Sunday, February 28, 2010

George's Baptism!!


I hope everyone is doing well! And loving life!!

So the big news!?!?!?
I got a new companion and Elder Subramanian got transferred to Manicow. My new comp is from Utah! Elder Checketts from Grantsville. He's got as much time left on his mission, as long as I've been out. So he's going home in 3 months. He's a good guy.

I am soo blessed to be able to stay in Tauranga another transfer. I pleaded with the Lord that I could stay another transfer so see some more of our investigators get baptized! And he blessed me so I can. But I have lots of work to do to make that happen. I LOVE this area! And I LOVE the people! So I was so glad I got to stay!

On Saturday, little George got baptized!!! It was awesome! He looked so good in his white suit! The baptism went smooth. And I talked on Repentance. Then yesterday I had the privelege of giving George the Holy Ghost. It was great!

Miracle! So I got back to the flat on Monday and I was going through our messages. And one of the members called and left a message. She said to that her daughter, Shaniqua wants to get baptized! I was like WHAT!!! I had to listen to the message again to make sure I heard her right, then I called her straight away!

The story. She is 10. And she comes from a Mormon family. She's had missionaries in the past, but doesn't want them anymore and won't sit in on lessons or anything. So we dropped her, she was actually dropped before I got here. And I asked her just 2-3 weeks ago if she wanted to get baptized and well, same old answer, no. I told Subramanian that one day, some elders will come along and ask her why she hasn't been baptized and she will start to cry and tell them it's time. Just like Lindsay. So to be honest. I never thought I would see her get baptized. So when I got that call I was blown away, full of excitement!!

Last night I gave a little baby a blessing (investigator's baby). That was pretty cool!

We had a Tsunami Warning yesterday and the Elders from the Mount had to come stay with us. But nothing happened.

We had dinner at one of the members home on Friday. And they stay at the Sebel Hotel! So this hotel is way nice!! Like it's up in the city and we are talking nice!! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! They stay on the top floor and we ate out on the deck and it's out on the ocean in-let. It was beautiful. The breeze of the ocean and everything! It was nice! Dinner was great! And one of their friends just became a new investigator and she is keen!! Awesome!

We are just full on down here in Tauranga The Great! It's great haha! It really is. We don't have time for a break ever. We usually have more appointments than we have time in a day. We are just soo blessed to be this busy! I Thank Heavenly Father everyday for this wonderful blessing!

I hope all is well!!!


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