Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tyler's Baptism!

Kia Ora!!!

I hope everyone is doing good!!!

Things are going great in "Tauranga The Great!" It's on fire right now! We are working soo stinkin hard that we don't have time to do anything, which is great! A real blessing! I'm not boasting, but we are leading the mission right now. Well that's what the Zone Leader told us! In fact we have been teaching 30+ lessons a week. Which is right up with the top of all the missionaries in the Mission. And the Lord is blessing us for it! We really need more missionaries to help us, but I'll be selfish and keep doing what we are doing lol!! So hopefully we don't get more lol!

Tyler's Baptism was on Saturday!!!! It was AWESOME! Our miracle find got baptized! What a miracle! He's overcome serious W.O.W. problems and chastity!
-I have to tell you about the day of the baptism though. So there was a member baptism as well that morning. It was an unbelievable moring! It was flat out crazy!
So the programs were working out at the chapel so we had to drive up to the library to get them printed out. And we were running late, so by the time we got the programs working and printed and got back to the church, it was 10:00, which was when the baptism was supposed to start! (luckily it's NZ and they don't start on time lol!) But right when I walk in, one of the members comes up to me and says, "Kishari doesn't want to get baptized." I was like WHAT!! So we had a talk with her and a prayer, and I figured right after that, she would want to get baptized. Nope! So I was like, "Ok, well it's up to you." Then I saw Tyler, and he had some serious concerns. So we had to go and talk with him about his concerns, and he was questioning whether he should get baptized today or not. And at one point, neither was going to get baptized! I was having a coronary!!!! I couldn't believe it! But we talked to him, addressed his concerns, and he was ready to be baptized!!
So we went to get him baptized and as soon as we are all going to the font, Kishari wanted to get baptized lol!
They both got baptized, Thank goodness!!! Tyler's baptism was awesome!!! Loved it! And right after he said, "I feel great!!!" I was soo happy for him! He's an amazing guy!! I love him! He's going to be a fantastic member, no doubt!

And yesterday I got to confirm him a member and give him the Holy Ghost! That was amazing! I was so overcome by the Spirit as I gave him his blessing. The Spirit really wanted me to focus on missionary work and help healing him. I even questioned whether I should talk about it, but then the Spirit hit me so strong that I should talk about and bless him with those things in particular along with some other things! But he's awesome! It was an amazing experience!

And we have this thing called the "Standard Bearer", ask Bro. Carl Cook about this. It's where they put the top missionary stories together and put them on this flyer. And we didn't make the top two Standard Bearer. But we made the Missionary Moments! It's like 1 and 2 place, then honorable mention. But we were at top of it lol! So we came close!!!! I'm just happy to be on it. We were in it for Lindsay getting baptized and her story!!

Chris and Melissa are getting married! In fact they wanted me to marry them, but I can't!

I gave Bro. Kyle Pearse, 2nd councelor, a blessing this week because we was sick.. And this is what he told me, and it made me feel really good. "Keep following the Spirit. You said everything I need and am going through." It just made me feel good. I love giving blessings!

I got to go on tradeoffs with Elder Smith this week on Monday night to Tuesday! And it was amazing! We get along soo good! I wish/hope we get to serve together someday! He's from Nevada! He play's football/sporty guy and man we get along great! He's like a Jake Oberg! Awesome missionary!

I'm LOVING MY MISSION! It is a real blessing to be serving, especially in New Zealand. And even more so, to be serving in Greerton, Tauranga! I love this place!

Transfers are this week! I hope I can stay here one more transfer! I need to see a few more people get baptized before I leave if Heavenly Father will let me! So I'm really hoping I can stay if it be God's will.

Elder Belnap

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