhh so good! And their mom is thinking about letting them get baptized! So I'm really hoping for that!

Then Amo and Wiremu. They are the ones on the couch and Amo is holding the BOM! They are soo awesome! They are going to get married so they can get baptized! They were going to try to get married this month so I can be here for their wedding and their baptism. But they don't have the money for it now. So they pushed it back til May. and I asked them that if I stay another transfer if they could get married sooner. And they were like yeah! So hopefully I can stay here one more transfer and I can be here for their wedding and for their baptism! They are such cool people! I really do love them! And also Amo's brother will get baptized with them! Can't wait! But whether I'm here or not, at least it's happening! And one day I'll be able to go through the Temple with them!!

So we had testimony meeting. And I bore my testimony in the Greerton Ward. And I got a little choked up. I told them, how much I love this ward.

The church is true! No don't about it!

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